Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

I Want to be There for You!

I Want to be There for You!

I am the Lord. Your God, your savior and your best friend and I desire to direct you and guide you in every area of your life. I have the answers to all the questions you have had racing through your mind. I hold the keys to everything you could ever wonder about. But you like to put me into a bit of a box and take me out only when it comes to ministry and when it comes to spiritual things. My child, I want to be part of every area of your life. I want to be Lord in everything.

Maybe it seems to be a bit of a price to you to let your control go, but my child, do you realize that what you will get in return will be bigger than anything you could ever have imagined? Do you realize that if you truly let me be Lord of every part of your life, whether that be natural, physical or spiritual, that I will always give you the absolute best? I will never let you down or give you something second rate. I will always give you the best.

My child, I long for you to run to me to share your heart with me about your relationships; child, I desire to hear how you are doing in your marriage; I cannot wait to hear how you are doing with your health; I cannot wait to hear how it is going at your job or in school. My child, everything you do and touch matters to me. I long to know. I long to hear how you are doing and I want to be there for you and help you. I want to guide you and direct you. I want to give you little tips and tricks that you wouldn't have thought about. I want to impart my wisdom into you so you can apply it in every area of your life.

All I require is for you to come and open up your heart to me. All I want from you is your love. There is no fancy principle you need to first apply, there is no rule book you need to follow. All you have to do is to surrender your control to me and let me be Lord of your life.

So just come right now, throw your box away and just open up your heart widely to me. I have the answers you have been waiting for, I can show you whether you should go right or left right now. I am there for you and I love you so passionately my child, says the Lord.

Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

Be Restored in My Presence!

Be Restored in My Presence!

My child I have never left you or forsaken you. I have been by your side at all times. I was the one who called you and who led you out of the bondage of this world. I was the one who was by your side when nobody else was. I know that you have been wondering if this whole ministry thing and even your calling was not just a bad dream or a bad idea that you made up yourself.

I know and have seen that you have been struggling. I have seen the hurts in your heart that have welled up inside because nobody understood you and because it seemed like the whole world stood against you. I have seen the confusion that you have experienced from never having been understood, not even from others who follow me.

I have been there every step of the way. My child, today I want you to know that you are so very special to me and that I have indeed called you. I have not dropped you, or forgotten about you. I have not abandoned you! I love you! You are more precious to me than any treasure, than any gems and beautiful stones could be. You are my child and I care for you. I have a very special purpose just for you. I have a very special plan, just for you. You are important to me and I want you to take what you have received from me and rise up with it. You are a child of the king. You can be bold and brag with what you have.

But my child also know that in order for you to find that joy again and in order for you to see the road ahead of you clearly again, you need to drop those walls that you have built around your heart. You need to let those hurts go. I know, most of it was not even fair. But I was there when you got hurt. I was there when you were rejected and I want you to go back to those painful memories now and see that I was there. Then let them go. They are only a stumbling block in your way.

Let those hurts go and forgive those that have not cared for you. Forgive those that have left you alone in time of need. Do not let the enemy keep you bound behind those walls - drop them right now. Let me reach in and heal those wounds now. Let me do what only I can do my child and let me show you the path ahead once again.

The road ahead is filled with excitement and joy! The road ahead is filled with passion. Just tap into what I have given you once more. Pick up your sword afresh and go and set my people free. I love you so dearly! Be bold and rise up now, shake of the ashes that have covered you and break out of the walls and enter a new time, a new era, says the Lord!

Your Race Will be Better than You Expect!

Your Race Will be Better than You Expect!

Just like a runner trains for months at a time to prepare for a big race, so have you spent a lot of time training and preparing for the race that is now ahead of you. There is much a runner can prepare themselves for in view of the race. But there are some things that will just always be different when they finally start that race and get running. The circumstances are always unique, the weather is unique and the race track is not always the same as the ones they used when they trained.

And so it is with you now. You have trained and are ready to take on the race ahead of you. But just know my child, that there might be circumstances that are different than they were when you trained. Know that there might be a turn there that you didn't anticipate. Know that there can be change. Be prepared for challenges and be prepared for change. Do not rely on your training and on the preparation that you have gone through alone. You need to trust in me and let me strengthen you as you start your race. As you rely on me each time and do not rely on your own ideas and visions that you have built up in your heart, you will master this race very easily.

Be prepared to let some visions go, so that I can truly give you my picture. Let your ideas of how to overcome hurdles go, so that I can truly give you my wisdom and show you my ways. For as you let all of your own visions and plans die, greater visions will come forth. You will receive my vision and it will be so much greater than what you thought it would be. The race will be so much faster and so much more fun as you do it in my power and in my anointing, says the Lord.

So get ready now and walk up to the start line and brace yourself for a wonderful race. Start it and know that I am there and that you can rely on my hand and my leading completely, says the Lord.



Hanya satu jam kau bersama kami, tapi Papa mau katakan bahwa kau akan selalu ada dalam hati kami.
God bless you, Regina.
Kau kini sudah berada di Rumah Bapa.
Tempat yang terindah dan suatu hari kelak kita akan bersama lagi selamanya.

Sembilan bulan Regina putriku, kau ada di dalam rahim Mama.
Mama merindukanmu, suaramu, tangisanmu.
Regina sampai kapanpun Regina akan selamanya menjadi putri kesayangan Mama…..
Adik untuk Kakak Philip, Kakak bagi adik Georgie.
I love you, Regina

Senin, 05 Juli 2010

The Tender Words and Actions Project

The Tender Words and Actions Project

"How many times do I have to say I love you before you believe me?"

"What more do I have to do to show you how much I love you?"

"Haven't I proved how much I love you already?"

If you are a man, I can guarantee that you have either thought or said at least one of these lines to your wife during the course of your marriage. Why is it that women have such an insatiable appetite for affection?

Well let's go back to the last time you had a really good meal. Afterwards you felt pretty full didn't you? So why then were you hungry again the next day? Didn't the meal keep you fed? Wasn't the meal enough to take you through the week...the month? It is crazy to imagine that one meal could keep you fed for so long, so then why is it hard to believe that your wife needs your love and affection daily as well?

If you think back on a good time of lovemaking that happened in the past, it does not fill the need you might have to make love right now. Sure the memories are great, but the need in you remains and so you look to your wife to fill that need. In the same way, your wife has an appetite for your love an affection and it is not met by you just taking out the trash and pulling your weight around the house.

You will often hear Apostle Les D Crause say, "It is so easy to please a woman and the rewards from that far outweigh the bit of effort you put into it." It is clear that he has lived a little and understands a woman. No matter what you might think, it takes very little to please your wife and to make her eager to pour back into you. Tell her tender words and hold her in your arms. How difficult is that?

So memorize these two simple points:

1. A woman needs to be TOLD

2. A woman needs to be HELD.

The greatest lover boy of our time also knew this secret to a woman's heart. King Solomon wrote...

Song of Solomon 4:7 You [are] all fair, my love; [there is] no spot in you. (GMRV)
Song of Solomon 2:6 His left hand [is] under my head, and his right hand embraces me. (GMRV)

And he should have known because he had over 1000 women under his roof and the scriptures said that he deeply loved many of them!

The Tender Words and Actions Project

Apply this simple project to make your marriage sizzle this week:

Step 1. Make a point of saying something endearing or loving to your spouse every day.
Either leave a note or say it when they expect it the least. Whether that is a compliment or the simple words, "I love you" they mean the world to your spouse.

Step 2: Make an effort to show physical affection during the day as often as you can.
Make this a fun project! You only have to commit yourself to doing this for a week, so hold nothing back. (Of course after the week you might have enjoyed it so much you might want to carry on!) I am convinced that you can do this! Hold hands, give a reassuring squeeze, hug, touch, kiss, tap, stroke, cuddle every time that you see one another.

If you are not used to giving this kind of affection, then it might seem strange to you at first, but press on. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will feel with it. There is a privilege we all share by being married. That privilege is being able to touch and be touched by the one person we love, any time and any place. Make the most of it and enjoy each moment!

Be sure to share your experiences with the other couples on the forum so that you can swap notes and fellowship about what God is doing in your life. Naturally if you have any difficulties with this project and need some help, please post your questions to the forum and we will be there to help!