Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

The Dawn Waits for You!

The Dawn Waits for You!

I love you my child and my gentle breeze is blowing even now to refresh you. It is blowing to cheer you on as you head up this mountain. It is blowing to strengthen and to support you. I love you my child and know that the dawn is waiting for you at the mountain top. It doesn't matter how steep the mountain is or how hard the road up there might become, I am there for you and I am leading you and refreshing you even when it seems steep.

My child, the dawn is waiting. A new day, a new era is dawning in your life. Bask in my refreshment and push on forward just a little bit further and you will see the view opening up, you will see the fog clearing and you will see the sun rising. The sun will declare a new day has started, it will mark the start of many new things in your life as you reach that mountain top. The dawn is waiting for you my child. The freshness of the morning breeze is ready and is waiting to wipe away all the sweat and all the tears that you have experienced as you pushed up this mountain. Be ready to just push a little further and you will reach that mountain top and you will experience that dawn of a new day in your life, says the Lord.

For all the desires you have had in your heart and all the promises I have given you, they are about to unfold as you take these few more steps forward. I have heard your cry, says the Lord, and I have seen your heart. I have made preparations to meet every single one of them. My promises stand true. As you experience the dawn of a new day in your life, you will see all the puzzle pieces fall into place, and you will find all your desires come true.

I love you my child. Take my hand and lets master the last few steps of this journey together, so that you can enter the many new and magnificent things I have waiting for you. I love you my child, and your heart and your desires are important to me, says the Lord.

Do Not Give Up!

Do Not Give Up!

My child, for a long season now you have felt like a fish swimming against the ocean's current. You have felt like you were pushing against rock. The temptation was strong at times to just turn around and go with the flow. You wanted to give up a few times and just abandon what you are doing as a bad idea because it was so hard to keep pushing. You even feel this way today and feel like you just want to drop everything and go down the easier way, and do as everybody else does.

My child I am saying to you today: Do not give up! The road you are on, the current you are pushing against, it is my plan. You are walking on the road that I have chosen for you, says the Lord. You are facing all these difficulties because my ways are not the world's ways. My ways are different and at times they might seem completely illogical to you. But know that what you have heard me speak, and the road you have stepped on, it is of me, you have heard correctly.

Keep on pushing on my child. Just keep walking. I am right there with you. Give up the struggling and the trying to get it right and just walk on this road. Do not push against the current with your own strength, but just surrender to me and my will and accept that I indeed have the best plans for you. As you do that you will feel my strong arm reach in and pull you through. You will feel my presence taking you down this bumpy road a step at a time. I am there for you. I love you. I have never left you and I would never just dump you in circumstances to inflict harm on you.

My child, I know it is not easy not to go with the flow. I know the price is high. But be assured that this is just a small price for the reward that I have for you. Know that my blessing will overtake you in every area of your life. If you commit to my ways and you are prepared to lay your own visions and ideas down, and are prepared to look to me for guidance and not to how others walk, the blessing that will stem from that will be great! The surprises that I have waiting for you are wonderful.

So my child just trust me. Keep going. Let me pull you. Give up the struggle to even figure out what is right and what is wrong. Just trust in me and let me guide you. I love you so dearly my child. Let us walk this road of blessing together, says the Lord.

Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Hide Away in My Secret Place!

Hide Away in My Secret Place!

My child can you hear the gentle trickle of the creek? Can you smell the freshness in the air? Can you feel the cool breeze and can you hear the birds chanting peacefully and joyfully in the trees? My child when you are with me in the secret place all these wonderful things are right there for you to enjoy and bask in. Come into my secret place my child. Leave all the stress and all the cares behind for a moment and come to me. Sit with me under the big tree and enjoy the shade. Come, put your feet into the creek and be refreshed from the heat of the day. Come, lay down on my lap and listen to my words.

Just come to me my child and enjoy the peace in my secret place. I am here for you ready to refresh you and ready to wipe away all those pressures you have been facing, all those difficult things you have been going through that have put stress and strain on you. You have grown weary and have pushed hard. Come to me now my child and just be refreshed in my presence. Know that I love you and that I am always ready for you to come and share all your cares with me. I am always ready to listen to the things that concern you. I am always ready to just be there for you. My peace and my joy are available to you wherever you go.

If you are longing for a break and you are thirsty and dry, stop right now no matter where you are and enter my secret place. I am always there. You do not need to travel long distances to come and enjoy real peace, to come and receive real life. No, all you have to do is to close your eyes and come to me. All you have to do is to let your cares go and drop all the striving and running around for a moment and just come away with me. Come away with me to the secret place.

I am always there. This wonderful secret place doesn't fade! You can come on a holiday with me, every single day, several times if you desire. I am here and I have so much to give you. Come to me now child and receive my refreshment, receive my living water that will not let you go thirsty again, says the Lord.

Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

Remain in the Eye of the Storm!

Remain in the Eye of the Storm!

My child, I know that it is not easy to stand and be still while this storm is raging all around you. I know that it is not easy to remain calm and stand in the eye of the storm with me. I know that you are tempted to hop out and make sure that everything goes smoothly and you want to make sure that destruction is not brought to the wrong things. But my child, I am in control.

I just need you to stand in the eye of this storm. Unlike the storm that you know in the natural, this storm was initiated by me and I have sent it. It is the wind of my spirit that is blowing all around you, clearing the road I have prepared for you of all the debris and all the works of the enemy.

I have sent this storm and it is raging to protect you. It is raging to unveil a new road and a new land that I have designed and planned just for you. So remain in the calm of the storm and stay close to me. As you hold my hand tightly and trust in me, you will soon see the storm pass and you will feel the wonders that I have come to bring. You will see the new, lush and fruitful land, you will see the clear path ahead of you and you will smell the fresh air!

My child just trust in me. Even if you do not fully understand what is going on and you don't understand why this storm had to come, just trust in me. Lean on me and walk in unison with my spirit. As you do that, you will remain in the eye of the storm and you will stand in amazement when the storm comes to an end.

The enemy wants to distract you and wants you to hop out of the security of my hand. But do not let him. Just remain strong in me my child. Remain closely in my hand and follow my lead. For the work I am doing in and around you right now, will prepare you for greater things. I am leading you onto a new level in me. I am leading you into greater things.

So just remain in me and know that I have the absolute best road ahead of you. Know that I have terrific plans for your life. Plans of prosperity and blessing! Plans of life and of much joy. I love you my child and I delight in overflowing you with my blessing. Just stand strong now and follow me, says the Lord.

Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

Let Me Water You My Child!

Let Me Water You My Child!

My child, you have become so concerned with doing the right thing in your life, that this has also extended to how you do things for me. You are constantly concerned about the right thing to do and you strive to learn many principles so you can make sure you are applying the right ones at the right time.

My child you are forgetting that life is found in me. You are forgetting to run to me to receive my view on things. I want to be there for you to show you the way. I want to be your source of wisdom. You don't have to get all stressed trying to figure things out by yourself, I am here and I am ready to lead and guide you in everything you put your hand to.

My child, I have given you so much and you carry so much gold inside of you. That gold will only come out when you choose to submit to me and let me bring it out. It will not come out by you trying to push on forward and doing the right thing. Does a tree concern itself with how it is going to bear fruit? Is there anything the tree does to contribute to the wealth of the fruit? No, the tree is totally reliant on being watered and nurtured from the ground. It cannot in itself try hard or make sure it gets watered.

My child, let me water you. Let me bring forth the fruit in your life. All you have to do is stand, just like that tree. Stand and receive and then just flow out of what I have given you. Just come to a place of rest now my child, and drop all the striving. I understand that you want to please me. I understand that you want to accomplish much in my kingdom. But do it in my peace. Do it with my anointing and do it in my power. Drop all your own doing and let me take over.

For when you come to this place where you can just stand and allow me to water you, you will bear fruit like never before. You will bear lush and rich fruit like no other tree and many will be drawn to you to come and partake of this goodness. But if you try to squeeze out some fruit in your own strength, they will look shriveled and dried out and not lush and moist and wonderful. My child just rest. Just let me do the work in you. Open your heart wide, let me guide you, let me water you and let me bring out that gold that is already inside of you, says the Lord.

I love you so dearly and I have magnificent plans for you. Realize that my love is really not tied to what you do or how much fruit you bear. My love for you is never ending and completely unconditional. I love you no matter what. I am here even now and I am waiting for you with wide open arms so you can come and receive the many blessings I have in store for you this day, says the Lord.