Senin, 19 Desember 2011

The Perfect Plan

The Perfect Plan

There were many routes that I could have taken the Children of Israel to the Promised Land, but not any others that would drown their enemies behind them. In the same way I have made the perfect plan for your life my child. I have not left a single thing untouched. For even though I promised Israel that I would lead them to the land, I did a complete work. I overcame their enemies in the process.

Not only did I promise Solomon the throne, but I added to that position wisdom, wealth and knowledge. In the same way, I have a full promise waiting for you. I will not complete just one part or two parts. Rather I will accomplish all that I have said and then add the things you did not think of my child.

My child know that I love you and that I will not let you down. I am here to do above and beyond what you could imagine. I am here to do a complete work in your life. I am not forgetful. I have not left you to fend for yourself. Rather I am involved with every step that you take and I have already planned for it.

I have gone ahead of you and ordered your path, so that everything will come together into a perfect picture. Even though Israel failed me many times and made many mistakes, I even worked these into my plan. In the same way my child, do not be afraid of missing my plan in your life. Do not be afraid of your mistakes, for I am greater than even these. Instead stand up and walk in faith. Stand up and run to my arms in love.

Then build a good picture for the future and do not stop until you reach your goal. Together we will accomplish great things. Together we will bring every plan that I have for your life to pass says the Lord.

Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Let The Rain Fall

Let The Rain Fall

Can you see the clouds gathering up ahead in the spirit? They are indeed a promise of my rain that is coming. Just as you can smell the freshness in the air, so also is my presence all around you. For you do not need to go far to reach my presence.

When the rain begins to fall, does the thirsty ground rise up and try to catch it all? No, it simply waits and soaks the rain in when it comes. In the same way you do not need to strive to reach me my child. For I surround you. I am around you all of the time. All that you need to do is stand in my presence and let it water you.

However when you are so busy running around, you miss out on the blessing that I have for you. You do not need to run to find me child. You do not need to try so hard to come into my presence. You only need to stand and to know through faith that I am there.

You do not need to struggle or to strive. Simply rest and let the rain fall. For when you rest and let my rain fall on your head, you will be refreshed. You will be washed clean and the things you did not understand before will suddenly make sense. So rest this day. Rest in my rain. You will see that I have not forsaken you, but have waited for you instead. I have been waiting for you to come to rest and to simply open up your arms to me.

So do that now. Open your arms to the heavens and soak in the rain as it falls and you will see that I pour forth with abundance says the Lord.

Kamis, 08 Desember 2011

What is Your Request?

What is Your Request?

I am life and I am living water. Come and drink of me today my child. What is your need? I have the answers. What is your desire? I am here to meet it.

For everything about me is life and love and light. Everything about me is good. I withhold none of my blessings from you and even now my living water is right inside of you. So come and take time today to drink of me.

For it is dry in the world and you can run out of water so quickly. But I have given you a well of living water that is deep inside of your spirit. It is a well that will never run dry. It will never run dry of peace and rest. It will never run dry of provision. It will never run dry of anointing.

So what is your request my child? What is your need this day? Come to me, knowing that I am your loving Father and that I seek to meet your needs. Come to me knowing that I have the answer to everything you could need. Come to me in childlike faith and hold your cup out to me.

Then surely I will fill you up again to overflowing. For I do not just want to meet your own need today, but I desire to use you as a vessel to fill others also. However until you can feed others, you must be filled first. So come. Come if you are weary and heave. Come if you are thirsty. Come with all your needs and fears.

Hold them up to me and I will fill you until you are full. For I am a God of abundance and I am here to meet with you. Come and meet with me and be refreshed this day says the Lord. Amen

Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

The Lord Will Break Through

The Lord Will Break Through

As you walk through life there are many voices talking to you and many noises that surround you. In these moments it is hard to hear my voice and you might even feel confusion in the way that you should go. Do not be afraid though my child, because if you only put your trust in me, I am able to cut through the noise.

I know that at times you strain to hear me and the voices on the outside are so strong that they drown out what I am trying to say. So come to me then and trust me to break through the noise. When you can let go of your own striving and struggling and simply trust me to get through to you, a big load will lift from your shoulders and you will suddenly realize that it is for me to get through to you.

All I require of you is faith my child. I do not require you to perform or to listen harder. Rather just trust in me. My servant Abraham trusted in me and even when he went the wrong way, I could step in and lead him once again in the right direction. In the same way, put your trust completely in me. Surrender to me. Allow me to get through to you.

When you throw yourself at my mercy, I will not let you fall. Instead I will pick you up, speak into your ear and then show you the way that you need to go. So reach out, not with your efforts, but with simple faith and I will not disappoint you, says the Lord.

Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

I Am Your Shelter

I Am Your Shelter

When you are faced with the storms of life, and everything seems to be coming against you, you seem to lose yourself in the wind and the rain. My child, instead of letting the rain soak you and letting the wind toss you around, just come and find shelter in my arms.

I have given you everything that you need to face these storms. You have inside of you my living waters and my spirit. You have my wisdom inside of you.

My child, tap into that well that I have given you and run to me. Do not let the wind and the rain control you. Do not choose to just submit to that storm but do something about it, says the Lord.

Come to me. I love you. I would never leave you nor forsake you. I will never just leave you stranded. I am always ready to help you and to give you the wisdom that you need in every situation you face.

I am not a forceful God though. I will not try to push my ways on you. You have to make a choice. You can either let life overwhelm you or you can come to me and let me give you the strength you need to choose the right way.

My child, just let go for a moment and come to me. As you take that time, the storm will cease and you will see clearly again. Before you know it, the fog will lighten up and the sun will break through once again, says the Lord.

Jumat, 25 November 2011

I Long to be Part of You

I Long to be Part of You

Just like a tent will collapse if the center beam is missing, so will your life lack the quality I intend if you do not put me into the center of everything that you do my child. I love you so much and I long for you.

You sometimes get so busy that you run away from me though. Come back to me and let me be the center of every part of your life. Let me be in control of everything.

I want to be involved with the things that go on in your life. I want to be part of your social life, I want to be part of your spiritual life and part of every other natural area. I want to give you the wisdom you need to tackle every situation that you are faced with. I love you my child and I long for nothing more than your heart.

Come back to me and let me touch you. Do not be afraid to touch me and to give me everything. You are my beloved and I am jealous of you. You are my precious child.

I have bought you at a high price and I will not let you go so easily. I am right here waiting for you to just jump and trust in me, says the Lord.

Senin, 07 November 2011


"That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, if, by any means, I may attain to the resurrection from the dead. Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me." PHILIPPIANS 3:10-12

Many years after having first put on the Lord Jesus, Paul declares that he is still trying to apprehend the One Who has already apprehended him. The height, width, breadth, length, and depth of this New Man, this Heavenly Man, is quite beyond what we can measure apart from Spirit-revelation. We are more familiar with and have more confidence in the old man than we do in the New Man. By the grace of God, this has to change. When we truly see the New Man we transcend the old man. And this, in a nutshell, is how God accomplishes the work of decreasing us and increasing Christ.

Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

Soar Through The Clouds

Soar Through The Clouds

Look forward with expectation, says the Lord for a new day is on the horizon and with it comes my blessing and my joy. For although you have had your time of night and of mourning, I am coming with a new thing and with a new blessing.

For just as the sun rises and chases away the darkness of the night, so also will I chase away those things that have weighed heavily upon you my child. The lightness of the day will lift the burden from your shoulders and you will be able to stand once again.

However, I do not want you to stop there my child. I want you to go further and begin to fly. For as low as you have been and as much as the enemy has oppressed you, I will lift the weights from you and cause you to soar above the clouds.

For even though the enemy sought to bring you down, my eye was not blind and my arm was not weak. I will use even those things that he tried to discourage you with and I will turn them around into a reason for rejoicing.

So look up! Look up and see that a new day is at hand. Put aside now the weights and cares and run towards me. Then together we will soar through the clouds, says the Lord.

Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick

When the walls of a house are built, they are not set up all at once. No, the builders begin with the first brick and then add to it a piece at a time. As they continue with diligence, the building suddenly starts to take shape. So also am I building something new in your life my child.

However so often you expect to look up and see the building complete. You are frustrated when things do not suddenly come right or if you cannot see the full picture. However my child, if you continued a step at a time, you will soon see that I have not stopped working. So whether you see the full picture or you do not, do not give up my child!

No master builder stops half way through building a house because he cannot see the full picture. No, instead he keeps working because he knows that if he is diligent that soon the project will be complete. In the same way know that I continue to work in you and in your life a brick at a time. A piece at a time. So press on and hold my hand. Continue to trust in me and to worship me.

Continue to see how I am doing what you cannot. For I have heard the cry of your heart and I have seen the struggles that come up deep inside of you. And so I am working diligently to give you the answers that you have asked for. Press on through my child. Do not give up hope and do not let go of my hand. Continue to have faith in me. Continue to hold onto me with love and adoration.

Then when your eyes are full of me and your heart is full of my hope you will look up and see suddenly that I have completed everything in your life that I have promised you says the Lord.

Selasa, 20 September 2011

Pushing Through the Snow

Pushing Through the Snow

Although the cold of winter is not comfortable, the wealth of snow gives nutrients to the soil. In the same way, although you have faced pressures and situations that are not comfortable, you need to see them as an opportunity to flourish my child.

For the things that the enemy would try to use to get you down, I will surely use for my own good. If you look at all the pressures and inconvenient moments, you would see that you have a choice to make.

You could allow yourself to get discouraged or you could use them as an opportunity to rise up once again. Even though the enemy would like to trip you up, it is time to use his own weapon against him.

No matter how cold it has become or how uncomfortable, use this situation to pass through the testing time correctly. Use this season as an opportunity to grow.

Then just like in the natural how springtime brings a new bud out of the ground, you will also see new fruit in your life! You will see that as you embrace the snow and the season of winter, that you grew through the experience. You will see that I had my hand on you all along. You will see that I never forsook you.

So rise up now child. Use every situation that you face today as an opportunity for growth. Then it does not matter what the enemy throws at you. You will be equipped to handle it and to use it to rise up higher than before.

Minggu, 18 September 2011

A Special Invitation

A Special Invitation

Consider a hot air balloon that has the potential to fly high above the ground. It is so simple, yet it carries the passenger to amazing heights. It does not propel itself but relies on the heat in the balloon and the direction of the wind.

When you are aboard, you have no control. You cannot try to steer it. When this happens, you have a choice to make. You can either fear that you will be swept away, or you can take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

In the same way I am inviting you on a journey with me today my child. I invite you to climb aboard and to trust the wind and the direction that I want to send you.

It is not a direction where you will be in control. For you will be the passenger and I will be the pilot. I will lift this balloon into the air and then I will blow my wind to guide it.

I invite you to walk in faith my child and to take my hand. To climb aboard not because of what you see around you, but simply because you believe my word.

I ask you to trust me! So take my hand and have faith in me. Do not fear that I will let you down. Do not fear that you will fall out of the sky and be hurt.

For I will never leave nor forsake you! I will not allow your foot to be dashed. When you trust completely in me, I have the power to bring about events and circumstances.

Just as I have power over the winds and waves, so also can I have power over your circumstances. However, I can only use this power if you let me!

I can only move on your behalf when you put your trust in me. So climb aboard child. Take the hand that I have stretched out to you. Lean on me. Trust me. For when you do that, you will see yourself being lifted high above your circumstance.

Then all you need to do is enjoy the journey that is ahead. Do not fear for where I will lead you, but know that I will never let you down. Enjoy this time in me.

Enjoy this moment of drifting with the wind, for soon enough your circumstances will change again and new ones will be in front of you. Come child. Climb aboard and let our new journey begin, says the Lord. Amen.

Kamis, 15 September 2011

My Tender Embrace

My Tender Embrace

Just like a mother embraces her child, so also are my arms always open to you my child. They are never closed. Does a mother stop loving her child, when that child has failed or done something wrong?

Then why do you expect me to turn my back on you my child? No matter what you have done and no matter how much you feel guilty or afraid, I will never turn my back on you.

If a natural mother can embrace her child how much Me - your Heavenly Father? It is a love that you do not need to earn. For I drew you to me and I continue to hold you in the palm of my hand.

So often you think that you must strive to stay in the palm of my hand. So often you think that you must earn the right to stay in my hand.

But my child, I already won the prize for you. I did everything that needed to be done to ensure that you would stay in my hand. So why do you still strive so much?

Come rest in me instead, because while you strive, you take away precious time that we could be having together.

Rest in my finished work. Rest in the fact that nothing can snatch you away from me. Be as a baby in its mother's arms. Rest without struggling.

Rest without feeling that you have to prove yourself. When you do this, you will feel my love flowing over you and you will know that I have been there for you all along.

Rabu, 14 September 2011

Take a Breath

Take a Breath

For indeed a new day has dawned, says the Lord and there is freshness in the air. For just as you can smell the fresh morning air and it wakes up your body, so also is my presence like the air that wakes up your spirit.

So take time to rejoice in me today and to praise me for all that I am doing in your life. For many mornings can come and go and if you do not take the time to enjoy the beauty of the morning, the day will quickly come upon you and you would have missed your moment.

In the same way, do not miss your moment with me today my child. Take time to breathe in my presence and to feel my peace around you.

Just as the morning is constant, so also am I constant. Just as the morning brings a freshness to your mind, so also will I bring a freshness to your spirit.

So take time right now to simply sit in my presence. When you enjoy the morning air, you do not need to do anything to enjoy it. In fact, the greatest way to enjoy it is to simply sit in it and revel in it. My child this is all I am asking of you.

I do not need you to run around or to do anything to enjoy me today. Simply sit with me and talk with me. Rest in me. I do not need you to prove yourself.

In fact, whether you rest or whether you run, my presence will not change. My feelings will not change towards you. So why not rest rather?

Take your moment with me and the life that you receive will give you all the strength you need for the day ahead, says the Lord. Amen.

Minggu, 11 September 2011

Pick up Your Sword

Pick up Your Sword

Just as a dust storm brings with it sand and disarray, so also have the pressures of life swirled around you, says the Lord. In the confusion you dropped your sword and now you stand, feeling ill-equipped for the road that is ahead of you.

But my child, just because you cannot see your sword, does not mean that you have lost it. All that has happened is that the sand has covered it over.

If you would only reach down and lift it up from the dust, you would see that I have not forsaken you. You have not lost your ability to stand up in my name. You have not lost your place of favor in me. You have not lost my grace.

The enemy would love to keep you confused and running here and there trying to make up for lost time. But stop now and simply pick up your sword once again.

Come back to the realization that it is in me alone that you overcome. Come back to the simple truth that it is not by your own strength and power that you will overcome, but by my spirit alone!

As you pick up your sword once again, put my Word into your mouth. Let my pictures flood your mind and then as you stand up in a new conviction, the enemy will flee from you.

The wind will die down and the dust will start to disappear. Then you will see that I never left your side. For it is indeed time to pick up your sword again. Not in your own strength, but in my name alone, says the Lord. Amen

Kamis, 08 September 2011

Getting on the Bicycle Again

Getting on the Bicycle Again

A child finds it easy to ride a bicycle. They have no fear and their naiveté carries them through. However, as you get older it gets harder to get back on the bicycle again.

It takes a lot more effort than you remember and it hurts in ways that you do not remember either. In the same way child, it is time to return back to the fire that I placed inside of you such a long time ago.

As you look at it, you are like the adult who has not climbed on the bicycle in a very long time. What was so easy before seems like an effort now.

What was so comfortable before, seems so uncomfortable now. The discouragements and the failures hold you back and it is because of this that you are not moving forward as you should.

So it is time now my child to face the fears. To face the weakness and disappointment. It is time to get back on the bicycle again. To embrace once again the fire that is inside of you.

To have childlike naiveté once again and to trust me unashamedly. It is time to put aside your questions and your fears and to throw yourself into my arms. To trust that I will catch and lead you in the way that you go.

As you step forward now and you get riding again, my own hand will lead you. You will find the fire that you had before increase and get stronger. I will lead you on roads you never travelled before!

Then you will see that I was with you all along. Although there were many times when the enemy sent rocks into your road, I always made a new way. Even though he has tried to stifle that fire, I am here to bring it to life once again.

So move forward now child. Put aside the disappointments of the past and you will see that a new future waits for you.

Sabtu, 03 September 2011

Let The Night Fall

Let The Night Fall

When the sun has set and the world grows quiet, it is in these times that you notice sounds that you did not hear before. It is in these moments that your mind becomes still and you can come to peace.

My child you have been working and pushing hard through the day, but it is time now to come and rest. It is time for the night to fall and for your hands to drop.

For you cannot always work and push on. You cannot always sow and reap. There must come a time when you must rest and allow the rain to fall. There comes a time when you must step back and allow me to do my part. For I will do my part when you come to rest.

For you have worked hard as you have put your hand to the plough. You have pushed through and done all that you could.

However, now is the time for you to rest a while and to allow me to do my part. For I will take the mustard seed that you planted and I will cause it to grow bigger than any other tree!

I will take your small portion and increase it with my own power. You cannot do this. For you will come to see that the greatest progress that you will make, is not while you are striving and working, but rather when you rest and I begin to work.

So allow this season of rest to come into your life. Take this small moment to rest in me and allow me to work now on your behalf, says the Lord.

Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011

A Shower of Blessing

A Shower of Blessing

My child I love you so much. I have so much blessing in store for you. I want you to come to me and approach my throne boldly. I want you to expect my abundant blessing in every area of your life. So often do you come to me only hoping that I hear your cry.

You do not come in faith and in childlike trust. But I want to let you know that you can come boldly, my child.

I am the maker of the heavens and the earth. I hold the treasures of this world in my hands and I can make anything happen. Do not forget who I am and do not forget who you are. I love you so dearly and it is my greatest passion to provide everything you need in much abundance.

I have not called you to walk in lack and I have not called you to walk in depression. You are a child of the king of kings and in me you have access to everything.

I love you dearly. So come to me, boldly and unafraid because I delight in showering you with my blessing, says the Lord.

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God bless you all,
Salam dan doa,
Ps. Dave Broos

Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Take a Moment

Take a Moment

After a race it feels like you have spent all of your resources. Your mouth is dry and your hands are shaky. You are much like Samson when he slayed the thousand with the jawbone of a donkey. He had pushed through and at the end of it all, he felt so weak.

The anointing had lifted and suddenly he realized how human he was. Even as he lowered his arm, I did not forsake him, says the Lord, and even now I do not forsake you. As you have pushed through and even done the things I asked of you, I know that you are weary.

Yet my child, now is not the time to try and find the strength that you need from external sources. Samson cried out to me and I gave him water from the rock. In the same way, I am telling you to cry out to me so that I can lead you to water.

For when you reach out your hand to me in your weakness, you will realize that there are rivers of living water bubbling up from deep inside of you. A well of life that never runs dry. No matter how thirsty you are or how weak you feel, there is an abundance there to give you life once again.

So reach out to me now and let the water that is inside of you begin to bubble out. Take a moment to stand still and to feed on my Spirit. Take a moment to hear my voice. Stand in silence for only a moment, so that you can get direction for the rest of the journey ahead.

When you take this time to hear from me, not only will your spirit be fed, but you will also hear my voice and receive the direction you need. When you do it this way, then I go with you and I will not let you down. When you do it this way, you will never run out of resources.

Take a moment to reach out to me, and let my strength fill you once again. Amen.

Blog ini merupakan bagian dari pelayanan dunia maya (e-ministry) dari Eagles Nest Ministries dan pelayanan pastoral (e-church) Eagles Nest Fellowship. Pelayanan kami memiliki visi untuk “Memberitakan Kabar Baik, memuridkan dan mengutus setiap anak Tuhan untuk ‘menjadi gereja’ dimanapun mereka berada”.
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God bless you all,
Salam dan doa,
Ps. Dave Broos

Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

Look Up!

Look Up!

Look up and see that the sun is breaking through the clouds. Just as the sunflower follows the sun, so also am I calling you to follow me my child. When you look up into my face and look at the promises that I have given to you, then you do not see the darkness around you. You no longer see the lack or the problems.

You no longer see the impossibility of a situation, but only the possibility. So look up to me child! Look into my eyes and as you do that, the rest will fade away. Soon you will begin to see like me and understand like me.

Your problems will fade and what you thought to be a mountain in your life will suddenly become a molehill. What seemed so impossible before, will suddenly be possible.

If you are trying with your own strength, you will always come short, but my power is limitless. And so as you begin to follow me and listen to my voice, you will feel a load lift off your shoulders.

You will see that you can run this race and win it. You will see that you can cast any mountain into the sea. It only begins as you lift your face up to follow me. Look up now child and follow me and everything else in your life will make sense once again.

Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

An Opening Coming Soon

An Opening Coming Soon

Do not be afraid to walk the road ahead that I have prepared for you says the Lord, for my hand is over you. Even though you might not understand the way that I have set and you cannot see clearly now, know that I will never forsake you.

There will be times when dark clouds will come and there will be other times when the enemy might put rocks in your road, but never forget that I am there for you. I am there walking the road with you and I will point the rocks out to you.

I will be there to move the dark clouds from you. So do not rely on yourself any longer or on what you can see with your own eyes, but rely on what I can see and on what I can do. My child, do not be afraid, for I will never forsake you. Look forward to the way that is ahead, for soon you will see it open up to a wide field and a broad way.

Then you will see that the way I have led you is for a purpose. You will see that the road you have walked has not been in vain. Rise up and walk the road once again and soon the way will open up, says the Lord.

Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011



What might seem like an obstacle is an opportunity for promotion my child. So do not look at the thing that is standing in front of you as something that is there to get you down. Rather see it as an opportunity to overcome.

For only when you face the pressures and you overcome can you see that with my power you can do all things. The reason why you failed in the past is because you tried to do things in your own strength. This led to disappointment and you wonder now if you can face what is ahead of you.

It is I that has led you to this new mountain and it is not to discourage you child. Rather it is to give you an opportunity for promotion. To overcome now what you could not in the past. To rise up now where you could not before. Together we will rise up.

With my help you will be able to do what you could not before. So take my hand and face what is ahead of you. Face it with faith and with determination.

Then you will surely rise up and when you stand on the top of this mountain your hope will soar. You will know that I am your God and that I have prepared the way ahead of you my child.

Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

Time to be Refreshed

Time to be Refreshed

There is much that you have learned and much that you have done, but now is a time to rest in me, says the Lord. For this is a day of refreshing and I am calling you to come and rest again in my presence. For you have run hard and accomplished much, but you must get rest for the remainder of your journey.

For there is much I still want to do in your life and blessings that are way beyond your imagination. All of this begins though in my presence. As you rest in me, it will be as if you are sitting in the middle of a gentle river.

The dirt that you are covered with will be washed away. The heat of the day will start to melt and all the stress that you have carried with you will be swept away with the stream.

When you are refreshed, you will have strength to stand and run the race again. For now though drink of me and know that I am good. Revel in my presence and let me refresh you my child.

Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

Let Go of your Own Ideas

Let Go of your Own Ideas

You have sought me for a long season my child and you have asked me to bring renewal and restoration into your life. You have sought me and you have cried out. Circumstances have once again taken over and you are discouraged. You are on your face and you are saying to me WHY....

My child don't you see that I am right here for you? I have never left you and I never will. I am right there by your side and I have been working on your behalf all along. I never stop. I care for you and long for you 24 hours a day.

My child you have closed your heart because you have not received exactly what you wanted from me. I desire to bless you abundantly and beyond anything you can imagine. I have more for you than what you see right now. I want to give you far more.

So let go of your little ideas! Let go of your imaginations that tell you to have a result to your situation a certain way. I am the Lord your God and I know what is best for you. Trust me afresh. Come to me afresh and hand me control.

I have everything you could ever need and I have the perfect plan already laid out for you. But if you keep on running on your own track, reaching out for the things you think need to happen, you will remain in this frustration and Satan will only be to happy to keep you there.

Just break out now and see the bigger picture. Open your heart once again to see through my eyes, because you have stopped doing that. Sure you came to me and you cried to me, but your heart was not open to see what I truly have for you.

I love you dearly my child and I want nothing more than to see you blessed. Wake up out of your slumber and see my love. Wake up and see that I have not left you.

Just open your heart and let go of your control. As you do this, you will feel my touch come upon you like never before. As you do this you will feel a freedom enter your heart like never before.

As you do this you will truly rise up out of the mud and climb the mountains you have desired to see, says the Lord!

Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

I Have Not Moved

I Have Not Moved

Before you were formed in your mother's womb, I knew you. I chose you and I brought you into this earth. I have held you in the palm of my hands from the beginning of time, and I have never let you go.

If you feel frustrated and feel that I am miles away from you, my child it is not I who moved. I have been there all along and I have watched over you from the beginning. You have moved! If you desire to feel my closeness, all you have to do is reach out.

Let go of everything that is stressing you out and drawing you away from me and just reach out and touch my hand yet again.

As you come to me in faith, I will meet you. As you reach out to me in hunger, I will fill your mouth with every good thing. You are so very precious to me.

I have planned your path every step of the way and even if you take a wrong turn sometimes, my grace is bigger than any failure. I love you and I delight in being there for you. Even if you have sinned and you are full of the flesh, my arms stand wide open to you.

I want to help you break free and I want to put you on a new path. A path that will lead you to victory and blessing. I do not intend for you to crawl along in life and just make it! I want you to live in abundance.

So grab my hand afresh and open your heart to me so that I can do what I desire to do. I want to bring healing. I want to set you free from bondage and I want to meet the desires of your heart.

I love you dearly, child. Move back into my presence now and I will begin a work that will result in a vessel more beautiful than the world has seen before, says the Lord.

Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

Command the Waters to Part

Command the Waters to Part

You are standing in front of a river and you know you need to get across. The promised land you have been waiting for lays beyond that river, says the Lord. My child, do not look to the left or to the right to find some means of transportation that would get you across.

You cannot rely on the natural but you need to rely on my strength and my power. Just as even Moses had to rely on me alone in the days of old, so am I calling you to put your trust completely in me.

My child raise your rod! Use your authority and command the waters to pass. As you take what I have given you and stand in faith on my promises, the waters will indeed part and you will indeed walk into the promised land victoriously.

So my child, rise up. Speak to the waters and they will part, says the Lord!

My Cool, Gentle Breeze

My Cool, Gentle Breeze

Just like a cool breeze refreshes you on a hot summer's day so does the wind of my spirit refresh your whole being. If you feel like you have been exposed to the hot sun and have had to push through for a long time, come into my presence so that my spirit can blow upon you and refresh every part of your being.

You do not have to push beyond what you are capable of. Come to me and tap into my strength. Come to me and let me refresh you. When the pressures of life are upon you, you often forget this one very simple thing.

So get back to that simplicity. Get back to the basics and just drop what you are doing to be renewed and refreshed in my presence, says the Lord.

Senin, 25 Juli 2011

I Heard your Cry

I Heard your Cry

You have cried out to me for a long season and have persevered. You have given me your desires and have trusted in me. My child, today I simply want to assure you that I have heard your cry. I have heard you and my angels are busy even now to bring about the desires and requests you have brought before me.

It is not long now and you will see all that you have reached out to me for come to manifestation. So do not give up but press on in faith, hope and love. For this day I want to let you know that I have heard you and that your desire is on its way.

Do not listen to the lies of the enemy who wants you to believe that I didn't care after all. He wants you to give in to despair and just give up on the desires you have carried in your heart for so long. Do not listen to him.

He only comes to destroy and to get you discouraged and off the track of blessing I have you on. Give him the boot and do not listen to his negative words any longer.

Instead rest assured that my promises are valid and true. My word will not return void but will accomplish that which it was sent for. Just press on forward now my child. I have heard your cry and I am with you even now, says the Lord.

Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

In the Hands of the Potter

In the Hands of the Potter

I have you in the palm of my hands my child and I am busy making you into a magnificent vessel. So do not be afraid of the pressures that you are faced with, for it is my hand that is coming upon you gently to mold and shape you to hold my glory.

Embrace the pressures you feel and surrender to me completely. For I am making you into something beautiful. I am shaping you into a unique vessel that would be ready to contain what I want to pour into it for my people.

Trust in me my child for the work I am doing in your life is a good work. I have wonderful plans for you. All I need you to do is to stop struggling and to just surrender. Just give up all the striving. Give up trying so hard.

Have you ever seen a lump of clay that lay in the potter's work shop and that somehow managed to form itself into a vessel? It doesn't work in the natural and so it also won't happen with you in the spiritual.

Just as a potter grabs that lump of clay and starts to press on it and pull on it to shape it, so am I at work in your life, says the Lord. Trust in me and give your all to me. Just be as that lump of clay that is shaped into something beautiful in the hands of the potter.

I am making you into a vessel of glory. Trust in me, says the Lord.

Bask in My Presence and Anointing

Bask in My Presence and Anointing

Just as much as the wild flowers in the field rely on the sun to give them life and on the rain to provide them with the nourishment they need, so do you rely on my touch my child.

My presence is as the sun to the flowers in the fields. It gives you the joy and life you need to accomplish that which I have called you to do. The wind of my Holy Spirit and my anointing is as the rain to those flowers. It gives you the refreshement you need and the nourishement you require to grow strong and beautiful in me.

So steal away into my presence to fill up with this life. Come and bask in my anointing to be able to grow into all I have for you. Steal away from the business of life just to come and receive all that you need, to do the things I have entrusted you with.

At the end of the day, this is about me and you need to be in me to succeed. Never forget that the work I have called you to, is my work. To do my work you require my picture. So come to me each day and receive more and more of that picture.

I have so much in store for you and I love you so dearly my child. Come and steal away with me now and let me fill you up, says the Lord!

Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

Don't Worry

Don't Worry

My child, do not fear the mountains that you see looming ahead. Do not fear what is to come in the future and what awaits you at the horizon but focus on me. Right now, as you look ahead you may think: "Oh no... another set of mountains to climb... I wonder what is going to happen…?"

Child, do not give in to worry. Worry is something designed to get you down. Plus it really is something you don't have to listen to because it wants you to panic about something that is not even here yet. Take a step at a time and trust in me.

Focus on the path that you are on right now. Look into my eyes and let me direct you each step of the way. The only foresight I want you to have is the fact that whatever lies ahead is part of my plan! I want you to stand in hope and trust in me completely.

So give your worries to me now my child. Let the loads go. Do not worry about what is to come because I have promised you a future of hope and of much blessing. Focus on what is important right here and right now and give your whole heart to the task at hand, says the Lord.

Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

Simple Faith

Simple Faith

Even as Zacchaeus of old was so stirred in his heart to come to me and receive from me that he climbed a tree just to get a glimpse of me, so do I desire for you to come to me, says the Lord.

I don't need you to have it together or to approach me with big words. I don't need you to come to me sinless and righteous. As you come to me just weak and unafraid I will wash over you with my anointing and my power and I will make you righteous.

I am your savior. You cannot deliver yourself from your own sin. This is why I died on the cross and paid the supreme price for you. I have built the bridge between the father and this world so that sin wouldn't stand in the way.

So approach me boldly. All I desire from you is an open heart and the willingness to let me change you. So come to me, innocent like a little child and boldly just like Zacchaeus did.

He knew he had done wrong and he knew he was not worthy. But he also knew that if he would come to me, I could help him and raise him up and give him all that he needed.

It is that simple faith, that simple conviction that I desire you to have in your heart. As you approach me like this, the way before you will open up and the many heavy burdens you have been carrying will fall off.

You do not have to work hard or do the right things. If my gospel were one of works, I really wouldn't have had to die. I love you dearly and I desire to raise you up and bless you beyond your wildest imaginations. Trust in me and open your heart to me now, says the Lord.

Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

I have not left you

I have not left you

When the storms come and the night starts to descend, suddenly things are not as clear as they once were. Landmarks that you easily understood before become shaded and you cannot make out what you knew to be there. After a while you start to doubt what you know and this is what the enemy is trying to do in your life.

Just because you cannot see me, does not mean I am not here my child. I have remained and you must hold onto what you know and not what you see. For if you look only at what you see, then the enemy can easily lead you astray. However, if you hold onto what you know in my Word and what you know in our personal relationship, you cannot go wrong.

For the night does not last forever and neither will this season in your life. Reach out your hand to me right now and you will find that I never left you but that I am right where I was before. Soon day will break and you will see that I am here ready to take your hand and lead you once again.

Senin, 11 Juli 2011

Feed on My Word

Feed on My Word

Even as Joshua of old stood on my word and trusted in me completely, so I am calling you to stand boldly on my promises, says the Lord. Joshua knew the word and he spoke it day and night.

He had such faith in my words, that He was able to go beyond the authority that I had given to man and commanded the sun to stop so that they could win the battle!

My child, you desire to see miracles, you desire to receive more! Then stand as Joshua stood and be grounded in my word. Get back to eating my word as if it were bread. Get back to receiving the living waters right from the promises I have given.

My child I have more for you and I want to increase your anointing. I want to increase my power in you. So step out boldly. Seek me and come to me in faith. As you do so, a new land will open up before you like never before.

As you do so, you will decrease and I will increase so that when people see you, they will no longer see you but will see me in you indeed, says the Lord.

Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

Abide in My Love

Abide in My Love

I love you so much my child. I love you so much that I gave my only son and sent Him to die on the cross to pave the way ahead of you. I loved you so much that even if you were the only person in this universe that needed to be saved, I would have died for you!

Be reminded this day of my never ending love for you. reminded that in me you have everything you ever need. You can go out there and work hard for me. You can go out there and complete each task I give to you, but if you are not motivated by my love, you may as well count it a loss!

My love and passion for you surpass all understanding. It cannot be grasped with the logic of your mind. It is something that will break through the hardest walls and it is a force that the enemy doesn't understand. If you stand in my love, he wants to take flight.

Come to me anew today and be refreshed and refilled with my love. Let me show you the goal ahead clearly again and let me empower you to take on the next part of your journey, says the Lord.

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

A Time To Pour Out

A Time To Pour Out

Do not be afraid my child to step forward and to do what I have called you to do, for it is not in your own strength that you will step out, but in mine. For I have called you and I have separated you.

I have put my hand over you and I have protected you. And so as you have received through the years and you have learned, so is it time to give out those things that I have put inside of you.

For each thing you received of me is like a seed inside of you. It has remained dormant for so long, but I will begin to breathe on it now and bring it to life. For you look at your problems and your daily concerns and you are overwhelmed with these needs. However, it is time to put these things aside and to pour out to others now.

For as long as you look at your own cares and needs, you will continue to be discouraged. However, as you look at others and begin to pour out, something miraculous will happen. You will start to feel life again.

You will start to feel something bubble up from inside of you. Then as you look to the needs of others and pour out in any way that you can, you will turn to see that your own needs are also met.

For this is indeed the hidden secret that you have my child. This is where the true power is of my grace. It is not only in my love that you feel, but the true power lies in pouring out that love to others.

So today put your own needs aside and look at those around you. See how many have such heavy burdens on them. See those that need a word of encouragement or blessing.

Then reach out and as you do, I will give you the anointing and the power you need to bless them. Then feel as your own needs and cares wash away, says the Lord.

Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

In Me you Have victory ALWAYS!

In Me you Have victory ALWAYS!

Do not be afraid of the mountains and the giants that you see coming your way, says the Lord. For did I not say in my word that if you would speak to this mountain be removed and be cast into the sea, I would move it for you?

Put your faith in me and stand in the authority that I have bestowed upon you in my name and nothing will by any means harm you. Be bold and face each mountain with my power.

Go forward in my love and stand in who you are in me and nothing will keep you from moving on to victory. No matter what ploys the enemy might have planned against you, know that in my name you have the victory.

As you look at things through my eyes, you will know that no matter what the enemy is trying to do, he will not succeed. You are in me and I am in you. If your words abide in me, you will ask whatever you wish from me and I will indeed make it come to pass, says the Lord.

So no longer look at yourself as a victim. Do not look at yourself as a little worm. But rise up as the mighty warrior you are in my name. As you pick up your armor and your sword and put my word on your lips, you will rise up high and fly through the sky instead of crawl on the ground.

I love you dearly and I have called you to be a victor and a conqueror in my name, says the Lord. Go forth now and step into my promises!

Jumat, 01 Juli 2011


Kuduslah kamu sebab AKU kudus (1 Petrus 1:16)
Siang itu saya hendak menjemput putra saya dari sekolah. Saat saya berjalan melewati jalan raya menuju sekolah saya melihat ada sesuatu yang berbeda dari biasanya. Jalan itu tampak sangat bersih, steril dari sampah. Ada juga hal yang ganjil, sebab pedagang kaki lima dan tukang becak pun tak tampak. Lebih mengherankan lagi jalan itu sepi dari kendaraan lain, saya pandang sekeliling, yang tampak hanya kendaraan polisi dan tentara bahkan di atas hotel tampak pula sniper (penembak tepat). Setelah tiba di sekolah saya bertanya pada satpam,”Ada apa Pak?” Dia pun menjawab,”OH..itu Bapak Presiden mau lewat jalan ini.” Betul dugaan saya ada pejabat tinggi yang akan melalui jalan ini.
Tiba-tiba saya diingatkan Roh Kudus bahwa Tuhan ada di dalam diri kita. IA yang ada dalam diri kita jauh lebih tinggi kedudukannya daripada pejabat mana pun di muka bumi ini. Tetapi mengapa sering kali kita mengabaikan DIA? Sering kali kita tidak mengindahkan firmanNya yang padahal lebih tinggi dari UU mana pun. Kita pun jarang mengoreksi diri, sudah hidup sesuai kebenaran atau belum. Kita berpikir dengan rajin pergi ke gereja, memberi persembahan sekedarnya, berdoa tiap mau makan dan baca firman Tuhan satu ayat sehari sudah cukup untuk menjadi orang Kristen yang baik. Padahal cara hidup kita sungguh bertentangan dengan DIA yang ada dalam kita. Tuhan mencari anak-anakNya yang mau menjadikan DIA sebagai TUHAN dan RAJA atas hidup mereka. Tuhan mencari mereka yang mengasihiNya dengan segenap hati, pikiran dan kekuatannya.
Mulai hari ini mari kita sungguh-sungguh memberi diri kita sebagai korban yang hidup dengan hidup taat sesuai firman Tuhan.
DOA: Tuhan ampunilah kami yang seringkali mengabaikan Engkau dalam kehidupan kami. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: 1 Petrus 1:13-23

Rabu, 29 Juni 2011


Pembalasan adalah hakKU, AKUlah yang akan menuntut pembalasan, firman Tuhan (Roma 12:19b)
Roland memiliki hati yang terbeban untuk melayani mantan napi. Ia percaya bahwa Tuhan mengasihi siapa pun dan Tuhan selalu memberikan kesempatan kedua bagi siapa pun termasuk para napi ini. Bertahun-tahun ia habiskan waktunya untuk memuridkan dan berjuang mencukupi kebutuhan sandang, pangan bahkan papan untuk para mantan napi ini. Banyak diantara mereka yang dapat kembali diterima dalam masyarakat karena perubahan dalam kehidupan mereka dan bagaimana mereka menjadi berkat dalam hidup bermasyarakat.
Beberapa di antara mereka membantu Roland dalam pelayanan sepenuh waktu, mereka sudah Roland anggap sebagai keluarga sendiri. Ia membiayai sendiri mereka pendidikan Theologia di STT ternama dan mengajukan diri mereka untuk ditahbiskan sebagai pendeta untuk membantu penggembalaan jemaat. Ia bangga melihat apa yang telah Tuhan kerjakan selama beberapa tahun terakhir ini di tengah jemaat mantan napi yang telah berkembang.
Namun tiba-tiba beberapa bulan terakhir ia merasakan perbedaan sikap beberapa stafnya setelah mereka meraih gelar Master dan pentahbisan dari sinode. Mereka mulai mempengaruhi jemaat untuk memberontak terhadap kepemimpinan Roland. Roland berupaya berbicara baik-baik dengan mereka tetapi mereka berkeras meminta Roland untuk mundur dari jabatan Gembala Sidang. Istri yang tengah mengandung anak pertama mereka pun diteror melalui telpon gelap dan kiriman surat kaleng yang berisi ancaman. Istrinya mengalami tekanan darah tinggi dan tidak kuat menghadapi teror tersebut. Akhirnya istri dan bayi yang masih dalam kandungan meninggal dunia. Roland sangat terpukul dan hendak membalas. Sampai Tuhan mengingatkannya untuk mengampuni sebab pembalasan adalah hak Tuhan.
Mungkin kita mampu membalas kejahatan dengan kejahatan tetapi Tuhan memerintahkan untuk membalas kejahatan dengan kebaikan.
DOA: Tuhan, pada hari ini saya mengampuni setiap orang yang telah melukai hati saya. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: Roma 12:9-21

Senin, 27 Juni 2011


Ujilah aku,ya Tuhan, dan cobalah aku; selidikilah batinku dan hatiku (Mazmur 26:2)
Kami saat itu mendapat tugas dari gereja untuk melayani kaum lansia yang sudah tak dapat turut beribadah tiap Minggu. Jadi merupakan tugas kami untuk mengunjungi dan coba untuk menjawab kebutuhan kerohanian mereka.
Hari itu saya dan rekan mengunjungi Oma Beth yang tinggal seorang diri. Saat kami datang beliau sangat senang menyambut kami. Beliau mempersilahkan kami untuk masuk dan lalu berbincang-bincang mengenai banyak hal. Saat saya tengah bercakap-cakap dengan Oma Beth, rekan saya sempat membuat jengkel. Sebab tiba-tiba, ia menyela,”Oma…wah, kacang mente dalam toples ini kelihatan enak sekali. Boleh saya minta?” Oma Beth pun menjawab,”Kalau mau, boleh-boleh saja tapi…..” Belum selesai perkataan Oma Beth, teman saya sudah tancap gas menyantap kacang mente dalam toples itu. “Hmmm..yummi..Bro.” kata teman saya sambil tersenyum. Saya pun kembali berbincang dengan Oma Beth sambil dalam hati kesal melihat kelakuan teman saya yang kurang sopan dan beretika. Beberapa saat kemudian, setelah berbincang cukup lama, tiba-tiba teman saya bertanya lagi,”Oma Beth.. kacang mentenya enak sekali, boleh saya habiskan?” Sambil ia memandang ke arah saya dengan penuh arti dan tersenyum. Dalam hati saya menggerutu,”Dasar anak asrama, engga bisa lihat makanan enak, main sikat aza.” Oma Beth menjawab,”Oh makan saja, Oma sudah ompong, tidak bisa makan kacang mentenya.” Wah, seolah mendapat angin surgawi teman saya langsung tancap gas menghabiskan kacang mente itu. Lalu Oma Beth tersenyum pada saya,”Iya…Oma khan sudah tua dan ompong, jadi setiap kali anak atau cucu bawa coklat Silverqueen (coklat kacang mente)…Oma hanya bisa mengemut coklatnya sedang kacang mentenya Oma tidak bisa makan, jadi Oma kumpulkan dalam toples. Sayang dibuang….eh benar saja ternyata ada yang suka. Puji Tuhan, bisa jadi berkat.” Saya lirik wajah teman saya yang kini tidak karuan wajahnya.
Seringkali kita melayani pekerjaan Tuhan tidak dengan hati yang tulus. Kita melayani dengan hati yang licik, kita berpikir dengan melayani kita akan mendapat pujian, keuntungan materi dan agenda-agenda terselubung. Tuhan menguji hati kita dan pada hari akhir akan tampak pelayanan siapa yang sejati dan mana yang dipenuhi ambisi pribadi. Layanilah Tuhan dalam takut akan Tuhan.
DOA: Tuhan, ampunilah kami yang seringkali melayaniMU dengan hati yang tak tulus. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: Mazmur 26:1-12

Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Follow the River Within

Follow the River Within

When Moses led the children of Israel into the desert, they had no clue where they were headed. I directed them and showed them the way with my pillar of fire. They were in the desert where it is so easy to get lost. All they had to do was trust in me.

Just like I wanted them to trust me that I had their journey in my hands and provided for them everywhere they went, so do I want you to trust in me my child.

You have more than the children of Israel had. You have my spirit dwelling inside of you and with that, you have everything you need. You do not have to rely on any external source. I am closer than breathing and I live deep inside of you.

So just stop and tap into the river deep inside. Tap into the wisdom and the truth that you have in me in you. Trust in me afresh and follow my direction each day.

Do not look for any external signs but listen to my still small voice inside of you. As you do that, you will walk in my peace and you will find the direction I have for you right now, says the Lord.

Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

Follow the Road

Follow the Road

When you travel on a road with a sharp bend, it is difficult to see what lies ahead. All that you can do is to follow the curve of the road until the new stretch of road is opened up before you. Just because you cannot see the road or the landscape ahead, it does not mean it is not there, says the Lord.

In the same way, simply because you do not see your future or your path clearly laid out, it does not mean I have not prepared it my child. For even though you cannot see the landscape right now, I want you to know that I have prepared the way ahead of you. I will open the way before you and I will lead you to the land that I have promised you.

All you need to do right now is to follow the road that I have put you on. At times you will not understand it and at times you will wish you could see further along. However, it is like that bend in the road. If you would only be faithful to keep pressing forward and to keep following my instructions day by day, the way will open up ahead of you.

Then when that time comes your heart will thrill and rejoice. For you will see that I did not leave a single detail out of the picture. You will see that I have prepared this road ahead of you to perfection. So trust me once again my child.

Follow the instructions that I have given to you one step at a time. Follow the road that I have set before you and soon it will open up to reveal the fullness of the view that I have prepared for you.

Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

Forget about the Weeds

Forget about the Weeds

Even though your cares and responsibilities seem so large in your life, when you look at them seated on my throne, you will see that they are small.

For you allow small things in your heart to overwhelm you my child. You let small annoyances steal your joy. But can you not see that I am greater than all these things?

Take a look at all the things that are bothering you. They are like weeds in a garden. However, you have become so hung up on the weeds, that you have failed to step back and to see the entire flower bed.

You have spent so much time trying to handle the weeds, that you have forgotten to fertilize and to invest your time into the treasures and good things that I have given to you.

So step back today and invest into the good things that I have given to you. Invest into the people and the projects that are good in your life. Then once you have fertilized the good plants and flowers in your life, then you will have the joy and strength to dig out the weeds as well.

As you take a moment to see how much you have grown and flourished, you will no longer feel tired. You will be able to deal with all those little weeds easily. Set your mind today on investing into the good things in your life.

Then watch as I bring the water down to feed those plants and to make everything flourish once again, says the Lord. Amen

Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

A New Day

A New Day

This is indeed a new day for you my child and you will see that I have some new things in store for you. For the old has now passed away and the new will be manifest in your life.

So look forward to today with great expectation. Look to me with great hope. For I have you in the palm of your hand and the doors that were shut before will now open for you.

The mountains that you could not climb before, you will now climb. For you do not climb these mountains alone, but you have me by your side. Even though it might feel at times that the warfare is intense and that the enemy is on every side - my child you do not fight your battles alone!

I fight on your behalf. Not only that, but I will empower you to be able to overcome all these attacks and to stand your ground. Not only will I take back the land that has belonged to you, but together we shall take new land together. For I desire to bless you beyond your own expectation.

My plans and promises for you are so much greater than you can imagine in your mind. So look forward to this day. Look forward to the good things that I have in store for you.

For I am a Father that delights in the joy of my child. I desire not only to give you the things that you need, but also the things that will delight your heart. For I see your desires and the small things that you do not tell others. It is these I desire to meet. For I see the secrets that you carry and I want to be there to carry them for you.

So open up your heart to me today and let me come in. Let me meet those needs and those desires and then together we can continue taking this land that I have promised you, says the Lord.

Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Sweet as Honey

Sweet as Honey

Consider how the taste of honey brings delight to your heart. So also do my blessings and my goodness bring delight to your soul. For my child you have looked at the attacks of the enemy and you have looked at the things that would get you down. And so as a result you have become discouraged. However, it is time now to take your eyes off these things and to taste of my goodness once again.

It is time to remember that I am a father of lights and with me, there is no shadow of turning. I am here to bring you joy and my life in abundance. So look on these things. Look on the promises that I have given to you and look on the good things that I have done in your life.

As you do this, my joy will do for your soul, what honey does to your lips. It will bring a smile and hope to continue walking the road. For I know that sometimes the road is difficult and that you get discouraged. However, it is my life that will give you the strength you need to continue walking.

It is my goodness and my blessings that will give you the hope you need to continue. So look at the good things that I have done in your life this day. Look at the goals and the good plans that I have for you.

As you do this, your discouragement will disappear and the enemy will not have a hold on you any longer. Then your heart will rejoice and you will feel like dancing once again.

Come child and put aside your burdens and cares today. Take my hand and taste my goodness, for I desire you to walk in the fullness of my joy today.

Simple Trust

Simple Trust

Although you cannot see the way clearly and you are not sure of your direction, it does not mean that I am not in control my child. For just as the night turns into morning, so will you see that I worked in the darkness where you could not see.

For just as a seed is hidden in the soil and takes time to manifest, so also have my blessings taken time to manifest in your life. Just because they did not manifest immediately it does not mean that I was not there, working all of the time.

So rest in me this day my child and trust in me. Trust that I am working where you cannot see. Trust that even when you rest, that I continue to prepare the way for you. Trust that even when you are unfaithful, I continue to be faithful.

For I will accomplish the blessings that I have promised you and I will continue to work in your life. I will continue to work on your path and bring to light the things that are hidden.

So do not look at what you can see with your natural eyes, but look to me alone. Take my hand and put your trust in me once again. Then just as my servant Abraham had this trust in me and so saw everything come to pass that I promised him, so also will you see the same miracles in your life.

This trust and this faith is the key to opening the doors ahead of you even now. So trust me once again, for soon the daylight will come and all my promises will be manifest in your life, says the Lord.

Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Mountain of Promotion

Mountain of Promotion

Although the mountains may look so impossible to climb before you, do not forget child that I am here to help you climb them. Do not look at these mountains and get discouraged, but realize that it is I that has placed them in your path for a reason.

For you have asked me to take you higher and to open the way for you. And so I have given to you an opportunity to rise up and to see things from my perspective. On top of the mountain, you will be able to see things that you cannot see now.

In climbing that mountain, you will become a person with strengths that you do not have now.

So look at this mountain again and let a new determination come into your heart. For it represents every good thing that I will bring to pass in your life. As you climb this mountain you will become stronger.

As you get to the top, you will see things that you cannot see right now. When this happens, you will understand my purpose and gain the victory that you have been asking me for.

So gear yourself today to climb and also to overcome. For I have not put you on this road to fail, but to succeed, says the Lord.

Minggu, 12 Juni 2011


Dari Tuhan datang pertolongan…(Mazmur 3:9a)
Pendeta Yehuda tengah menyusun surat pengunduran dirinya sebagai seorang gembala sidang. Ia bergumul selama dua tahun belakangan ini. Ia merasa telah gagal sebagai pemimpin rohani sebab salah satu anak remajanya kini menjadi seorang anak yang nakal. Putranya bukan saja tidak pernah ikut beribadah lagi tetapi ia kini terlibat geng dan menjadi seorang pecandu putauw.
Sebagai seorang pendeta, Pendeta Yehuda merasa telah kehilangan muka. Pikirannya galau dan ia merasa seolah Tuhan sudah menjauh darinya. Ia merasa tentu Tuhan sangat kecewa padanya. Tiba-tiba ia merasa sebuah dorongan kuat untuk membaca Kejadian pasal 3 mengenai Adam dan Hawa yang jatuh ke dalam dosa. Pada awalnya ia enggan untuk membacanya sebab ia sudah sering membaca bahkan mengkhotbahkannya tetapi Roh Kudus mendorongnya untuk kembali membaca bagian tersebut.
Saat ia membaca bagian tersebut, tiba-tiba ia merasakan seolah Tuhan berbicara dalam hatinya,”Yehuda bukankah AKU yang menciptakan Adam dan Hawa? Namun mereka memilih untuk mengikuti jalan yang mereka anggap baik….mereka telah memberontak terhadapKU. Apakah itu berarti AKU gagal?” Hati Pendeta Yehuda tersentuh, ia meremas surat pengunduran diri yang telah ia print dari komputernya. Ia berdoa,”Tuhan, KAU tak pernah gagal, bila manusia jatuh dalam dosa itu diakibatkan oleh pilihannya yang salah.” Tuhan menyadarkannya bahwa bila kini putranya salah jalan meski sudah diajarkan nilai-nilai kebenaran selama ini, semuanya berpulang pada pilihan anak itu sendiri sebab kini ia bukan anak kecil lagi tapi seorang yang beranjak dewasa. Tugas kita sebagai orangtua adalah mengajarkan kebenaran dan mendoakan anak-anak kita, ingat bahwa apapun yang terjadi God’s in control (Tuhan memegang kendali). Sebab itu serahkan semua anak kita padaNYA saja.
Doa: Tuhan, kuserahkan setiap anakku ke dalam tanganMU. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: Mazmur 37:23-31

Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

My Love Protects You Always

My Love Protects You Always

You are my precious bride and I am very jealous of you. I love you with all of my being and I will do anything to protect you my beloved, says the Lord.

Do not fear the enemy any longer for my hand and my power is stronger than anything he could ever throw at you. No longer fix your eyes on his destruction but see my life.

I will shield you and protect you always. You might have ten armies come against you but I will avenge each one and protect you in the palm of my hand. My child, just give me your heart and your trust once again so that I can fight on your behalf so that your joy may be restored.

I love you so dearly and I will never ever leave you nor forsake you. Rise up and give me your hand so that I can deliver you from the attacks of the evil one. As you submit wholeheartedly to me and give up your own fighting and trying, the enemy will lose his hold.

I love you dearly. I died for you 2000 years ago and I would do it again and again because my love for you is so strong. You mean so much to me and my love will protect you always.

Come and receive my love. Come to me and understand my love afresh. Trust in me my child and together we will climb many mountains and fight many wars. Together we will conquer this world in my name. So come now child. Come!