Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

Soar Through The Clouds

Soar Through The Clouds

Look forward with expectation, says the Lord for a new day is on the horizon and with it comes my blessing and my joy. For although you have had your time of night and of mourning, I am coming with a new thing and with a new blessing.

For just as the sun rises and chases away the darkness of the night, so also will I chase away those things that have weighed heavily upon you my child. The lightness of the day will lift the burden from your shoulders and you will be able to stand once again.

However, I do not want you to stop there my child. I want you to go further and begin to fly. For as low as you have been and as much as the enemy has oppressed you, I will lift the weights from you and cause you to soar above the clouds.

For even though the enemy sought to bring you down, my eye was not blind and my arm was not weak. I will use even those things that he tried to discourage you with and I will turn them around into a reason for rejoicing.

So look up! Look up and see that a new day is at hand. Put aside now the weights and cares and run towards me. Then together we will soar through the clouds, says the Lord.

Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick

When the walls of a house are built, they are not set up all at once. No, the builders begin with the first brick and then add to it a piece at a time. As they continue with diligence, the building suddenly starts to take shape. So also am I building something new in your life my child.

However so often you expect to look up and see the building complete. You are frustrated when things do not suddenly come right or if you cannot see the full picture. However my child, if you continued a step at a time, you will soon see that I have not stopped working. So whether you see the full picture or you do not, do not give up my child!

No master builder stops half way through building a house because he cannot see the full picture. No, instead he keeps working because he knows that if he is diligent that soon the project will be complete. In the same way know that I continue to work in you and in your life a brick at a time. A piece at a time. So press on and hold my hand. Continue to trust in me and to worship me.

Continue to see how I am doing what you cannot. For I have heard the cry of your heart and I have seen the struggles that come up deep inside of you. And so I am working diligently to give you the answers that you have asked for. Press on through my child. Do not give up hope and do not let go of my hand. Continue to have faith in me. Continue to hold onto me with love and adoration.

Then when your eyes are full of me and your heart is full of my hope you will look up and see suddenly that I have completed everything in your life that I have promised you says the Lord.