Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Wait For the Rain

Wait For the Rain A farmer does not consider it a waste of time to bury his seed into the soil. Although it takes a lot of work to plough the ground and plant that seed, he keeps the hope in his heart of the harvest to come. He does not get discouraged when there are not immediate results either. He is confident in the seed that he has planted and he knows that it is just a matter of time before it will break through the soil. Sure enough, the rains come and the season changes and the land that looked desolate before suddenly starts to flourish with life. In the same way, you have spent a long time planting seeds my child. You have invested into the natural and in the spirit. Was the time you invested a waste of time? No, the seeds you planted were good and it is time now to wait for the rain and the change of season to come. The farmer rejoices in his weariness after a day of good work. In the same way, rejoice in the effort that you have put in and do not see it as a waste! For what looks like barrenness right now will transform in the right season into something incredible! So come now and wait for the rain to come. For it shall indeed come. Then all of that work will be worth it. As you see the fruit of your labor, you will understand the process of having to plant and then to wait. So rest now and know that I am surely in control. I have not forgotten your hard labor and I have seen every seed that you have sown my child. Put your trust now in me. Put your faith in my rain and in my season and then when things are silent, you will suddenly see the first signs of life and the seedlings begin to sprout. Be encouraged my child! For what looks barren now is about to break into new life. Your new season will soon be upon you says the Lord. Amen.