Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

Leave it up to me

When a farmer plants a seed, he takes a step of faith each time. For he doesn't know what will become of that seed once it is planted into the ground. Once it is out of his hands and touches the soil, the farmer has no control over what happens any longer. He can water that seed and make sure that insects don't have easy access to it, but even then, he cannot go and dig up the seed to make sure it is okay. Once it is planted, a process of growth begins that the farmer cannot interfere in. It is the same with you. Each time you sow, each time you give you are handing me that seed in the spirit. It is then up to me to make sure that seed sprouts. It is not up to you. You can water it and keep watch over it in the spirit, but it is up to me to bring the growth, says the Lord. Trust in me. Give me your seed and once you placed it in my hands, leave it there. Do not go around trying to dig it up to make sure that it is growing. Each time you do that, you are blocking the growth. Each time you do that you are interfering with my process. So just let it go and place your trust in my ability to make something magnificent out of what you have given to me, says the Lord. For I delight in bringing in great harvests on your behalf. It is in me that you will see miracles come to pass and your needs met. So trust in me afresh today and allow me to bring growth to the seeds you have sown, says the Lord.

Take me into the hidden parts

Take me into the hidden parts Your heart is like a house with many rooms. There are rooms that are available to anyone to walk into and enjoy. But there are other rooms that maybe not everyone has access to. My child, when it comes to your relationship with me though, you can rest assured that if you give me access even to those hidden and private rooms of your heart, that you will be safe and understood. I am your heavenly father and I love you. I want to be there for you when you feel shattered and broken. I want to be there for you when you rejoice. I want to be there for you as you experience things in life that evoke different feelings. When you are angry, I want to be there for you and support you with a solution. When you are sad, I want to be there to comfort you. When you are full of joy, I want to be there to rejoice with you. When you hide away, I want to be there to give you company. I am your Daddy and it is most definitely not my way or intention to hurt you. So rest assured that I am on your side. Rest assured that I want to help you in every area of your life. I want to be part of what you go through. So come and rest in my arms right now. Open those hidden parts of your life to me, and experience how I take you through a transformation. As you allow me to touch those parts, so will you be more easy to approach by others and you will be able to also pour out to others more. Come away with me now and experience the power of my touch, says the Lord.

Senin, 18 Juni 2012

I will reach out to you

I will reach out to you My child, you know that you can reach out and touch me. All through my word, I was there among the people. When I walk the streets, people crowd around to get one touch of me. But how often my child, have you asked me to touch you? To touch your problems, to come and be your savior in every area of your life? For I am your heavenly bridegroom, and I don't need much to come running to you. Just a whisper of "Lord I need you", and I will move mountains for you. Yes, so many of my children think they have to struggle and strive, because I don't want to bless them. Or others think they have to pick up the sword and do it themselves. No my child, I am your provider, I am your healer, I am your deliver. You reached out with simple faith and you came to know me. Just reach out with that same faith and ask me to touch you and I will. For my arm is not shortened that I can not deliver, and my power has not diminished one tiny bit! I parted the red sea, and slew the Egyptians, can I not make a way for you? Stop trying to do it all by yourself, and just fall into my arms, for all I ask my child, is faith, hope, and love. I love you my child, and I am with you always.

Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Just for a Moment More

When a dark cloud gathers over the earth it casts a shadow and everything seems bleak for that moment. However, the cloud cannot remain forever and a time must come when it will open up and reveal the sun that was always there. My child, the enemy often sends dark clouds into your life to block out the sun - but it does not mean that I have forsaken you. It might seem bleak at times and the shadow that the cloud casts makes things seem cold and for that moment you feel distant from me. Do not be afraid when this happens my child, but hold onto hope. For the cloud can only hold on for so long and then it will dissipate. For the enemy has only so many resources and then he can no longer continue. So press on with faith! Press on with hope, knowing that I am right there with you. Then very soon you will see that cloud split in two and the sun shine again. Then you will feel the warmth of my presence and you will feel peace again. So hold onto me this day my child. Hold onto your faith! Hold onto your hope and you will see that the darkness lasts but for a moment, but my love and mercy is forever, says the Lord. Amen.

That Still Small Voice

That Still Small Voice My peace is the power that you are looking or my child. For it is in my peace that you will accomplish great things in my name. For it is only when you are at peace that you can hear my voice deep in your spirit. It is only when you are at peace that you can think clearly enough to handle the problems that you face. When there are many voices shouting at you and responsibilities that overwhelm you, it is easy for the enemy to sway you. However, when you can settle your spirit and walk in my peace, then you can hear my still and small voice. For the enemy comes as a roaring lion, trying to lead you in the way that he wants to go. He comes to push you and to demand from you. I come to lead you to victory and I do it with peace. So walk in my peace this day and put aside the things that are pushing you and causing you to become discouraged. Listen to the still small voice that is speaking clearly in your spirit right now. Listen to my soft words and to the nudging of my spirit. Listen to those things and you will not have to be afraid of being led astray. For I will always confirm and I will always speak in peace. So listen for the peace in my voice and the doors that would not open before will suddenly swing wide in front of you, says the Lord. Amen

Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

Enjoy The Race

Enjoy the Race Consider a long distance runner that runs races right across the country. Although it is a long race and the end goal is to finish it, the joy of the race is the journey itself. In the same way, I call you to enjoy the journey that you are on my child. Too often you can keep your eyes focused on just finishing the race instead of enjoying the moment that you have right now. There will be many races and many goals for you to reach in your lifetime, but with each race you end, be able to look back and see the good that came from it! Remember the sweet moments and the tender moments. Even remember the difficult moments and the uphill you sometimes had to run. With each memory, you will realize that I added something new to you. For the purpose of the journey that you are on right now is not simply to take you to your goal my child. Instead the purpose of this journey is to equip you as you run it! If you try to run too fast, you will not take hold of everything that I have for you. If you run too slowly, you will lose time along the way. So run in perfect time. Run to my heartbeat and to my leading. Then you will see that this is indeed a good race that you are on. You will see that I have already done many good things. So take time today to enjoy your race and thank me for the precious moments along the way. Amen