Minggu, 31 Maret 2013


Dumping the old for the new

Have you ever heard a car engine struggle to start? It rattles and shakes and perhaps even after a few turns, it gets going again. But it is only a matter of time before that car stops all together and moves no more. This is how it is when there is a spiritual blockage in you, or when you are going through, but you decide to push through anyway.
You can push through for only so long, until the car breaks down and you either have to fix it or dump it and get a new one. My child, this is what it is like when your heart is not in good condition. Anybody with a beat up car, does not look forward to a drive. They hope to just get to their destination as quick as possible, without anybody noticing them. They dread the process of getting the car started and hope to God that this time it will start again and still go the distance.
Not so, for those with a nice new car. They look forward to the drive, they want people to notice, and the ride is enjoyable. They don’t feel every bump in the road and they look forward to the trip.
In the same way, my child, if you have felt that everything you put your hands to, takes so much effort and you are no longer enjoying the ride, it is time to STOP and swap that car for a new one. It is time to get a new heart. It is time to turn in that heart of stone to one of flesh.
The first step is to come to Me and ask of Me. Know that you cannot keep running on this failing engine. Even though you have to get places and make this appointment and that appointment, like that old car, you will eventually lose all power.
My child, you were meant to enjoy every moment of your day, not push through it. You were meant to run with fervor, but when you have been running on a bad engine for so long, it drains the life out of you. I want to give you that joy back and that joy starts in my presence. So start by coming to me and telling me all about it. Realize that you cannot change yourself, that you cannot fix what is broken within and that you have no power in you to change who you are right now. When you can come to that point, is when my power can resurrect in your life and you will see the transformation begin. You will start to see that it is Me working in you to will and to do for my good purpose. So stop pushing through today. Stop striving in your own strength and just come to Me, says the Lord. As deep calls onto deep, allow me to get in there and swap out that old engine with a new one. I desire to give you that new heart, a new zeal for life so I can see you soar on that road. It is time to blast off into the distance. So let’s dump that choking engine for a new one then, shall we?

A New Sunrise

A New Sunrise

 Look and see how the clouds open up in the spirit and reveal the sun on your face my child. For my glory is here and it will rise on you and give you joy. For it is only in my presence that you will experience this joy and it is only in me that you will experience the fullness of blessing.
For the world has many things that it offers, but none of it comes with true blessing. For when I give things to you, they are good and they last. I do not give things to you only to take them away.
No my child, I add no sorrow to my gifts and any sorrow that you have experienced in your life is not a result of my promises. Rather I give to you good things that last. Things that continue to lay a foundation in your life. So come to expect good things.
Come to expect the blessings to last in your life. For there have been many times when you lost the blessings or promises and you thought that I had changed my mind.
No as much as you can count on the sun rising in the morning, so can you count on the fact that I do not add sorrow to my blessing in your life. Rather I add joy to the blessing. So look forward to the future then with positive expectation. Look forward and see that I am good and that I have a clear plan that will lead you down good roads. Then you will also see that I am with you always and that I will be faithful each day to rise upon you and to bring my light into your life says the Lord. Amen.

Open That Door

Open That Door Behold I put before you an open door that no man can close this day. For this is the day to stand in your authority and to know that I am God. When you stand in this authority then you can surely tell the mountains that are ahead of you to move and they will move! You can tell the dark clouds to open and the winds and the waves to be still. For you have waited for things to happen, but now it is time to make things happen. It is not me that put the closed door before you. For I put before you an open door! It is not me that has caused the winds and waves, for I have given you the authority to make them still. So face the winds and face the door and stand in boldness my child. Use the key I have given to you to open the lock and to walk through to the other side. Use the authority that I have vested in you and know that I have called you to rule and to reign this day. For even though you will find tribulation in the world, I have given you the power to overcome! The enemy would like to get you down and steal my goodness from you, but you do not have to just accept it. Rather you can stand up and open those doors. You can rise up once again in my name and in confidence. For the world suffers violence and they have no hope to overcome – however in my name you can always overcome! You can rise up today and overcome. For this is a day to walk in victory and confidence, with me at your side says the Lord. Amen.