Jumat, 14 Februari 2014


The Wind Beneath Your Wings

Consider the sparrow my child that is so small, if you compare it to the mighty eagle. Yet it has the same potential to travel many miles with its tiny wings. The ability the sparrow has to travel so far does not lie in its wingspan, but in its ability to catch the wind.

For when it catches the current, it can soar to great heights and fly high above the earth. In the same way my child it does not matter how great your faith and love is. It matters that you surrender to me so that I can be the wind beneath your wings. Give to me your small portion of faith and love and I will breath on it and make it grow.

Did I not say that all you needed was a mustard seed of faith to move mountains? It is not the seed that would move the mountains, but surrendering the seed to me that will increase it! It is when you surrender to me the little bit you have that I can increase it. Only then will you see that you can do great things in my name. It is not your portion of faith that will carry you, but surrendering that portion of faith to me that will make the difference.

So come to me as that little sparrow and give me what you have. You might not feel as strong as an eagle and you might not feel that you can fly very high right now, but give me what you have child. I will take it and breath on it and cause the currents to carry you far into the sky so that you can see everything from above. I will cause your faith to soar and your love to be increased. Then you will know that I am God and that it is in me to lift you up or to humble you. You will see that it is in me to increase my love in your life and to increase your faith.

Trust me child. Surrender to my wind and then you shall surely begin to soar, says the Lord. Amen.