Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013

A New Day


A New Day

Just as the dawn brings with it  fresh fragrance and the promise of something new, so also do I dawn a new day in your spiritual life today my child. Smell and experience the freshness of my presence. Taste and see that I am good. Look up and see that I bare you up on the wings of an eagle.
For I shall open up a new curtain for you and cause the things that are past to remain behind. Instead I will put your foot on a new land and open your eyes up to new opportunities. Where your hand was weak before, I will make it strong. Where your foot stumbled before, I will make it secure.
For the old day has past away. The night has fled and all that remains is the promised of a new day in my presence. The promise of peace and rest. The promise of provision and opportunity. It is here that new things will come together and you will realize that I had you in the palm of my hand all along.
So do not look back at the old day any longer. Look instead to the fresh day ahead and all the possibilities that await you. Then take my hand and walk into the sunshine and experience the peace of my presence says the Lord.

Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013

The Next Step


The Next Step

Not every journey that you travel in your life has a clear destination my child. There are many roads that you have walked where you have known the direction you are going. However there are some journeys where I have kept the destination to myself. I have not withheld the destination to be cruel to you, but rather to protect you.
For the enemy would love to come in and to steer you off course. There are many obstacles that could come up and take your feet off the path that I have destined for you. And so I have hidden the destination, but that does not mean I have left you.
Instead I remain by your side as a lamp to your feet and a light to your path. I remain here to give you the next step that you need to take. This way you do not try to plan the journey for yourself. You do not try to take a new direction that I did not sanction. By giving you just one step at a time, I am opening the way for you miraculously. You do not need to fear then of taking a wrong step, because you only need to follow my direction a step at a time.
So follow my directions as I show them to you. With each small step and change of direction, follow me and see the great things that I will open up to you. Then you will see that I am leading you in a clear path. For soon you will look up and realize that the next step in your journey is in fact your destination and your heart will rejoice. For I have taken everything into consideration and I have forged the perfect plan for you!
Rise up then my child and realize that the next step is waiting. It is a perfect step and as you take it, it will lead you towards the promises I have made. Trust me completely and you will see that I will not allow your foot to slip says the Lord. Amen.

Minggu, 27 Oktober 2013

Run Faster


Run Faster

Look at the tortoise and see how it hides in its shell. When a predator comes, it retreats and locks itself away. Yet because of this protection, it also carries a weight on its back that slows it down.

In the same way, my child, you have found protection in your own shell. When a sign of harm comes your way, you retreat and find safety in a shell. However, this same shell has slowed you down in your walk with me.

Instead of moving forward steadfastly, you carry on your back a weight that is not meant to be there. When you are so afraid of getting hurt, you put so much effort on being fully armed that you forget to just run forward.

Instead, let go of your fears. Who cares if you are exposed and vulnerable without this protection. Without it, you will run faster and be quicker and go further in a short time. But if you remain so conscious of what could hurt you, you will move at a slower pace.
So then, forget about the dangers that may lay ahead, focus instead on the good that awaits you. Focus on the goal and the dreams that I have put into your heart. Instead of worrying about the dangers, stand on my promise to you, that I have prepared a good future for you with an expected end. I have prepared several good gifts along the way, as you race off into a glorious future. Put down your armor of protection now and run with me, says the Lord. Amen.

Every Step you Take


Every Step you Take

Watch as I put your foot on a narrow path my child. For some time it might feel as if you are putting one foot directly in front of the other. There are times when you might feel unbalanced and unsure if you will finish the race that is set before you. However I am right by your side to make sure that you follow this journey through. Even in the times when you feel uncertain, know that I am here like a loving father, holding your hand so that you do not fall.
For you have reached out to me in faith and so I have answered and led you to a narrow road. It is a road that is not well traveled and even though you might feel uncertain about it at times, know that you never walk it alone. I am right by your side, guiding you and making sure that your foot does not slip.
So take my hand and see that I am leading the way. I will never forsake you or cause you to walk the road alone. I will not abandon you or cause you to be in darkness. For even now I hold the lamp to your feet and if you are diligent to just keep walking forward, then you will see a wider path ahead of you.
For this narrow road will not last forever. Soon it will open up to a wider road once again and then you will feel more comfortable. So cling to me. Trust me and know that I will see you through and cause every step you take to prosper says the Lord. Amen

Made in My Image


Made in My Image

Let the sword never be far from your hand, my child. Indeed, I have created you in my image and you are more than a conqueror. I put my character into your very being, that you may have dominion and bring into subjection everything that you desire.

So take up your sword, which is the sword of the spirit, and use it to bring down every stronghold in your life. My Word is powerful and is able to bring about great things. For with one word, I created the heavens and the earth.

I spoke the creation into being. I told the light to shine and it obeyed me. With one word the fig tree shriveled up and died.

So too, does this power lay in you. When you speak in my Name, the same power comes out of your mouth. When you speak, so too, will the storms obey your word. Speak my will and everything around you will obey.
Speak forth the decree and my servants, the angels, will bring it about for your favor. So stand up today and take up your sword. You have what you need already within you my child. You have Me living inside of you and all of the kingdom of heaven in your hands. Speak the word and it shall come to pass, says the Lord. Amen.

Keep Working - it is Worth it!


Keep Working - it is Worth it!

My child, it is the fruit of life that makes living delicious. For even though there are times of labor and times when you must tend to the garden I have given to you, do not forget that it is for a specific purpose. All the work and effort is for the purpose of producing fruit for you to enjoy.
So do not grow weary in doing good. Do not grow weary in pushing through and putting your hand to the plough. For although the ground might feel hard at times and the work long, it is for a purpose! That purpose is to bear fruit that will make your life sweet. As you push through, the seeds you have sown will take root and soon you will see the fruit that you have worked so hard for. So do not be discouraged when you are faced with weeds or other things that need tending.
Rather do the gardening in your life with much joy! Put your hand to the plough and break up the hard ground. Seek my face for the water and the wisdom to do your work. Then as you work in my blessing, trusting me for the increase, I will give you a greater increase than you imagined.
You will sow one seed and you will reap a harvest of a thousand fold. So do not grow weary! Keep working and investing into the seeds you have sown and soon you will see much fruit says the Lord.

Rabu, 23 Oktober 2013

Stop Running

Stop Running

My child, you have run for a long season. You have pushed through and given it your all. However, now it is time for you to stop. Now you are running not in my strength and in my anointing but you are allowing the tricks of the enemy to push you from behind so that you go beyond what I intended.

So stop running now and hop on the car that I have sent for you to get into. Could you imagine how silly it would be if someone were running and they are way past their limit and are totally exhausted and someone would drive next to them offering them a ride so that they could get to their destination more quickly, but they would refuse the help and just keep pushing?

As silly as it sounds, you so often do that my child. So before you reach that point of exhaustion because you are doing it all on your own, accept my help and hop into my car. I have another way for you now and I have new plans for you, says the Lord. So hop on board and let me take you where you need to go, says the Lord. AMEN.

Living Waters Within

Living Waters Within

Come and drink from me, from the living waters that are within you. I am inside of you and always reachable. You just have to reach within whenever you are in need. I am here for you and I will supply all of your needs. When you are feeling down and you cannot go any further, know that I am here and ready strengthen you. Reach in and drink from my waters.

Not only will I fill you up, but I will fill you up with abundance so that you can fill the needs of others. When you are satisfied and filled with my waters, so too will the fruit of my spirit manifest in your life. Then not only will you be satisfied, but others will come to your light.

So come to me now and I will lead you to green pastures and beside the quiet waters. I will fill every void that you have and fill you up to overflowing. Come now my child and drink from the living waters that are within you. Amen.

My Presence Like a Waterfall

My Presence Like a Waterfall

My child, you are so precious to me and I love you so very much. My presence is available to you all the time and you can come and stand in my waterfall even now. Come and allow my presence and my anointing to wash over you and cleanse you from the dirt and grime you got on you from the wearisome journey you are on.

The water will soothe you but it will also put pressure on you to come right. When you look at a waterfall in the natural, it looks so peaceful. However, when you go closer you see its power and you can feel the strong current and the pressure of the water on your skin.

When you come into my presence, this is what you will experience. I will refresh you and cleanse you, but I will also put pressure on you where pressure is due, so that you can rise up and be the best you can be. My anointing delivers and it sets you free but it also calls you to walk circumspectly and in my spirit, says the Lord.

Play Your Part

Play Your Part

I have put you in the place you are right now my child. I have given you the anointing and the ability to fulfill the role you are playing right now. Imagine a team of basket ball players. Each one has their position and each one knows how to fulfill the role in the position they have been given.

Someone who is good at scoring points will not suddenly now run to the back to help out with the defense. If they leave their post, then points will not be scored. And if the defense leaves their post then the opposing team will quickly score points.

You see, each one is placed where they need to be. So stand strong where you are and shine where I have placed you. Rely on those around you and as each one slots into their place, you will see my love bind you together in unity and you will see how everything works together so smoothly.

Do not try to fulfill the function and role of another but press into what I have given you to do. As you do that, the frustration you have been feeling will fall away. As you do that, the weariness you feel will fall away. I have given you the grace to do what you are doing right now.

You do not have to go and win the grace of another, but just stand in what I have empowered you to do. Then you will shine and then you will be a vessel of glory in my hands, says the Lord. AMEN

Trust and Love

Open the Closed Doors

Open the Closed Doors

I put you before an open door that no man can shut today my child. For it is the enemy that would try to trick you and convince you that I have put a closed door at your face. However, if I have led you in a direction, I intend for you to succeed. I intend for you to walk in my blessing. I would not lead you on a long journey only to put a closed door in your face.

So when you know that I have led you and you suddenly find a closed door, know that this is not of me, but of the enemy to discourage you. This is of the enemy to sow doubt and fear into your heart. Do not listen to his lies, but stand up in your authority instead. Command that door to open and it shall surely open and reveal the treasure that is behind it. As you face that door with faith and tell it to open, it will surely obey.

When the enemy is putting a closed door in front of you, you can be sure that my blessing and my answer is behind it, which is why he wants to block it. He wants to discourage you so that you will give up the journey and the direction that I have given to you. He wants to sow doubt into your heart so that you begin to doubt the word that I have given to you. Do not give into these fears, but command them to leave. Bring every thought captive into my will and then face your closed doors and command them to be opened.

For what you loose in heaven, will also be loosed on earth. So face your closed doors today and use the authority that I have given to you my child! Pick yourself up from the dust and push aside the lies of the enemy. For he is the father of lies and there is no truth in him. So when you know that these words and fears are not of me, but of the enemy, then you can know that not a single feeling or thought is a truth!

Reject those lies and hold onto the original truth that I gave to you. When you do this, you will see that door swing wide and my blessing come through. Together we will overcome and you will surely take hold of my promises, says the Lord. Amen

Selasa, 08 Oktober 2013


How do you view the church?

Get Thirsty


Get Thirsty

I am the well of living water and if you come to me, I will give you fresh water that will bring you life. Just like you need to draw the water out of a well in the natural though, so also do you need to take time to draw this water out of me. For I will not impose my water on you or wet you when you are not looking. You do not walk past a well to find it throwing water at you. No rather, you must draw the water out.
In the same way you must come to me and draw the water from me. You do this by coming to me in faith and in love and requesting this life from me. You only need to ask me child and I will give you all the anointing and wisdom that you need. I will water you with all the liberty and peace that you need.
This water is not earned and it is not something that you can gain by working very hard. It can only be drawn out through faith and love. As you come to me and ask in faith and as you open your heart in love towards me, you draw the water out in abundance. Then as you start to receive my living water, your faith and love will increase. So take the portion of faith that you already have and come and ask me for my living water. Come and ask me to fill your heart and to bless the work of your hands.
Come and ask for my anointing. Come and ask for my peace and my blessing. Then as you come and ask in faith, I will pour my water over your head and wash away the dust that has gathered on you. I will fill your heart and refresh your mind. I will cause you to become strong again so that you can walk out this life that I have given to you. So then come. Become thirsty for my presence. Become thirsty for my living water and as you approach me, I will never disappoint you, says the Lord.




Trust Me

Do not be afraid if the view that you see is not what you expect my child, for I have gone ahead of you and prepared the way. Not everything you ask me for comes in a way that you expect. However, I am in control and I will make sense of the new things that I have for you.
For when you go to a new land you cannot imagine what it would look like. Rather you go on things you have heard or understood from others. There is no getting around experiencing it for yourself though to truly see the new land that I have for you. Many times though you form pictures in your mind of how things should go or how I should bless you and when the landscape changes to something unexpected you feel lost or think that you have missed me.
No my child, I am well able to turn everything around for my good. I know what you have asked me and I know how to lead you in the way that I have set for you. So trust me! Trust me even when everything looks too unfamiliar. Trust me when you do not understand and you cannot see the way ahead. Trust me when you are afraid and wonder if you have missed me.
When you trust me like this, even if you did step in the wrong direction, I am able to right those wrongs. It is in that moment that you will realize that I am truly in control of your life and able to turn any situation around for my glory. So come again and make a choice to trust me! Trust me especially when your heart is full of fear or worry.
Replace that worry with trust and you will start to change the pictures. Then as you cling to me the new land will open up and although it might not look like you imagined it, it will have blessings that you did not anticipate. For I know what you need and I will not only fill that need, but your desires as well. Come child – trust me and see that I will not allow your foot to slip, says the Lord. Amen.

Kamis, 03 Oktober 2013

Do Everything With all of Your Heart

Do Everything With all of Your Heart

Have you ever looked at a tree planted by the rivers, my child? If you look at it you feel a deep peace and rest overwhelm you. This tree is not stressed to stand there and take the goodness out of the water.

I desire that you can be as this tree when you come to me and put your roots deep down into the stream of my living water and my refreshment.

You are stressed in your day to day life though and when you come to me you are stressed as well. Instead of enjoying this moment to the fullest you are already thinking of the next thing that you need to do.

My child, I desire that you can do everything that you do to the fullest. Do your work to the fullest of your capacity. Spend time in my presence to the fullest of your pleasure. If you have time to relax then do it to the fullest as well.

If you can do this it will make your life rich. All the stress that pushes you to do things all day long will suddenly disappear and give room to my peace that will capture you like never before. Enjoy each moment of your day and do whatever you do with all your heart. Enjoy it to the fullest and only when you have completed it move on to the next thing and start doing this one with all of your heart as well.

You will indeed become like this tree planted by the rivers that everyone will be drawn to, just because you reflect my deep peace that is so desperately needed in today's world.

Rabu, 02 Oktober 2013

Selasa, 01 Oktober 2013


Grace Covers Me: A Good Pursuit

Posted: 01 Oct 2013 10:00 PM PDT
Most of my thoughts and conversations are full of hopes and dreams.
There are the bright hopes I share with my husband for the future of our marriage, our family, and our church. We look ahead and dream about how we'll celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary. We consider school options for the son who is in his last year of elementary school. We talk about the plans God might have for our church, and how we're eager to see them come to fruition.
There are the yearnings I share with friends regarding their own hopes and desires. We talk about the prayers God hasn't answered yet, and how we struggle to have faith that He'll answer at all. We discuss hardships and how we wish things were different. We hold hands and pray, because we can't give ourselves what we desire most. And sometimes we cry because we hope so deeply and want so much.
There are also the wishes about yesterday that peek their head up every so often. We could have done it differently. Perhaps we should have done it differently. If only...
And then there are the hopes I hold to my heart, the ones that might be tainted or misunderstood if I vocalized them, the ones I don't know that I actually could put to words anyway. Yet my life points toward them always--hoping, seeking, pursuing, grasping for. I want what I don't have, and I want to shed some things that I do. 
This is not always a bad thing. Dreams and hopes are not bad things.
But sometimes they are. When I crave a step forward, but not to stand still, I miss the purest place where God is--the present. I miss the promise of manna, of daily bread, of a day filled with countless joys and countless experiences of God Himself. He will be in my future, whether I live or die, but I experience Him most fully in the present. I experience His gifts to me most fully in the present.
Today is not a vain pursuit. Making a name for ourselves, influence, pleasure, possessions, storing up money, coveting for what others have, increasing knowledge to think ourselves wise--these are all vain pursuits, every single one. When you think you've caught one of these things that you hope for or desire, watch it slip through your fingers like wind because that's what it will do.
Many things we hope for aren't vain pursuits, but our future hopes are not the greatest pursuit for today. A wise man said, "I know that nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives, and also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor--it is the gift of God." After dabbling in everything he could hope for or desire, he said it again in a different way: "Here is what I have seen:...As for every man to whom God has given riches and wealth, and given him power to eat of it, to receive his heritage and rejoice in his labor--this is the gift of God. For he will not dwell unduly on the days of his life, because God keeps him busy with the joy of his heart" (Ecc 5:19-20). 
What is our best hope for today? Joy in God and in what He has given right now. Not what we hope He will give, not longing for what once was, joy in our lot today. This is what the wise, experienced man said, and it is the goal and sweet satisfaction of every wise person who recognizes God's loving heart and sovereign hand. This is for those with deep yearning and those with realized dreams, there is no difference. All are to rejoice.
Sometimes our hopes and dreams lead to entitlement or bitterness or frustration. But the pursuit of joy in God keeps our hearts full and busy recounting God's faithfulness. It is never a vain pursuit. 
We will not once regret it.


You Are Unique

My child, I am shaping you into a vessel that will contain my glory. Not every vessel looks the same and so I just desire for you to trust me and to stand strong in what I have given you. Don't compare yourself to everyone around you. Do not try to be like everyone else and strive to become a vessel like them, for I have made each one unique.

When you are working in the kitchen there is a reason that you have many different bowls and pots and even tools. It is because each one accomplishes a specific task and makes the chef's job much easier. Well, consider me to be the chef in your life. I pull out the right pot at the right time for the right job. When I need a measuring cup I grab hold of it and when I need a frying pan I use that.

It is the same with you. So let me make you into what you need to be. Let me bring out your uniqueness my child. Because then when you are just content to be who I have called you to be, you will be used powerfully and you will stand strong in comparison to the other vessels. No other vessel does what you do and so you are unique in my body.

So stop comparing yourself and just take my hand and remain teachable. Keep the attitude of submission and rely on me in everything you do. As you do that, you will see me work miracles in your life and you will come face-to-face with me like never before, says the Lord.


My word brings light

My Word Brings Light

My Word is a light unto your feet. Where you cannot find your way, my child, you simply have to look in the Word and you will see again, which way you should take.
My Word is like a trail of bread crumbs that leads you to safety and victory and blessing and every good thing in life.
When you feel lost, you only have to reach for my Word and you will find Me there. I have promised that I will never leave you nor forsake you and indeed, I have not and will not. I am always within reach – I am closer to you than your next breath.
So do not feel alone my child, but know that I am here right by your side. Take my promises that I have given to you and stand on them. Believe in what I have spoken to you and live according to it. When you live your life according to my promises, your natural circumstances will also come into alignment.
When you search my Word, you will find Me there, with treasures and secrets, for you alone. You will find gifts with your name on it and you will hear Me speak to you by name.
So come into my presence today and meet me in my Word.
By faith, you can open your heart to hear and indeed you will hear my voice. Come and search Me and I will tell you good things, unsearchable things that you did not know. Where you were lost in darkness, my Word will bring light. Where you were confused, I will bring clarity. Amen.


Run to Me

Draw near to me and I will draw near to you. When you reach out for me, I will come to you in a hurry. I will meet you where you are, no matter where that is.

Don't you see my child that I take delight when you run to me with your problems. When I am the first person that you run to, I cannot help but pick you up into my arms and embrace you.

Yet somehow, you think that you have to figure it out on your own, that you cannot share with Me, what is going on in your heart. Don't you know that I know you inside and out? I created you and formed you and I know your inward parts. I know every hair on your head and none fall to the ground without my knowing.

Why then, can't you see that I also can give you the solutions to your problems? I know you better than you know yourself and before you ask of Me, I know what you will ask and have already done it for you.

Instead of reaching your own conclusions then, my child, come to me and let us reason together. Let me give you rest and understanding. Let me speak peace to your situation and indeed the storms within you will quiet down.

Let me be your Father, that I can take you in my arms and make you strong like Me. Amen.

Mountain, Be Removed

Mountain, Be Removed

Have you been feeling as though there is an immovable mountain in front of you, says the Lord? Do you remember what I have told you in the Word about mountains? If you speak to any mountain and tell it to be cast into the sea and do not doubt in your heart, then you will have what you speak.

My child, if you want the situations in your life to change, then you must speak to them and believe with all your heart that you will have what you speak. I have already given you the keys to the kingdom. I have already given you the victory in Christ Jesus.

Now is the time to take the authority that I have given to you in Christ Jesus and tread upon every serpent and scorpion and power of the enemy. It is time to speak to the mountains in your life and truly believe that they are uprooted and cast into the sea.

When the inkling comes to doubt and feel that you will not have what you speak, stand firm and listen to the words that I have spoken to you. Hear me say that whatever you ask in accordance to my will, I will hear you.

Allow my word to rise up and empower you to continue to believe. Hear that you are more than a conqueror and that you are filled with the produce of your lips. Hear that the power of life and death is in your tongue!

Listen to my truth and refuse to accept the lies of the enemy that have so long deceived the world and the children of darkness. You are a child of the light and you do not have to accept anything that does not come from me, says the Lord.