Minggu, 26 Februari 2012

A little make believe

A little make believe

Look at a young child as they play in their little make believe world. They do not care what anyone thinks about them. They hide away in their playtime and do what is in their hearts to do. My child I invite you to become that child once again in my presence.

To put aside your fears and cares and responsibilities for a moment and to delve into me. To come and play in my presence like a child. To lose yourself in me. To enjoy my company so much that you no longer care what others think or what you should be doing. I want you to come and experience me to the point where you do not notice anything else.

For I know the burdens that you carry and the cares that are on your shoulders and I know that at times you feel so weary. I know that at times you want to escape and run away. So run away to me.

I am always here waiting for you. Come and revel in me and I will fill you up again. For you will not find what you are looking for in the world. You will not get your needs met in others. What you are looking for is only in my presence. So come.
Just like that little child, escape into the world of my spirit and there you will be carried up high onto my mountain. There you will soar with the wings of an eagle. There you will trample on serpents and scorpions. There you will be equipped again to press forward, says the Lord.

Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Ignore The Dark Clouds

Ignore The Dark Clouds

Do not fear the dark clouds my child, because they are only vapor. Yet the enemy would come and tell you that the dark clouds will overwhelm you and when you look at them, you start to fear because they seem so thick. If you went into the cloud though, you would see that it is only made up of mist and shadows and that it has no substance.

In the same way, the enemy can come with his lies and diversions, but they are only mist and shadows. So instead of looking at the dark clouds that he would bring into your life, look rather to the sun and enjoy the goodness of my company.

For unlike the enemy I am full of goodness and of substance. I am full of hope and of good things. I can warm your soul and cause the doors to open up in front of you. Look to me alone today and you will see the dark clouds disappearing in the distance.

What seemed so big to you before will suddenly disappear. Come and rest in me today child and see that I will take you through the clouds and set you on my lap to rule and reign with me.

Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Dive Into Me

Dive Into Me

If you watch children you see their fearlessness. They have no fear to run and jump into a swimming pool. All that is on their minds is the fun that they want to have. They do not think about any dangers and they do not think about the bad things that could happen. They simply run and jump with all joy.

My child, when was the last time you ran and jumped into my presence with all joy? Today I call you to come to me with praise and with the joy of a child. To put aside your fears and your thoughts

This is not something that you need to think through. This is not something that you need to analyze. No, my anointing is free and it is vast. There is enough for you and everyone who wants to come.

So come my child! Run to me. Come and dive into my presence. Come and revel in my anointing and in my joy. Let my joy bubble up from inside of you and wash away the cares and the problems in your life. For it is in this joy that you will find what you are looking for. Your problems will make sense. The struggles will fall away and all you will feel is the coolness of my presence as it washes over you.

So come child. Put away your worries for a moment. Put aside the loads and burdens for a moment and run. Run away from them and run into my presence.

Be like a child today who seeks only the thrill of the moment. Come seek the thrill of experiencing me. Then in me, everything else will make sense and what you do not know will become known, says the Lord.

Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

Removing Your Mountain

Removing Your Mountain

As a mountain stands before you, it appears so immovable. You wonder how you will be able to move past it or get it out of your way. So often you have walked up to the mountain and tried to move it.

You have tried to push it with all of your strength. But my child, I never told you to move the mountain with your hands. I told you that if you speak to the mountain and believed in your heart, that it would move out of your path.

For when you speak, you give me license to move on your behalf. Yet so often, you struggle with your own strength and even with your own spiritual authority instead of mine. So stand back now and look at the mountain that stands in your path.

Then look up and see that I am greater than your mountain. For I am seated on high and I hold the world in my hands. When you see how magnificent I am, the size of the mountain does not seem so significant any longer.

Your failure has not been in looking at the mountain, but your failure has been in not seeing that I am greater than any mountain in your life. So look at your mountain and then look at me. Can you see that I am greater? Can you see that I want to bless you?

For on the other side of this mountain lies a new road for you to walk. So step back and do not try to move this mountain with your own works and strength any longer.

Instead look at it and speak to it. Tell it to leave. Tell it to be plucked up and to be cast into the sea, knowing that as you speak that I will move on your behalf. For I have not forsaken you. I have not left you to face this mountain alone.

Instead I have been here all along, waiting for you to lean not on your own understanding, but on my strength. Stand now and speak child and watch this mountain be removed!