Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

What Makes God Angry?

Matthew 23:13 (NKJV)
“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in.”

What Makes God Angry?
As we examine righteous anger in Christ, we see that it only surfaces when He confronts those who defile God, not those who deny God. When He is personally beaten, insulted and attacked, there is no anger or retribution. Christ does not lash out. He is a man of integrity who is willing to take a stand for God’s kingdom and His truth while sacrificing His personal pride for the greater glory of the kingdom of God.

As opposed to the very mild reactions to personal attacks, Jesus becomes very angry when He encounters those who represent themselves as God’s people behaving in a way that is against His desires. These people who defile God are set aside for the harshest treatment. Our God hates hypocrisy.

In our daily lives this translates to holding ourselves, who call ourselves sons of the King, to God-inspired ideals. Just as Christ, we need to be men of integrity who are willing to take a stand for God’s kingdom and His truth while sacrificing our personal pride for the greater glory of the kingdom of God. Since true righteousness is the perfection of living this way without fail, we know that, in and of ourselves, it cannot be achieved. It is only possible for us to strive every day to this ideal through our relationship with Christ. If you call yourself a Christian man then you have been commanded to do just this.

Ask for the strength to pursue righteousness in yourself while being compassionate towards others and not condemning of their faults.

Ask Yourself
How do your actions stand up to the light? Do you back up your talk with proper action or do you present to the world an image that you don’t live up to when doors are closed? Do those who observe you get pointed towards Christ or does hypocrisy “shut up the kingdom of heaven” to them?

Take Action
Examine your public behavior this week. Take care to be holy without acting holy. Do not make a show of your obedience to God, simply be obedient.
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Senin, 27 Desember 2010

The Treasure is in the Journey!

The Treasure is in the Journey!

Look out and see a winding road ahead of you, says the Lord. Some parts of it you can see and other parts you cannot see. Only when you travel the road, will the hidden things be clear. In the same way, do not get frustrated when you cannot see all the details of your road ahead.

For some things are best discovered along the journey. Do not become frustrated because I have not mapped out all the details for you, but rather look forward to the new journey with anticipation. Think of it as a treasure map where you will discover many exciting things along the way.

For My hand is on this road and I have paved it. I have hidden many good things for you to discover along the way. As you reach each point in this road and see the next stretch ahead of you, you will understand my wisdom in this. You will come to discover that with each portion of the road that you travel, that it changes you.

It will mature you and cause you to become stronger. Then when you reach the next part of the road, you will be ready for it. I have many good things in store for you my child, so start walking out now in faith. Look forward to this time and realize that it is a matter of time and things will become clear to you once again.

Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

In Me Your Needs are Met

In Me Your Needs are Met

My beloved child, today I want to simply remind you that in me you have everything you could ever need. In my presence you find everything you are so desperately seeking.

You know in your head that you can find everything in my presence, but in your heart you are still looking everywhere else.

You do not come to me long enough to just receive. You often come to me and you are so rushed. You often come and sit and then you run off to the next thing.

But my child today I want to usher you to come and sit and just receive. For when you do that you will receive what you so desperately seek.

You will receive the acceptance that you crave in your heart and you will receive the recognition that you desire to receive out there from those who are above you. I have those things for you. I am your Father and I want to give you all these things.

I have the peace and rest you seek, I have the joy and the love you need. This world can be a cruel place and things that are happening out there often seem unfair.

But when you come into my presence, you will receive peace beyond all understanding so that you can go out there, your head held high, shining as an example.

As you come to me and receive from me, you will go out there and make a difference. You will find people suddenly flock around you because you have such a lovely fragrance about you.

You will find that you will have success in areas that you have struggled in before. So just come to me and receive all the things that you have cried out for in your heart for I am indeed the answer to every single one of those cries.

Let this truth touch you deep down in your heart and take my hand now and steal away with me for a moment. Let me show you the secret place that I have reserved just for you and I.

Let me reveal to you the secrets that you have been wondering about and let me pour into you all that you need.

I love you so dearly my child and I am awaiting you in the secret place. Run to me now. Shake off the loads you are carrying.

Shake off the pressures you are facing. Leave the world behind you and come to me to have all your needs met and to be filled up once again, says the Lord.

Jumat, 17 Desember 2010


“….sama seperti Tuhan telah mengampuni kamu, kamu perbuat jugalah demikian.”(Kolose 3:13b)
Sore itu saya melihat seekor anjing dekat rumah saya nampak berjalan terpincang-pincang. Saat saya dekati ternyata ada duri di salah satu kakinya. Tergerak oleh belas kasihan maka saya memberanikan diri untuk mendekati anjing itu untuk menolongnya. Dengan sedikit bujukan akhirnya anjing itu mau didekati tetapi saat saya tengah mencabut durinya, ia berbalik dan menggigit. Seketika itu juga tangan saya terasa sakit dan berdarah. Anjing itu berlari menjauhi saya. Ternyata durinya telah lepas, sayangnya kini tangan saya yang terluka.
Saat saya tengah mengobati luka gigitan anjing itu, saya diingatkan Tuhan bahwa seringkali kita ingin menolong sesama tetapi lalu kita dikecewakan oleh sikap mereka yang ibarat membalas air susu dengan air tuba. Kita sudah dengan tulus menolong tetapi lalu kita disakiti. Mengapa hal itu bisa terjadi? Tuhan memberikan hikmat sebab orang yang kita tolong kondisi hatinya pun masih terluka dan luka itu belum dibereskan sampai kini. Hingga tanpa sadar entah sikap atau perkataannya menjadi “kutuk” bagi orang lain.
Kita perlu mendoakan dan tetap berbuat baik terhadap orang-orang yang sulit untuk dilayani ini. Bila saat ini kita mengenal Tuhan maka kita juga perlu menyadari bahwa Ia ingin agar kita pun memiliki belas kasihan, kemurahan, kerendahan hati, kelemahlembutan dan kesabaran terhadap sesama. Bila saat ini kita tengah terluka akibat melayani sesama kita, datanglah padaNya sebab hanya di dalam Dia ada kesembuhan, pemulihan dan kelegaan. Jangan berhenti melayani sesama sebab apa yang kita kerjakan tidak sia-sia.
Doa: Tuhan saya sempat terluka kala tengah melayani sesama saya. Pulihkan saya Tuhan di hari yang baru ini.
Firman Tuhan: Kolose 3:12-17

Senin, 06 Desember 2010

There's a Fire Burning Just for You!

There's a Fire Burning Just for You!

Just like a fire brings warmth and peace as you gaze upon it while the storm is raging outside, so do I bring peace to your heart when your circumstances seem to swing out of control. My child, just trust in me. That is all I require of you. I just need you to trust me and to come to me.

You are trying so hard to fix things and you are running around trying to calm the storm. You run out there into the rain and try to find ways of making it stop. You are running around and you are completely wet and drenched.

You are exhausting yourself. You do not realize that there is a warm fire burning inside the house, just for you; where you can go and sit and rejuvenate and fill up, while I take care of that storm out there.

I am God. I have created this world; don't you think I can take care of the storm raging in your life also? Don't you think that my promises are true even now for you? I have taken care of every single thing already and my angels are busy working on your behalf.

But you are interfering with them all the time by running out there and trying to fix things on your own.

You think you need to help me. But child, all I need you to do is to love me. All I need you to do is to trust me and to surrender your all unto me. Then I will be able to do what I do best and that is bless you abundantly. This is my greatest desire and my greatest joy. I just want to love you and bless you.

Just like a husband's heart is moved when His wife lets go and runs into His arms to receive strength and comfort, so is my heart moved when you just give up and surrender everything to me.

When you come weak and foolish as you are and run into my arms and give me all your trust, my heart is moved.

So just stop running around out there in the rain. It is cold and you are not meant to go and try to make the storm stop. Just run inside. Sit by the hearth and enjoy the warmth. Sit in my arms and let me fill you up with my love and peace.

I love you dearly my child. Know that I am even now calpming that storm and that I am working on your behalf to align all the circumstances again that have gotten out of control.

As you just come to me and trust me, things will fall into line one by one. I love you dearly. So just trust me afresh and run into my strong arms, says the Lord.

Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

I Love You!

I Love You!

My child do you realize how much I love you? It is not a love that you can strive towards or earn. It is a love that you can only receive. I loved you before you even knew me. When you were sinning and failing, I still loved you.

My love is not conditional and no matter how you feel or what you have done, my arms are always open to you. Yet the enemy comes with his lies and convinces you that you must earn my love. He points out your failures and where you could have tried harder. And so instead of just running to my arms, you try to perform and do well.

You do not need to perform for my love, because it is freely yours. All you need to do is to open your arms and to receive it. When you receive it, you will find that it is a powerful force that will heal and bring the peace that you have been looking for.

It will be like a rich ointment sinking deep into the hurts in your life. It will be a river of blessing that will fill you to overflowing.

When you can realize how much I love you, you will not fear any longer. You will not feel that you need to strive. For when you work for me, I want you to do it out of love also. When love is your motivation then everything will be clear.

So come now child and take my hand. Remember my love for you. Remember that you did not need to earn it for your salvation and that you do not need to earn it now. Come and receive and when you do, the way will be made clear ahead of you again.

What does not make sense now, will suddenly make sense. For it is in my presence where you will find the answer to every need and my love in abundance, says the Lord.

Sabtu, 27 November 2010

An Invitation

An Invitation

My presence is like an open meadow littered with flowers and grass. It is full of life and it has in it every good thing. It is not limited and it does not demand anything of you. It is a place of rest and of comfort. My child, I invite you to come into this meadow.

Come and rest in me a while. I do not have any demands for you. I do not expect anything from you, only that you come and spend some time with me. For you are my beloved and what blesses me the most, is to have your time and your attention.

I do not need you to work hard for me. I do not need you to strive for me either. I simply desire to be with you. I desire to share in your fears and in your joys and to be a part of your life and to have the place of honor that I deserve.

My blessing and this meadow of rest is not limited and you can come to me at any time. You do not need to wait and you do not need to earn this place. It is available to you when you need it. So run to me daily. Come and simply fellowship with me.

My servants Adam and Eve came to me daily to fellowship. It was during these times I could give them direction and I could also fill their need for company. So do the same with me. Come to me daily and let us talk about your life and the directions you want to take.

You will see that I am very interested in you and in all that you do. I want to be a part of your decisions and of the roads you are walking. Come and learn that I am more than just your heavenly Father. I am also your friend and I am also there to get involved in the smallest parts of your life.

So come away to the meadow with me now. Rest and look up at the sky. Let your cares and fears leave you and you will realize that it is here in my presence that you will find what you have been looking for, says the Lord.

Jumat, 26 November 2010

Taking Baby Steps

Taking Baby Steps

Consider a toddler who is still learning how to walk and how to do the simple things that you find so easy. You would not give that small child the keys to a car and tell them to drive. They would not know what to do! In the same way child, you do not need to be afraid that I will call of you to do things that you are not capable of doing.

You look around you at so many in my Kingdom who can do great things and you compare yourself. You look at so many who have great skill and ability and you always fall short. Yet my child even they started off as that toddler. I will not demand you to rise up to that level of perfection until you are ready for it yet.

I do not expect you to be able to do those great things just yet. However if you will start where you are, I can teach you by my own hand and I can begin to grow you up. So look at where you are now. Look at the skills that you have now and let me develop these. Let me bring out your uniqueness and your own abilities. As you do this, you will grow strong and you will grow quickly.

The time will come when you will be ready for the great tasks, but I do not demand them of you now. You will find that each step I take you, you will be able to handle. You will find each stage of growth natural and easy to follow. Do not allow others to try and push you beyond what you are ready for or beyond what I intend.

For I am like a loving mother that would take the toddler by the hand and show him how to walk. And just as a mother would be proud of those simple steps, so also am I proud of you child. You do not need to do the great tasks for me to be proud of you and for me to love you. You just need to take the simple steps that I have put in front of you.

You will never need to take those steps alone, for I will be there to show you the way. Rest again in my presence and take my hand. Let go of the great expectations and the obligations that are coming at you from everyone else. Focus on my voice and on my hand and walk only the steps that you are able to walk and the steps that I put in front of you.

As you do this, you will find how comfortable you are and how easy you find this road to walk. Then you will sense joy and before you know it, you will be running and then dancing says the Lord.

Kamis, 18 November 2010

Come to Me!

Come to Me!

As you have reached out and worked hard, you have reached a point of burnout my child. You have come to a place of feeling drained emotionally, physically and spiritually. You have given me your all, you have believed with everything in you, and you have done everything you could, but now is the time to come and rest in me child.

To come into my presence and let me fill you again with My love and with My grace. It is not by pressing in that you will win this race, but by letting go, by coming into My presence and allowing Me to do it for you.

All I require from you is to love Me, not to work harder or press in harder, but to come and sit with Me, to come and talk with Me, to come and allow Me to help you.

How can I help you when you are so capable of doing everything on your own? You don't need to prove yourself to Me child! I know you, inside and out.

I don't want your works, I want your love, your nearness! So come even now. Just come and sit with Me, let Me love you, let Me help you. Let go of your striving and your trying. Let go of trying so hard to do the right thing. Let go of trying to please everyone.

Just come and be with Me. Let Me give you what you need for this road. Let Me fill you up once again and empower you with whatever it is you need this day!

Then you will go forth and once again you will prosper. Then you will be able to stand up and be successful. Don't you realize child, that it is in rest that your real strength lies?

It is not in striving or trying. So come into My rest today, come into My love and allow Me to fight for you, says the Lord!

Minggu, 07 November 2010

Take a Break!

Take a Break!

You have been pushing on forward. You have been climbing up this mountain and have been struggling. You have collected many tools and many tricks along the way in your backpack and you are struggling up this mountain. You are pushing hard and are exhausted.

My child for a season I needed you to push up that mountain. For a season you needed to push through the fire and the struggles so that you could be prepared and equipped for greater things.

But right now my child, I want you to stop. Stop struggling, stop travailing, stop pushing. Stop relying on your tools and on your experience, but instead look up. Drop your backpack and look up.

I am waiting there to lift you up out of this arduous road up the mountain and I want to take you by the hand and lift you up to the mountain top. All you have to do is grab my hand and trust in me.

You have struggled for a long season and I just want to give you a break now. Yes you have heard right! I want you to take a break with me. Drop everything, stop everything and just mount my wings and escape with me.

Perhaps you are not sure if you should do that because you think you should push on and keep on acquiring tools and learning the lessons. My child, trust me, if you just stop and mount my wings, you will learn more than you could by pushing on harder.

You will gain a greater victory and a greater peace inside. You will rise up higher than before. Because you see, it is I who trains you. It is I who molds you.

Your circumstances can be a tool in the molding process, but at the end of the day it is I who does the work in you. So trust me and stop for a moment and just escape with me.

Let me fill you up afresh and let me lift you up. Let me show you lands and seas you have never seen before. Let me show you views that will make your heart jump for joy. Let me show you what only I can show you. Trust in me my child and mount my wings now, says the Lord.

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Saat Menolong Orang lain

Saat Menolong Orang lain
Jika engkau memberi sedekah, janganlah diketahui tangan kirimu apa yang diperbuat tangan kananmu (Mat 6:3)
Sebuah keluarga muda baru saja pindah rumah ke sebuah kota yang baru. Mereka sangat senang dapat tinggal di lingkungan yang baik dan nyaman. Pada hari Minggu mereka mencari tempat ibadah dan akhirnya bergabung pada sebuah gereja di dekat rumah mereka. Seusai ibadah keluarga ini pun segera berkenalan dengan anggota jemaat lain, keluarga A yang terpandang dan kaya di antara jemaat lokal tersebut.
Dalam perbincangan tersebut keluarga muda tersebut menanyakan tempat penjualan perabotan rumahtangga murah. Sebab mereka belum memiliki perabotan di rumah. Keluarga A yang baru mereka kenal itu pun menawarkan kebaikan mereka,”Bapak dan Ibu tidak perlu membeli perabotan, kami kebetulan baru saja membeli perabotan baru dan tengah bingung hendak menaruh dimana perabotan kami yang lama. Bapak dan Ibu ambil saja ke rumah, tidak perlu dibeli ambil saja, kita khan saudara seiman harus saling menolong.” Keluarga muda ini hendak membayar perabotan itu, tetapi keluarga A tersebut meyakinkan mereka bahwa ini merupakan tindakan kasih antar saudara seiman. Akhirnya keluarga muda ini mengambil perabotan itu dengan sukacita dan mereka sangat bersyukur akan kebaikan keluarga A.
Tibalah hari Minggu, ibadah mereka jalani dengan khidmat dan penuh ucapan syukur. Saat ibadah usai dan mereka beramahtamah dengan jemaat yang lain. Tiba-tiba seorang ibu bertanya,”Wah baru dapat berkat perabotan dari keluarga A, ya?”Seorang Ibu yang lain juga menimpali,”Keluarga A memang sangat murah hati, baru kenal sudah langsung memberi perabotan bekas mereka.” Ibu A bergabung dengan mereka,”Nah, ini keluarga muda yang ikke bantu…kasian mereka baru pindah dan engga ada perabotan.” Hati keluarga muda ini menjadi tidak karuan akibat peristiwa itu.
Pelajaran yang dapat kita timba hari ini, bila kita mau menolong orang lain. Tolonglah ia dengan tulus hati dan jangan mengharapkan pujian. Biarlah Tuhan saja yang menilai dan memberkati kita kembali.
Doa: Tuhan, tolong kami agar saat kami mnolong sesama, kami melakukannya dengan tulus. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: Matius 6:1-4

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010


“…ketika dirasanya tiupan angin takutlah ia dan mulai tenggelam lalu berteriak,”Tuhan tolonglah aku.” (Mat 14:30)
Seringkali saya mendengar khotbah mengenai Petrus kala ia berjalan di atas air. Bagaimana dengan heroiknya ia berjalan di atas Danau Galilea tetapi saat angin bertiup menerpa wajahnya dan melihat gelombang yang datang, kecemasan mulai meliputinya. Ia ketakutan dan mulai memikirkan hal yang negatif. Saat ia tidak memfokuskan pandangannya pada Tuhan Yesus yang memanggilnya ia pun mulai tenggelam. Puji Tuhan, Yesus tak membiarkannya tenggelam, saat ia berseru disaat itu pula Tuhan mengulurkan tanganNya. Tuhan Yesus lalu berkata,”Hai orang yang kurang percaya, mengapa engkau bimbang?”
Dulu setelah saya mendengar kisah tersebut, seringkali saya menghakimi Petrus dan mengatakan ia kurang iman sampai ditegur oleh Tuhan. Hingga suatu hari saya diperhadapkan dalam masalah kehidupan yang berat. Kala usia makin tua tetapi keadaan ekonomi keluarga kami tak kunjung membaik. Saya mencoba untuk tetap setia melayani kaum marginal di perkotaan meski pun tidak ada banyak dukungan. Saya pun belajar untuk “berjalan di atas air”, coba tetap fokus dengan panggilan pelayanan yang Tuhan percayakan. Meski kadang himpitan ekonomi membuat saya takut, kadang saya pun tenggelam dalam kecemasan. Di saat seperti itulah saya berseru padaNya dan IA lalu mengangkat saya kembali. Saya tersadar lebih mudah menghakimi Petrus daripada menyadari bagaimana rasanya bila kita berada dalam posisi itu.
Hari ini kita dapat belajar untuk tetap fokus dengan memperkatakan firman Tuhan. Kita perlu bukan saja untuk membaca Alkitab tetapi juga perlu untuk menghafalkan dan merenungkannya. Menjadikan firman itu bagian kehidupan kita sehari-hari. Hingga kita fokus dan percaya sepenuhnya pada DIA.
Doa: Tuhan tolong kami yang sering kurang percaya. Amien
Firman Tuhan: Yosua 1:5-9

Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010


Allah menentang orang yang congkak, tetapi mengasihani orang yang rendah hati (1 Ptr 5:5b)
Suatu hari seorang gadis yang baru saja putus cinta datang ke tempat pelayanan kami. Ia menjelaskan maksud dan tujuannya agar dapat dilayani konseling untuk pemulihan batinnya. Rekan saya yang senior mengatakan bahwa ia yang akan menangani kasus tersebut. Kami saling memandang, lalu menyatakan,”Pak, bukankah kebijakan pelayanan ini, kita harus melayani sesama jenis kecuali dalam kasus “khusus”?” Ia memandang kami dengan sinis,”Apa kalian tidak percaya pada saya? Tuhan ada serta saya, tak mungkin saya jatuh dalam dosa. Saya ini sudah berumahtangga belasan tahun dan memiliki tiga orang anak. Tak mungkin saya mengkhianati keluarga dan Tuhan.”
Pada akhirnya rekan senior kami melayani gadis tersebut, meski pada akhirnya ditegur oleh pimpinan pelayanan, ia tetap berkeras melayani gadis ini diam-diam di luar lingkup pelayanan kami. Hingga suatu hari kami mendapatkan pengaduan dari sang istri bahwa suaminya telah berselingkuh dengan konseli tersebut. Sangat disayangkan, rekan senior kami merupakan panutan kami konselor-konselor yang muda. Hanya akibat merasa diri kuat, mampu dan sudah berpengalaman, rekan kami tercinta jatuh dalam pencobaan. Saya segera teringat pepatah, jangan main api nanti terbakar.
Hal ini dapat terjadi pada siapa saja, termasuk diri saya sendiri. Kita semua harus waspada sebab saat kita lengah maka Iblis akan mengambil kesempatan untuk menjatuhkan kita dalam dosa. Jangan kita menjadi sombong dan merasa diri hebat karena memiliki pengetahuan akan kebenaran (Alkitab). Jadilah teladan melalui hidup kita dan saling melayani dan menasehati menjelang hari akhir ini.
Doa: Tuhan tolong jagai hati kami agar kami tidak menjadi sombong. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: 1 Petrus 5:5-11

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Rise up in My Name!

Rise up in My Name!

My child I have taken you on into my family the day you committed your life to me. You carry my name in your name. My name carries so much authority and power and so you have that available to you as well.

Yes, you have authority in my name. You are me in this earth. You are my child, my agent. You have forgotten the inheritance you have in me and have not realized the authority you stand in.

You have gotten boggled down by the attacks of the enemy and have let Him win many times. You have backed down and have said ah, I must just simply endure this because I have a great calling.

To put it clearly, this is a lie! You do not have to take anything from the enemy. In fact, you shouldn't even need to battle with him. I have given you the power to tread on serpents and on scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and you shall not be harmed in doing it. That is what I have given you. This is who you are and what you have in me.

So my child, shake off those dirty clothes of defeat. Shake them off. Rise up now, take that sword that I have given you and rise up. Stand in my name and in my power and take your stand.

Tell the enemy where he belongs and rise up onto your throne of glory and blessing in me. I have called you to be seated in heavenly places with me. I have called you to rule and reign with me.

When you speak my name, the enemy trembles. When you stand in the blood that I have shed for you, he flees. But you haven't stepped into that and have just accepted his lies and have just accepted defeat. My child rise up.

This is not where I have called you to be. I have not called you to be a little nothing just trying to get by in life and trying to win the battle. No, you have already won the battle because you are my child. You have already defeated the enemy because I died for you and you are in me now.

My child just wake up and take your stand. I love you so dearly and I have given you so much. You are called to live a life of blessing. You are called to be a king and a queen. You are called to flow in abundance in every area of your life.

So be bold my child. Take up the sword I have given you, take up the armor I have for you and stand tall. Stand in my name. Go out there and represent me. You are my child, you are my warrior.

You fight for me and my name is above every other name. At my name every knee has to bow and ever tongue has to confess that I am Lord. So rise up! No longer accept the things the enemy is throwing at you and take your stand in me.

I love you so dearly my child and I desire only the best for you. I want to raise you up and I want to give you only the best. But I need you to take your stand in me.

When you rise up and step into all that I have given you, I will be able to move my hand mightily once more in your life, and you will see all the puzzle pieces coming together. You will see solutions to problems that seemed to have been going on forever. You will find resolve in conflicts that have weighed you down. Just rise up now my child! I love you, says the Lord!


Janganlah ia seorang yang baru bertobat, agar jangan ia menjadi sombong….(1 Tim 3:6a)
Anita seorang anak Tuhan yang luar biasa bersemangat, setelah ia lahir baru. Ia sangat aktif dalam berbagai kegiatan gereja dan terlibat di dalamnya. Ia memberi diri untuk melayani secara sukarela. Hampir setiap minggu ia membawa jiwa baru ke gereja. Tentu saja semua orang senang, terutama para hamba Tuhan yang ada. Hingga akhirnya mereka memutuskan untuk memanggil Anita dan mengangkat dia menjadi salah satu staf gereja.
Beberapa saat setelah pengangkatan tersebut, sikap Anita berubah. Anita yang hangat dan berapi-api untuk Tuhan tiba-tiba berubah. Ia menjadi sulit didekati dan meminta jemaat untuk “menghormati” dirinya bahkan ia menuntut pengakuan dari rekan sekerjanya. Ia merasa tanpa dirinya gereja tersebut tidak akan mengalami pertumbuhan, sebab dirinyalah yang dipakai Tuhan untuk “membawa jiwa baru”. Ia merasa dirinya sangat istimewa melebihi yang lain.
Mengapa hal ini bisa terjadi? Sang pendeta berdoa dan lalu menemukan peringatan Rasul Paulus terhadap anak rohaninya, Timotius, agar tidak terburu-buru mengangkat seorang petobat baru menduduki suatu jabatan. Sang pendeta menyadari seharusnya ia memuridkan terlebih dulu Anita hingga karakternya diubahkan firman Tuhan.
Apa yang dapat kita pelajari dari pengalaman tersebut? Dalam hidup kita yang terpenting bukan pelayanan di gereja, tetapi melayani Tuhan dengan hidup taat sesuai firmanNya. Bila karakter kita diubahkan Tuhan, kita akan makin segambar dengan diriNya maka pelayanan yang sejati itu akan mengalir melalui diri kita. Hingga kita akan jadi berkat dimana saja, baik di gereja maupun masyarakat.
Doa: Tuhan, tolong saya hari ini untuk terus bertumbuh dalam Engkau hingga setiap orang dapat melihat pribadiMu dalam diri saya. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: 1 Timotius 3:1-7

Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Rise Up and Look Ahead!

Rise Up and Look Ahead!

For just as the sunset consists of many colors, your life consists of many areas. Areas of blessing and areas of lack, areas of strength and areas of weakness.

Many times you wonder why you're not moving forward, why things are not happening, but child have you considered that perhaps you have lost your momentum? That perhaps you have grown weary and let go?

It is in consistency that lies your answer, not in a quick fix, and as you press on and allow my spirit to work in and through you, the change you so desire will come.

As you allow me to change and shape you, new doors will open up before you, but you have become weary child, you have let your expectations go. You have let the battle to survival rob you of your joy. Now is not the time to lie down in defeat, but the time to rise up in victory once again.

Fix your eyes on the future. Do you see the horizon up ahead? See how the sun rises up and brings a palette of color that brightens the sky. As you allow yourself to dream again, to become positive, My Spirit will rise up within you and give you what you need.

So rise up now child, be like that sun bringing a radiance of color to a grey world and soon you will once again move forward with purpose and power, says the Lord.

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010


Aku hendak menyamai Yang Mahatinggi! (Yes 14:14)
Herman merupakan seorang lulusan sebuah STT yang baru saja diangkat menjadi pemimpin pujian di sebuah gereja lokal. Ia seorang yang sungguh-sungguh mengiring Tuhan sebelum pelayanan ia selalu mengambil waktu untuk berdoa dan puasa agar Tuhan benar-benar bekerja di tengah umatNya. Walhasil setiap kali ia dipercayakan memimpin pujian, jemaat dapat merasakan jamahan dan lawatan Tuhan. Setiap kali ibadah usai maka ada saja jemaat yang datang dan memberikan pujian bahkan ada beberapa gadis yang menjadikan ia idola baru.
Pertama-tama, ia dapat meresponi setiap pujian dari jemaat dan menanggapi para gadis di gereja dengan sikap yang benar. Sayangnya, ketika ia merasa dirinya “lebih istimewa” dari yang lain, ia tidak menjaga hatinya. Kesombongan memenuhi dirinya dan menyatakan bahwa “tanpa” dirinya maka ibadah dalam gereja akan “kering”. Ia mengklaim dirinya paling mengerti kehendak Tuhan dalam gereja. Ia mulai mempengaruhi jemaat bahwa sebenarnya Tuhan telah memilih dirinya untuk menggantikan pendeta setempat.
Bapak Pendeta sangat mengasihi Herman, beberapa kali ia ditegur tetapi ia berkeras hingga akhirnya dengan berat hati Bapak Pendeta harus mendisiplinnya dan melepaskannya dari jabatan tersebut.
Kita semua sebagai anak Tuhan harus berhati-hati terhadap yang namanya kesombongan. Kita semua perlu mendapatkan pujian, kita perlu saling memuji satu dengan yang lain sebab itu meningkatkan kepercayaan diri kita. Tetapi kita harus tetap menjaga hati kita agar jangan jadi sombong. Iblis dapat hancurkan kita saat kita tidak menjaga hati.
Doa: Tuhan tolong kami agar tidak takabur saat kami mulai berhasil. Jaga diri kami agar tetap ada dalam jalanMU. Amien
Firman Tuhan: Yakobus 4: 5-10

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010


Janganlah kita jemu-jemu berbuat baik…..(Gal 6:9a)
Seorang ibu yang baru saja melahirkan putri bungsunya menangis bahagia bercampur sedih. Sebab ia tak dapat melahirkan secara normal dan harus melalui operasi cesar. Suaminya hanyalah seorang kuli angkut pasir, untuk biaya persalinan normal saja mereka sudah kesulitan mengumpulkan biayanya apalagi kini mereka harus membayar biaya operasi. Mereka senang atas kehadiran putri mereka tapi di sisi lain bingung masalah biaya. Mereka sudah mengurus semua surat untuk mendapatkan keringanan tetapi tetap mereka harus membayar pihak rumah sakit sebesar 1,5 juta Rupiah.
Di tengah keputusasaan itulah sang ibu menuliskan sebuah surat untuk dimuat pada sebuah surat kabar dan akhirnya menggegerkan kota dimana kami tinggal. Sebab ia berniat menawarkan dua kornea matanya kepada orang yang memerlukan asal utangnya bisa dilunasi.
Hati saya tersentuh membaca berita tersebut, demi sang buah hati, si ibu siap mengorbankan apa yang ia miliki. Setelah berita tersebut dimuat media, barulah semua orang berduyun-duyun membantu termasuk petinggi negeri. Akhirnya ibu dan anak itu dapat berkumpul kembali dengan keluarganya tanpa perlu kehilangan kornea matanya. Luar biasa ada orang-orang yang pada akhirnya mau turun tangan membantu keluarga yang tak mampu ini.
Tuhan mengajar saya suatu hal, bahwa kita sebagai anak-anakNya seharusnya jauh lebih peka dan mudah untuk membantu mereka yang dirundung kemalangan apalagi bila kita sudah diberkati secara materi. Berkat materi Tuhan percayakan pada kita agar kita dapat jadi berkat bagi orang lain dan bukannya kita nikimati sendiri untuk kepuasan pribadi.
Doa: Tuhan tolong kami agar kami memiliki hati yang penuh belas kasih terhadap sesama yang tengah menghadapi masalah melalui tindakan kami. Amien
Firman Tuhan: Galatia 6:2-10

The Storm has Ceased!

The Storm has Ceased!

The sun is rising even now in the spiritual realm to declare a new day, a new start in your life. The time of winter is over and the time of rain and storm is coming to an end as this new day dawns, says the Lord.

You have cried out to me for new life, you have cried out to me for a new way. You have sought me for a long season and at times wondered if I was there and if I heard you. All you saw was the clouds and the lightning and all you heard was the wind and the thunder. You wondered if I had forgotten about you.

My child, no matter how hard the storm rages in your life, I never ever forget you or put you to the side. I never leave you nor forsake you. I have heard every single one of your cries and I have been working behind the scenes to make your desires come to pass.

You see, what you didn't realize while the storm was raging, what you didn't see because you were so focused on the storm, was that I was preparing things for you. Many things grew in you just like the flowers grew on the field and the trees started to bloom again even when the storm was blowing hard.

Many things have been put into place and now as my sun shines once again and a new season starts, all these things will come into the foreground. All the hard times you pushed through while you were in the middle of the storm, will now turn into such blessing.

You will look back and say wow, the Lord has been there all along. It was just me who didn't realize what was happening. It was just me who was too focused on the trouble. You will say: the Lord has done so much and He has given me so much. You will receive a new joy as the sun rises and shines its light onto all these hidden treasures and makes all these seeds that were planted during the storm sprout.

My child I love you and I have never left you. Look up and rejoice now, for resurrection is at hand. The storm has passed and a new day has come. Give me your heart afresh and run off into the fields with much joy, says the Lord.


Karena begitu besar kasih Allah akan dunia ini, sehingga IA telah mengaruniakan AnakNya yang tunggal, supaya setiap orang yang percaya kepadaNya tidak binasa, melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal (Yoh 3:16)
Sore itu saya tengah berjalan-jalan di keramaian kota Bandung hendak berbelanja pakaian. Arus kendaraan sore itu cukup padat, maklum waktu bubaran kantor. Tiba-tiba saya melihat seekor anjing Peking berlari keluar dari sebuah toko pakaian jeans menuju keramaian jalan. Sebagai seorang pecinta anjing, saya terkejut dan merasa ngeri membayangkan bila anjing itu masuk di tengah hiruk pikuk kendaraan pada jalan tersebut. Imajinasi saya membayangkan hal yang terburuk dapat saja terjadi pada anjing lucu itu.
Saat anjing itu mendekati jalan raya, tiba-tiba terdengar suara sang tuan memanggil,”Snoopy, kembali sini…masuk.” Anjing itu nampak terdiam, antara hendak terus berlari menuju hiruk pikuk jalan atau kembali pada sang tuan. Akhirnya Snoopy, sang anjing, memilih untuk kembali ke pangkuan tuannya. Meski saya bukan pemilik anjing itu, tetapi hati saya ikut lega sebab anjing itu tidak mengalami kecelakaan.
Seketika itu juga saya merasakan jamahan kasih Tuhan, betapa IA sangat mengasihi dunia ini. IA tak ingin ada seorang pun binasa sebab itu IA datang ke dunia untuk menebus dosa umat manusia agar kita semua dapat berkumpul bersamaNya selamanya.
Dulu saya pun berada dalam jalan menuju kebinasaan, sampai suatu hari saya mendengar suara Tuhan memanggil saya kembali. Anda pun mungkin pernah mengalami pengalaman yang sama dengan saya. Tapi bila Anda belum pernah mendengar panggilan Tuhan itu, saya mau katakan hari ini adalah hari keselamatan Anda. Tuhan memanggilmu juga dan IA tak ingin Anda binasa.
Doa: Tuhan terimakasih karena pada hari ini Engkau memanggil saya kembali agar tak binasa tapi beroleh hidup yang kekal. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: Yohanes 3:14-21

Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010


Karena akar segala kejahatan ialah cinta uang (1 Tim 6:10)
Seorang pendeta ternama membeli dua buah mobil mewah, Porsche dan Bentley. Rekan-rekan sesama pelayan Tuhan terkagum-kagum sebab pendeta tersebut dapat mengendarai kendaraan mewah itu. Saya sendiri di satu sisi kagum dengan mobil mewah tersebut, tentu rasanya seperti bermimpi bila seorang pelayan Tuhan dapat memiliki mobil tersebut.
Saya berpikir saat itu tentunya semua anggota jemaat yang ia gembalakan konglomerat semua, sebab ia sanggup untuk membeli mobil “wah” tersebut. Ternyata masih banyak juga anggota jemaat yang hidup berkekurangan. Dalam benak saya segera tersirat, apakah tidak cukup dan jauh lebih baik menggunakan mobil yang baru dan baik meski mungkin tidak tergolong mobil mewah? Dan menggunakan kelebihan uangnya untuk menolong jemaat yang masih miskin?
Apakah Tuhan menghendaki anak-anakNya hidup berkelimpahan? Tentu saja, Tuhan ingin memberkati kita secara materi agar kita dapat menjadi saluran berkat bagi saudara seiman yang kurang beruntung dan mereka yang membutuhkan. Harta benda yang dipercayakan oleh Tuhan pada kita, bukan hanya untuk kita nikmati tetapi agar kita dapat menggunakannya untuk membangun tubuh Kristus dan sebagai alat untuk menerangi dan menggarami dunia.
Kita sebagai anak Tuhan, entah pendeta atau pun anggota jemaat biasa, kita semua perlu menyadari bila Tuhan berkati kita secara materi itu berarti Tuhan punya tujuan sebagaimana ketika IA memberikan kita talenta untuk bermain musik, menyanyi, mengajar, berkhotbah, mengajar dll semuanya itu untuk kemuliaan namaNYA. Hati-hati agar kita jangan sampai mencintai uang melebihi Tuhan sendiri. Tuhan memberkati kita agar jadi berkat, jangan sampai berkat berubah menjadi kutuk.
Doa: Tuhan tolong kami agar kami lebih mencintai diriMU daripada harta benda yang kami miliki. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: Matius 6:19-24

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Tikus Dalam Celana

Tikus Dalam Celana
“Bangunlah hai kamu yang tidur dan bangkitlah dari antara orang mati dan Kristus akan bercahaya atas kamu.” (Efesus 5:14)
Suatu malam saat kami tengah asyik menonton televisi di pastori gereja, tiba-tiba seekor tikus kecil masuk ke dalam ruangan keluarga. Beberapa orang berteriak, yang lain melompat dan yang lain bergegas mencari pemukul. Segera kami mencari si tikus yang membuat heboh tersebut, tetapi setelah dicari-cari ternyata ia menghilang.
Di tengah hiruk pikuk ada seorang anak kecil yang tertidur pulas dan tidak sadar akan kejadian tersebut. Ia tidur di muka TV. Saat semua hendak menonton TV kembali, tiba-tiba kusadari ternyata tikus kecil itu bersembunyi di dalam celana sang bocah. Bocah itu baru saja terbangun dan memandang wajah kami dengan keheranan. Mungkin ia bertanya-tanya kenapa semua orang dalam ruangan memandangi dirinya. Hingga lalu ia tersadar bahwa ada seekor tikus dalam celananya, ia segera bangkit membuka celananya agar si tikus segera enyah dari tubuhnya.
Peristiwa itu mengingatkanku akan dosa. Terkadang kita tidak sadar bahwa dosa akan mencelakakan diri kita. Kadang kita menyembunyikan dosa itu dengan begitu rapat agar tidak ada seorang pun tahu. Tetapi sepandai-pandainya kita menyembunyikan dosa, ada Tuhan yang tahu segala dosa dan kesalahan kita. Tuhan sangat mengasihi kita dan Ia ingin agar kita bertobat. Bila kita telah sadar bahwa apa yang kita minati atau sukai merupakan dosa dihadapan Tuhan, ayo segeralah bangkit dari kubangan itu. Saat kita mengakui kesalahan kita dihadapan Tuhan maka Ia bukan saja mengampuni kita tetapi juga memberikan kekuatan bagi kita untuk mengalahkan dosa.
Doa: Tuhan Yesus, saya mengakui bahwa di dalam diri saya masih ada dosa “favorit” dan pada hari ini saya menyatakan bahwa saya muak hidup dalam keterikatan dosa, lepaskanlah saya ya Tuhan. Amien
FT: Efesus 5:1-17


Si pemarah menimbulkan pertengkaran, dan orang yang lekas gusar, banyak pelanggarannya (Ams 29:22)
Sekelompok ibu arisan tengah asyik berbincang. Mereka tengah membicarakan kelulusan putra putri mereka dari bangku SMA dan akan melanjutkan ke perguruan tinggi favorit baik di dalam maupun luar negeri. Ibu Tati ada diantara kumpulan ibu lainnya, ia terkenal seorang wanita yang tak pernah mau kalah dan senangnya beradu argumentasi. Mendengar para ibu lainnya bercerita tentang putra putri mereka, Ibu Tati pun tak mau kalah,”Oh, kalau putra saya dia akan masuk fakultas kedokteran ternama di kota Bandung.” Seorang rekan arisannya bertanya,” Di universitas apa, Bu Tati?” Dengan wajah yang sangat yakin, Ibu Tati menjawab,”Dia akan masuk di ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung).” Beberapa rekannya terbengong-bengong, dan lalu bertanya,”Bu Tati, ITB khan engga ada jurusan kedokteran?” Dengan sengit Ibu Tati menjawab,”Oh sekarang sudah ada jurusan kedokteran.” Ibu-ibu yang lain tidak memperpanjang pembicaraan sebab mereka tahu bila mereka terus bertanya maka perbincangan tersebut akan berujung pada hal yang negatif. Terlebih wajah Ibu Tati sudah nampak merah padam, seolah siap menelan siapa saja yang menentangnya.
Dalam kehidupan kita perlu menyadari bahwa kita semua memiliki kelemahan dan Tuhan mengajarkan kita sebagai satu keluarga di dalam Dia. Tuhan menghendaki agar kita hidup saling mengasihi, memperhatikan dan belajar dari satu dengan yang lainnya. Kita harus belajar rendah hati saat ada saudara kita yang lain menegur saat kita melakukan kesalahan dan juga belajar dari mereka yang lebih dewasa secara kerohanian. Barangsiapa memiliki hubungan yang intim dengan Tuhan maka ia akan memiliki a teachable heart (hati yang mudah diajar).
Doa: Tuhan Yesus, lembutkan dan ajar saya agar mudah diajar akan kebenaranMu. Amien.
FT: Amsal 10:11-21

Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010


Mereka mengaku mengenal Allah, tetapi dengan perbuatan mereka, mereka menyangkal Dia. (Titus 1:16a)
Sambil menunggu anak saya pulang sekolah siang itu, saya menyantap soto di depan sekolah anak saya. Kebetulan ada seorang ibu, orangtua murid juga yang tengah mengisi perut. Pada akhirnya kami berbincang hal-hal rohani, ia dengan bangga bercerita bagaimana ia sering pelayanan bersama dengan para pendeta besar, bagaimana Tuhan memakai dia dengan luar biasa untuk menyembuhkan mereka yang sakit. Pembicaraan kami terhenti saat bel bubaran sekolah berbunyi.
Ia segera bangkit dan bertanya pada pedagang soto itu,”Berapa Pak?” Tukang soto itu menjawab,”5000 rupiah, Bu.” “Ah, mahal….ini 4000 aza, orang saya juga suka buat soto di rumah.” Tanpa basa basi lagi, ibu itu meninggalkan warung soto tersebut. Saya pun bangkit dan membayar soto, dan menambahi kekurangan dari si ibu tersebut. Tukang soto itu pun berkomentar,”Terimakasih ya, Mas. Ibu itu biasa begitu tiap kali makan di sini. Heran ngomongnya rohani kelakuannya nyebelin.” Saya pun meninggalkan warung soto itu sambil berpikir,”Mengapa banyak anak Tuhan, senang membicarakan hal yang benar (rohani) tetapi mereka sendiri tidak hidup dalam kebenaran itu sendiri.
Saya teringat perkataan dari seorang mentor saya,”Talk is cheap”(Berbicara itu mudah). Ya, kita sebagai anak Tuhan bukan saja dipanggil untuk menyampaikan kebenaran tetapi hidup dalam kebenaran itu sendiri. Dunia membutuhkan teladan hidup, dunia sudah bosan dengan kemunafikan.
Doa: Tuhan Yesus, tolong kami agar dapat hidup dalam kebenaranMU, ampuni kami bila kami telah mengecewakanmu selama ini dengan cara hidup kami. Amien.
FT: Yakobus 3:9-18

Kamis, 30 September 2010


Sebab oleh memburu uanglah beberapa orang telah menyimpang dari iman dan menyiksa dirinya dengan berbagai-bagai duka (1 Timotius 6:10b)
Suatu kali saya diminta untuk membagikan firman Tuhan di sebuah gereja. Pagi itu saya membagikan bagaimana sebagai orang Kristen kita harus menjaga tubuh kita sebagai baitNya, kita perlu menjaga kesehatan baik secara spiritual maupun jasmani. Lalu saya membahas sedikit mengenai bahaya rokok, kita sebagai anak Tuhan seharusnya dapat mendisiplin diri kita dengan menghentikan kebiasaan buruk seperti merokok. Sampai akhirnya saya selesai menyampaikan khotbah dan kuserahkan mikrofon pada gembala setempat.
Bapak gembala setelah sedikit berbasa basi, mengucapkan terimakasih pada saya, lalu ia menyambung bahwa meski pun merokok merupakan kebiasaan buruk dan merugikan bagi kesehatan tetapi Tuhan tetap mengasihi para produsennya. Setelah itu sekitar 15-20 menit ia terus membahas hal tersebut, padahal khotbah saya tidak spesifik tentang “bahaya rokok”. Setelah ibadah usai, barulah saya mengerti mengapa Bapak Gembala membahas tentang hal tersebut sebab donatur gerejanya adalah seorang produsen rokok besar, ia takut “si boss” tersinggung dan pindah ke gereja lain.
Kadang sebagai anak Tuhan kita diperhadapkan pada melakukan (menyatakan) kebenaran Tuhan atau mengkompromikannya demi kepentingan sesaat. Manakah yang hendak kita lakukan? Pilihan ada di tangan kita, kadang menyatakan kebenaran itu “pahit” tetapi akan menghasilkan buah yang manis pada akhirnya. Kita ingin senangkan Tuhan atau diri sendiri?
Doa: Tuhan tolong kami agar lebih takut padaMu dan tidak menjadi seorang yang takut pada manusia. Amien.
FT: 1 Timotius 6:6-10

Rabu, 29 September 2010


Allah memilih orang yang dianggap miskin oleh dunia menjadi kaya dalam iman dan menjadi ahli waris Kerajaan…..(Yakobus 2:5b)
Mata saya tertuju pada seorang anak yang berpakaian seragam kusam dan kusut karena belum disetrika tengah duduk sendirian di halaman sekolah. Belum lagi bau badan anak itu kurang sedap hingga banyak orangtua murid yang memperbincangkan keberadaan anak itu di sekolah. Hingga timbul rasa ingin tahu dalam diri saya, anak siapakah dia? Mengapa orangtuanya kurang memperhatikan anaknya ini?
Akhirnya saya berkenalan dengannya tanpa sengaja namanya Jono. Saat itu saya tengah berjalan hendak makan siang dan melihat seorang anak kecil yang wajahnya tak asing lagi tengah mengorek tong sampah. Saya menyapanya dan dengan ramah ia menyapa saya kembali, disitulah awal perkenalan saya dengannya. Jono berprofesi sebagai seorang pemulung dan juga terkadang menjadi pengamen jalanan sebab ayahnya terkena stroke dan tidak dapat beraktifitas secara normal sedang ibu Jono tercinta pun telah meninggal. Hingga akhirnya ia bekerja untuk memenuhi kebutuhannya bersama ayah tercinta. Ia seorang anak tunggal yang tak manja. Ia bekerja membanting tulang bukan saja agar dapat memenuhi kebutuhan perut tetapi agar ia dapat sekolah dan memperbaiki nasib keluarganya.
Tak terasa air mata membasahi pipi saya, sungguh mulia hati Jono. Meski banyak orang mencemooh dia tetapi ia tetap fokus pada tujuan untuk memperbaiki kehidupan keluarganya. Ia percaya bahwa Tuhan Yesus memiliki rencana indah di balik penderitaan yang kini ia tengah alami. Suatu perjumpaan yang berharga, dimana saya belajar dari seorang anak kecil tentang iman.
Doa: Tuhan, tolong saya agar dapat selalu bersyukur menghadapi terpaan pencobaan dan beriman padaMu. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: Yakobus 2:1-13

Selasa, 28 September 2010


Aku berkata kepadamu: “Kasihilah musuhmu dan berdoalah bagi mereka yang menganiaya kamu.” (Matius 5:44)
Seorang tukang santet bertobat, seisi gereja heboh mendengarkan kabar tersebut. Ada yang bersukacita mendengar kabar tersebut tetapi ada juga yang curiga dengan pertobatannya. Bagi kami ini merupakan sebuah hal yang luar biasa, seorang hamba setan mengalami jamahan Tuhan hingga akhirnya berbalik arah kepada Tuhan. Terlebih di dunia “kelam” ia sudah memiliki reputasi, dari pekerjaannya ia menjadi kaya raya.
Ketika ia memulai kehidupannya yang baru di dalam Tuhan, ia mengalami kesulitan keuangan. Ia tidak tahu cara lain dalam mencari uang sebab sejak ia kecil sudah berprofesi sebagai paranormal. Perlahan namun pasti, ia mulai jatuh miskin sebab tak memiliki alternatif pekerjaan lain. Benaknya dipenuhi kebingungan, ia coba berbagi dengan beberapa teman di gereja. Sayangnya ia berbagi dengan orang yang salah. Bukannya memberikan jalan keluar mereka malah menggunjingkan si mantan tukang santet ini, sebagai orang yang hidup di bawah kutuk karena jatuh miskin. Ia sempat marah dan berpikir untuk kembali ke dunianya yang lama untuk menumpahkan rasa amarahnya terhadap mereka yang mengaku sebagai saudara seiman tetapi malah menggunjingkannya.
Tetapi setelah ia bergumul, Tuhan menyatakan kasihNya kala ia berdoa malam itu. Ia sadar kesetiaannya terhadap Tuhan tengah diuji. Mereka yang telah menyakitinya mungkin tak sadar atas apa yang mereka perbuat terhadap dirinya. Manusia dapat saja menolak dia tetapi ia tersadar bahwa Tuhanlah yang memilihnya dan menyelamatkannya. Sebagaimana Tuhan mengampuni orang yang telah menyalibkanNya, maka ia sebagai anakNya harus mengikuti teladan Kristus. Pada akhirnya ia memutuskan untuk mengampuni dan memberkati mereka yang telah mengecewakannya.
Doa: Tuhan, pada hari ini saya mau mengampuni setiap orang yang telah melukai hati saya. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: 1 Yohanes 2:9-12

Kamis, 23 September 2010


Jadilah teladan bagi orang-orang percaya, dalam perkataanmu, dalam tingkah lakumu, dalam kasihmu, dalam kesetiaanmu dan dalam kesucianmu (1 Timotius 4:12b)
Suatu kali kami tengah melalui jalan satu arah, tiba-tiba dari tikungan di depan kami ada sepasang kekasih mengendarai sepeda motor dengan kecepatan cukup tinggi. Untuk menghindari tabrakan maka kami berhenti, saat mereka melalui kami, si pengemudi pria melotot dan memaki kami seolah kami-lah yang telah melanggar aturan lalulintas.
Saya tersadar pada masa kini, apa yang dulu tabu atau salah dalam norma masyarakat kini menjadi lumrah. Apa yang “dulu” merupakan kebenaran sekarang menjadi luntur di dalam masyarakat. Seks pranikah dulu merupakan perbuatan terlarang kini menurut hasil survey menjadi hal lumrah dilakukan bahkan oleh anak remaja. Perbuatan aborsi merupakan perbuatan terkutuk tetapi kini banyak sekali kasus aborsi terjadi, ada pula orangtua yang tega membuang jabang bayinya ke tempat sampah. Mereka yang ingin kaya melakukan korupsi, penipuan, pergi menemui paranormal, dll. Benar-benar sungguh mengerikan apa yang terjadi dewasa ini. Hati nurani manusia seolah telah membeku, kasih terhadap sesama seolah telah hilang dalam masyarakat.
Bagaimana dengan kita sebagai anak Tuhan? Apakah kita menjadi terang dan garam bagi dunia atau malah turut andil dalam dosa dan pelanggaran? Tuhan menghendaki kita semua untuk menjadi teladanNya dan bukan sekedar beragama Kristen saja. Tidak cukup hanya rajin ke gereja sebab Tuhan mencari teladan hidup.
Doa: Tuhan, tolong anakMu ini agar dapat menjadi teladan di tengah masyarakat dimana kami tinggal. Amien.
FT: Matius 5:14-16

Rabu, 22 September 2010


Seorang kawan memukul dengan maksud baik (Amsal 27:6a)
Saat itu saya tengah ngobrol dengan seorang teman di kampus. Di tengah pembicaraan yang seru, saya melihat beberapa teman senyum-senyum memandang pada kawan saya itu. Saya mulai bertanya-tanya mengapa mereka senyum-senyum sebab topik pembicaraannya tak ada yang lucu, setelah saya amati ternyata resleting celana teman saya terbuka. Maka saya mendekatinya dan berbisik padanya,”Garasinya terbuka.” Dia memandang saya dengan wajah polos dan heran,”Garasi apaan?” Terpaksa dengan berat hati, saya kembali berbisik,”Itu lho resleting celanamu terbuka dari tadi.” Seketika itu juga ia bergegas menarik resleting celananya. Saya melakukan hal tersebut sebab saya tidak rela teman baik saya menjadi bahan tertawaan.
Dalam kehidupan ini, kita pasti memiliki sahabat baik atau kekasih/pasangan hidup. Kadang ketika sahabat kita melakukan suatu kesalahan, kita enggan menegur atau memperingatkannya sebab takut sobat kita itu tersinggung. Tetapi saya mau mengatakan bila ia benar-benar sahabatmu maka seharusnya engkau memperingatkan dia dalam kasih. Kita berbicara padanya sebab kita ingin hal yang terbaik terjadi atas hidupnya, dan sebaliknya bila kita melakukan suatu kesalahan tanpa kita sadari maka kita pun ingin ia memperingatkan kita. Tuhan menciptakan kita sebagai makhluk sosial dan anggota dari tubuhNya. Tuhan menghendaki agar kita saling membangun dan menolong untuk dapat terus bertumbuh di dalam Dia.
Doa: Tuhan, tolong kami agar dapat saling menolong dan membangun sebagai anggota tubuh Kristus. Amien.
FT: Ibrani 10:19-24

Kamis, 16 September 2010


Seorang sahabat menaruh kasih setiap waktu, dan menjadi seorang saudara dalam kesukaran (Amsal 17:17)
Saat kami memulai persekutuan, banyak saudara seiman lainnya yang memperingatkan kami tentang salah seorang saudari seiman yang dianggap sebagai “pembuat masalah”. Namun dengan berjalannya waktu akhirnya ia sekeluarga menjadi sahabat baik keluarga kami. Kami menyadari ternyata pembawaannya yang suka berbicara blak-blakan membuat ia kurang disukai oleh ibu-ibu yang lain. Sebenarnya ia seorang yang memiliki belas kasih tinggi dan orang yang ringan tangan membantu orang lain. Selama bergaul itulah kami melihat perubahan dari “si pembuat masalah” menjadi “si pemecah masalah”.
Suatu hari kami hendak pindah rumah dan secara mengejutkan, sahabat kami ini pun datang bersama suaminya sore itu. Mereka membantu kami pindah rumah tanpa pamrih. Bersama-sama kami menggotong barang-barang dengan sukacita.
Kala malam hari saat kami hendak beristirahat tiba-tiba terdengar ketukan di pintu rumah kami. Kami bertanya-tanya,”Siapa yang datang ke rumah kami di malam hari ini?” Ternyata suami istri, sahabat kami tersebut. “Selamat malam, Pak…Bu, maaf kami membawa beberapa barang yang dapat digunakan…..kami berharap bapak dan ibu tidak tersinggung, kami membawa kompor dan lemari es….maukah bapak dan ibu menggunakannya?” Istri saya memandang wajah saya, maka saya pun menjawab,” Terimakasih banyak atas perhatian, bantuan dan kasih kalian bagi keluarga kami.” Sang istri memberikan jawaban,”Bila Ibu maupun Bapak bahagia, kami pun bahagia.” Kami sangat terharu akan pernyataan kasih keluarga ini.
Bagaimana sikap hati kita terhadap sesama? Ketika kita sanggup menolong orang lain tapi enggan sebab masih berpikir apa untungnya bagi kita. Saya banyak belajar mengenai kasih yang dinyatakan melalui perbuatan melalui keluarga ini.
Doa: Tuhan Yesus, terimakasih atas sahabat-sahabat yang ada bersama dengan kami di kala suka maupun duka. BerkatMu melimpah atas hidup mereka. Amien.
FT: Amsal 3:27-33

Senin, 13 September 2010


Ada jalan yang disangka orang lurus, tetapi ujungnya menuju maut (Amsal 14:12)
Senin pagi merupakan hari yang sibuk, semua orang seolah dikejar oleh waktu. Pagi itu seperti biasa saya tengah mengantar putra tercinta ke sekolah. Jalanan pagi cukup padat, semua orang berburu dengan waktu untuk mencapai tujuan. Pada jalan satu arah itu, saya melihat sebuah sepeda motor yang dikendarai seorang ibu dan ketiga anaknya dengan kencang melawan arus. Seolah tak menghiraukan peringatan orang-orang dengan percaya diri sang ibu muda itu memacu sepeda motornya melalui kendaraan yang kami tumpangi dan lalu terdengar suara keras,”Braak!” Ternyata sepeda motor yang dikendarai si ibu muda dan ke tiga anaknya, menabrak sebuah mobil angkutan yang tengah menepi menurunkan penumpang.
Akibat ingin cepat mencapai tujuan, si ibu melanggar aturan lalu lintas dengan melawan arus, jalan satu arah. Alhasil bukan cepat sampai tujuan malah cepat sampai di rumah sakit bersama anak-anaknya yang suka atau tidak harus mengikutinya. Dalam hati, ada perasaan bercampur aduk antara kasihan dan juga marah. Kasihan melihat anak-anak yang ikut menderita akibat keputusan yang salah, marah terhadap keteledoran seorang ibu yang seharusnya mengayomi dan mengasihi malah mengambil keputusan yang salah.
Saya segera tersadar bahwa memang benar apa yang Tuhan firmankan bahwa rancanganNya bukanlah rancangan kita, jalanNya bukanlah jalan kita. Sebab itu kita harus hidup taat padaNya, ketaatan padaNya merupakan pintu berkat bagi hidup kita sedang ketidaktaan terhadapNya hanya akan membawa kita pada kesengsaraan.
Doa: Tuhan, tolong kami untuk menjadi anakMu yang hidup dalam ketaatan. Amien.
FT: Mazmur 119:10-20

Jumat, 03 September 2010


FirmanMu itu pelita bagi kakiku dan terang bagi jalanku (Mazmur 119:105)
Malam itu aku tengah menanti angkutan kota untuk pulang ke rumah. Tiba-tiba kulihat seorang anak muda mengendarai sepeda motor dengan kecepatan yang sangat tinggi melawan arus jalanan tanpa lampu. Dalam hatiku kuberkata,”Nekad banget anak itu.”
Deruman knalpot sepeda motornya memekakkan telinga, ia mengendarai sepeda motornya ala seorang jagoan di sebuah film laga. Hingga tiba-tiba ada suara jatuh, lalu gerungan gas yang panjang dan lalu senyap, ternyata anak muda itu tersungkur masuk lubang galian.
Hikmat yang kudapat malam itu adalah Tuhan telah memberikan pada kita firmanNya agar kita berjalan sesuai dengan ketentuan-ketentuanNya. FirmanNya akan menuntun kita agar kita tidak jatuh, bilamana jatuh sekalipun Ia akan mengangkat dan menunjukkan jalan yang harus kita tempuh. Seringkali dalam kehidupan, kita menganggap bahwa rencana dan ide kita jauh lebih baik dari rencana Tuhan bagi hidup kita. Hingga kita melupakan IA, sampai akhirnya kita “terjatuh dan terluka”.
Bila hari ini kita menyadari bahwa seringkali kita berjalan dengan cara yang salah dalam kehidupan, mari hari ini kita kembali padaNya dan kembali berjalan bersamaNya dengan hidup mentaati firman Tuhan. Sebab rencana Tuhan itu indah dan IA tak pernah merancangkan kecelakaan bagi kita, hidup kita akan penuh damai sejahtera bila menyertakan IA dalam tiap langkah hidup kita.
Doa: Tuhan, ampuni kami sebab seringkali hidup tidak sesuai kehendakMu. Hari ini kami mau kembali hidup di dalam Engkau. Amien.

Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

The Dawn Waits for You!

The Dawn Waits for You!

I love you my child and my gentle breeze is blowing even now to refresh you. It is blowing to cheer you on as you head up this mountain. It is blowing to strengthen and to support you. I love you my child and know that the dawn is waiting for you at the mountain top. It doesn't matter how steep the mountain is or how hard the road up there might become, I am there for you and I am leading you and refreshing you even when it seems steep.

My child, the dawn is waiting. A new day, a new era is dawning in your life. Bask in my refreshment and push on forward just a little bit further and you will see the view opening up, you will see the fog clearing and you will see the sun rising. The sun will declare a new day has started, it will mark the start of many new things in your life as you reach that mountain top. The dawn is waiting for you my child. The freshness of the morning breeze is ready and is waiting to wipe away all the sweat and all the tears that you have experienced as you pushed up this mountain. Be ready to just push a little further and you will reach that mountain top and you will experience that dawn of a new day in your life, says the Lord.

For all the desires you have had in your heart and all the promises I have given you, they are about to unfold as you take these few more steps forward. I have heard your cry, says the Lord, and I have seen your heart. I have made preparations to meet every single one of them. My promises stand true. As you experience the dawn of a new day in your life, you will see all the puzzle pieces fall into place, and you will find all your desires come true.

I love you my child. Take my hand and lets master the last few steps of this journey together, so that you can enter the many new and magnificent things I have waiting for you. I love you my child, and your heart and your desires are important to me, says the Lord.

Do Not Give Up!

Do Not Give Up!

My child, for a long season now you have felt like a fish swimming against the ocean's current. You have felt like you were pushing against rock. The temptation was strong at times to just turn around and go with the flow. You wanted to give up a few times and just abandon what you are doing as a bad idea because it was so hard to keep pushing. You even feel this way today and feel like you just want to drop everything and go down the easier way, and do as everybody else does.

My child I am saying to you today: Do not give up! The road you are on, the current you are pushing against, it is my plan. You are walking on the road that I have chosen for you, says the Lord. You are facing all these difficulties because my ways are not the world's ways. My ways are different and at times they might seem completely illogical to you. But know that what you have heard me speak, and the road you have stepped on, it is of me, you have heard correctly.

Keep on pushing on my child. Just keep walking. I am right there with you. Give up the struggling and the trying to get it right and just walk on this road. Do not push against the current with your own strength, but just surrender to me and my will and accept that I indeed have the best plans for you. As you do that you will feel my strong arm reach in and pull you through. You will feel my presence taking you down this bumpy road a step at a time. I am there for you. I love you. I have never left you and I would never just dump you in circumstances to inflict harm on you.

My child, I know it is not easy not to go with the flow. I know the price is high. But be assured that this is just a small price for the reward that I have for you. Know that my blessing will overtake you in every area of your life. If you commit to my ways and you are prepared to lay your own visions and ideas down, and are prepared to look to me for guidance and not to how others walk, the blessing that will stem from that will be great! The surprises that I have waiting for you are wonderful.

So my child just trust me. Keep going. Let me pull you. Give up the struggle to even figure out what is right and what is wrong. Just trust in me and let me guide you. I love you so dearly my child. Let us walk this road of blessing together, says the Lord.

Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Hide Away in My Secret Place!

Hide Away in My Secret Place!

My child can you hear the gentle trickle of the creek? Can you smell the freshness in the air? Can you feel the cool breeze and can you hear the birds chanting peacefully and joyfully in the trees? My child when you are with me in the secret place all these wonderful things are right there for you to enjoy and bask in. Come into my secret place my child. Leave all the stress and all the cares behind for a moment and come to me. Sit with me under the big tree and enjoy the shade. Come, put your feet into the creek and be refreshed from the heat of the day. Come, lay down on my lap and listen to my words.

Just come to me my child and enjoy the peace in my secret place. I am here for you ready to refresh you and ready to wipe away all those pressures you have been facing, all those difficult things you have been going through that have put stress and strain on you. You have grown weary and have pushed hard. Come to me now my child and just be refreshed in my presence. Know that I love you and that I am always ready for you to come and share all your cares with me. I am always ready to listen to the things that concern you. I am always ready to just be there for you. My peace and my joy are available to you wherever you go.

If you are longing for a break and you are thirsty and dry, stop right now no matter where you are and enter my secret place. I am always there. You do not need to travel long distances to come and enjoy real peace, to come and receive real life. No, all you have to do is to close your eyes and come to me. All you have to do is to let your cares go and drop all the striving and running around for a moment and just come away with me. Come away with me to the secret place.

I am always there. This wonderful secret place doesn't fade! You can come on a holiday with me, every single day, several times if you desire. I am here and I have so much to give you. Come to me now child and receive my refreshment, receive my living water that will not let you go thirsty again, says the Lord.

Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

Remain in the Eye of the Storm!

Remain in the Eye of the Storm!

My child, I know that it is not easy to stand and be still while this storm is raging all around you. I know that it is not easy to remain calm and stand in the eye of the storm with me. I know that you are tempted to hop out and make sure that everything goes smoothly and you want to make sure that destruction is not brought to the wrong things. But my child, I am in control.

I just need you to stand in the eye of this storm. Unlike the storm that you know in the natural, this storm was initiated by me and I have sent it. It is the wind of my spirit that is blowing all around you, clearing the road I have prepared for you of all the debris and all the works of the enemy.

I have sent this storm and it is raging to protect you. It is raging to unveil a new road and a new land that I have designed and planned just for you. So remain in the calm of the storm and stay close to me. As you hold my hand tightly and trust in me, you will soon see the storm pass and you will feel the wonders that I have come to bring. You will see the new, lush and fruitful land, you will see the clear path ahead of you and you will smell the fresh air!

My child just trust in me. Even if you do not fully understand what is going on and you don't understand why this storm had to come, just trust in me. Lean on me and walk in unison with my spirit. As you do that, you will remain in the eye of the storm and you will stand in amazement when the storm comes to an end.

The enemy wants to distract you and wants you to hop out of the security of my hand. But do not let him. Just remain strong in me my child. Remain closely in my hand and follow my lead. For the work I am doing in and around you right now, will prepare you for greater things. I am leading you onto a new level in me. I am leading you into greater things.

So just remain in me and know that I have the absolute best road ahead of you. Know that I have terrific plans for your life. Plans of prosperity and blessing! Plans of life and of much joy. I love you my child and I delight in overflowing you with my blessing. Just stand strong now and follow me, says the Lord.

Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

Let Me Water You My Child!

Let Me Water You My Child!

My child, you have become so concerned with doing the right thing in your life, that this has also extended to how you do things for me. You are constantly concerned about the right thing to do and you strive to learn many principles so you can make sure you are applying the right ones at the right time.

My child you are forgetting that life is found in me. You are forgetting to run to me to receive my view on things. I want to be there for you to show you the way. I want to be your source of wisdom. You don't have to get all stressed trying to figure things out by yourself, I am here and I am ready to lead and guide you in everything you put your hand to.

My child, I have given you so much and you carry so much gold inside of you. That gold will only come out when you choose to submit to me and let me bring it out. It will not come out by you trying to push on forward and doing the right thing. Does a tree concern itself with how it is going to bear fruit? Is there anything the tree does to contribute to the wealth of the fruit? No, the tree is totally reliant on being watered and nurtured from the ground. It cannot in itself try hard or make sure it gets watered.

My child, let me water you. Let me bring forth the fruit in your life. All you have to do is stand, just like that tree. Stand and receive and then just flow out of what I have given you. Just come to a place of rest now my child, and drop all the striving. I understand that you want to please me. I understand that you want to accomplish much in my kingdom. But do it in my peace. Do it with my anointing and do it in my power. Drop all your own doing and let me take over.

For when you come to this place where you can just stand and allow me to water you, you will bear fruit like never before. You will bear lush and rich fruit like no other tree and many will be drawn to you to come and partake of this goodness. But if you try to squeeze out some fruit in your own strength, they will look shriveled and dried out and not lush and moist and wonderful. My child just rest. Just let me do the work in you. Open your heart wide, let me guide you, let me water you and let me bring out that gold that is already inside of you, says the Lord.

I love you so dearly and I have magnificent plans for you. Realize that my love is really not tied to what you do or how much fruit you bear. My love for you is never ending and completely unconditional. I love you no matter what. I am here even now and I am waiting for you with wide open arms so you can come and receive the many blessings I have in store for you this day, says the Lord.

Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

I Want to be There for You!

I Want to be There for You!

I am the Lord. Your God, your savior and your best friend and I desire to direct you and guide you in every area of your life. I have the answers to all the questions you have had racing through your mind. I hold the keys to everything you could ever wonder about. But you like to put me into a bit of a box and take me out only when it comes to ministry and when it comes to spiritual things. My child, I want to be part of every area of your life. I want to be Lord in everything.

Maybe it seems to be a bit of a price to you to let your control go, but my child, do you realize that what you will get in return will be bigger than anything you could ever have imagined? Do you realize that if you truly let me be Lord of every part of your life, whether that be natural, physical or spiritual, that I will always give you the absolute best? I will never let you down or give you something second rate. I will always give you the best.

My child, I long for you to run to me to share your heart with me about your relationships; child, I desire to hear how you are doing in your marriage; I cannot wait to hear how you are doing with your health; I cannot wait to hear how it is going at your job or in school. My child, everything you do and touch matters to me. I long to know. I long to hear how you are doing and I want to be there for you and help you. I want to guide you and direct you. I want to give you little tips and tricks that you wouldn't have thought about. I want to impart my wisdom into you so you can apply it in every area of your life.

All I require is for you to come and open up your heart to me. All I want from you is your love. There is no fancy principle you need to first apply, there is no rule book you need to follow. All you have to do is to surrender your control to me and let me be Lord of your life.

So just come right now, throw your box away and just open up your heart widely to me. I have the answers you have been waiting for, I can show you whether you should go right or left right now. I am there for you and I love you so passionately my child, says the Lord.

Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

Be Restored in My Presence!

Be Restored in My Presence!

My child I have never left you or forsaken you. I have been by your side at all times. I was the one who called you and who led you out of the bondage of this world. I was the one who was by your side when nobody else was. I know that you have been wondering if this whole ministry thing and even your calling was not just a bad dream or a bad idea that you made up yourself.

I know and have seen that you have been struggling. I have seen the hurts in your heart that have welled up inside because nobody understood you and because it seemed like the whole world stood against you. I have seen the confusion that you have experienced from never having been understood, not even from others who follow me.

I have been there every step of the way. My child, today I want you to know that you are so very special to me and that I have indeed called you. I have not dropped you, or forgotten about you. I have not abandoned you! I love you! You are more precious to me than any treasure, than any gems and beautiful stones could be. You are my child and I care for you. I have a very special purpose just for you. I have a very special plan, just for you. You are important to me and I want you to take what you have received from me and rise up with it. You are a child of the king. You can be bold and brag with what you have.

But my child also know that in order for you to find that joy again and in order for you to see the road ahead of you clearly again, you need to drop those walls that you have built around your heart. You need to let those hurts go. I know, most of it was not even fair. But I was there when you got hurt. I was there when you were rejected and I want you to go back to those painful memories now and see that I was there. Then let them go. They are only a stumbling block in your way.

Let those hurts go and forgive those that have not cared for you. Forgive those that have left you alone in time of need. Do not let the enemy keep you bound behind those walls - drop them right now. Let me reach in and heal those wounds now. Let me do what only I can do my child and let me show you the path ahead once again.

The road ahead is filled with excitement and joy! The road ahead is filled with passion. Just tap into what I have given you once more. Pick up your sword afresh and go and set my people free. I love you so dearly! Be bold and rise up now, shake of the ashes that have covered you and break out of the walls and enter a new time, a new era, says the Lord!

Your Race Will be Better than You Expect!

Your Race Will be Better than You Expect!

Just like a runner trains for months at a time to prepare for a big race, so have you spent a lot of time training and preparing for the race that is now ahead of you. There is much a runner can prepare themselves for in view of the race. But there are some things that will just always be different when they finally start that race and get running. The circumstances are always unique, the weather is unique and the race track is not always the same as the ones they used when they trained.

And so it is with you now. You have trained and are ready to take on the race ahead of you. But just know my child, that there might be circumstances that are different than they were when you trained. Know that there might be a turn there that you didn't anticipate. Know that there can be change. Be prepared for challenges and be prepared for change. Do not rely on your training and on the preparation that you have gone through alone. You need to trust in me and let me strengthen you as you start your race. As you rely on me each time and do not rely on your own ideas and visions that you have built up in your heart, you will master this race very easily.

Be prepared to let some visions go, so that I can truly give you my picture. Let your ideas of how to overcome hurdles go, so that I can truly give you my wisdom and show you my ways. For as you let all of your own visions and plans die, greater visions will come forth. You will receive my vision and it will be so much greater than what you thought it would be. The race will be so much faster and so much more fun as you do it in my power and in my anointing, says the Lord.

So get ready now and walk up to the start line and brace yourself for a wonderful race. Start it and know that I am there and that you can rely on my hand and my leading completely, says the Lord.



Hanya satu jam kau bersama kami, tapi Papa mau katakan bahwa kau akan selalu ada dalam hati kami.
God bless you, Regina.
Kau kini sudah berada di Rumah Bapa.
Tempat yang terindah dan suatu hari kelak kita akan bersama lagi selamanya.

Sembilan bulan Regina putriku, kau ada di dalam rahim Mama.
Mama merindukanmu, suaramu, tangisanmu.
Regina sampai kapanpun Regina akan selamanya menjadi putri kesayangan Mama…..
Adik untuk Kakak Philip, Kakak bagi adik Georgie.
I love you, Regina