Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

Command the Waters to Part

Command the Waters to Part

You are standing in front of a river and you know you need to get across. The promised land you have been waiting for lays beyond that river, says the Lord. My child, do not look to the left or to the right to find some means of transportation that would get you across.

You cannot rely on the natural but you need to rely on my strength and my power. Just as even Moses had to rely on me alone in the days of old, so am I calling you to put your trust completely in me.

My child raise your rod! Use your authority and command the waters to pass. As you take what I have given you and stand in faith on my promises, the waters will indeed part and you will indeed walk into the promised land victoriously.

So my child, rise up. Speak to the waters and they will part, says the Lord!

My Cool, Gentle Breeze

My Cool, Gentle Breeze

Just like a cool breeze refreshes you on a hot summer's day so does the wind of my spirit refresh your whole being. If you feel like you have been exposed to the hot sun and have had to push through for a long time, come into my presence so that my spirit can blow upon you and refresh every part of your being.

You do not have to push beyond what you are capable of. Come to me and tap into my strength. Come to me and let me refresh you. When the pressures of life are upon you, you often forget this one very simple thing.

So get back to that simplicity. Get back to the basics and just drop what you are doing to be renewed and refreshed in my presence, says the Lord.

Senin, 25 Juli 2011

I Heard your Cry

I Heard your Cry

You have cried out to me for a long season and have persevered. You have given me your desires and have trusted in me. My child, today I simply want to assure you that I have heard your cry. I have heard you and my angels are busy even now to bring about the desires and requests you have brought before me.

It is not long now and you will see all that you have reached out to me for come to manifestation. So do not give up but press on in faith, hope and love. For this day I want to let you know that I have heard you and that your desire is on its way.

Do not listen to the lies of the enemy who wants you to believe that I didn't care after all. He wants you to give in to despair and just give up on the desires you have carried in your heart for so long. Do not listen to him.

He only comes to destroy and to get you discouraged and off the track of blessing I have you on. Give him the boot and do not listen to his negative words any longer.

Instead rest assured that my promises are valid and true. My word will not return void but will accomplish that which it was sent for. Just press on forward now my child. I have heard your cry and I am with you even now, says the Lord.

Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

In the Hands of the Potter

In the Hands of the Potter

I have you in the palm of my hands my child and I am busy making you into a magnificent vessel. So do not be afraid of the pressures that you are faced with, for it is my hand that is coming upon you gently to mold and shape you to hold my glory.

Embrace the pressures you feel and surrender to me completely. For I am making you into something beautiful. I am shaping you into a unique vessel that would be ready to contain what I want to pour into it for my people.

Trust in me my child for the work I am doing in your life is a good work. I have wonderful plans for you. All I need you to do is to stop struggling and to just surrender. Just give up all the striving. Give up trying so hard.

Have you ever seen a lump of clay that lay in the potter's work shop and that somehow managed to form itself into a vessel? It doesn't work in the natural and so it also won't happen with you in the spiritual.

Just as a potter grabs that lump of clay and starts to press on it and pull on it to shape it, so am I at work in your life, says the Lord. Trust in me and give your all to me. Just be as that lump of clay that is shaped into something beautiful in the hands of the potter.

I am making you into a vessel of glory. Trust in me, says the Lord.

Bask in My Presence and Anointing

Bask in My Presence and Anointing

Just as much as the wild flowers in the field rely on the sun to give them life and on the rain to provide them with the nourishment they need, so do you rely on my touch my child.

My presence is as the sun to the flowers in the fields. It gives you the joy and life you need to accomplish that which I have called you to do. The wind of my Holy Spirit and my anointing is as the rain to those flowers. It gives you the refreshement you need and the nourishement you require to grow strong and beautiful in me.

So steal away into my presence to fill up with this life. Come and bask in my anointing to be able to grow into all I have for you. Steal away from the business of life just to come and receive all that you need, to do the things I have entrusted you with.

At the end of the day, this is about me and you need to be in me to succeed. Never forget that the work I have called you to, is my work. To do my work you require my picture. So come to me each day and receive more and more of that picture.

I have so much in store for you and I love you so dearly my child. Come and steal away with me now and let me fill you up, says the Lord!

Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

Don't Worry

Don't Worry

My child, do not fear the mountains that you see looming ahead. Do not fear what is to come in the future and what awaits you at the horizon but focus on me. Right now, as you look ahead you may think: "Oh no... another set of mountains to climb... I wonder what is going to happen…?"

Child, do not give in to worry. Worry is something designed to get you down. Plus it really is something you don't have to listen to because it wants you to panic about something that is not even here yet. Take a step at a time and trust in me.

Focus on the path that you are on right now. Look into my eyes and let me direct you each step of the way. The only foresight I want you to have is the fact that whatever lies ahead is part of my plan! I want you to stand in hope and trust in me completely.

So give your worries to me now my child. Let the loads go. Do not worry about what is to come because I have promised you a future of hope and of much blessing. Focus on what is important right here and right now and give your whole heart to the task at hand, says the Lord.

Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

Simple Faith

Simple Faith

Even as Zacchaeus of old was so stirred in his heart to come to me and receive from me that he climbed a tree just to get a glimpse of me, so do I desire for you to come to me, says the Lord.

I don't need you to have it together or to approach me with big words. I don't need you to come to me sinless and righteous. As you come to me just weak and unafraid I will wash over you with my anointing and my power and I will make you righteous.

I am your savior. You cannot deliver yourself from your own sin. This is why I died on the cross and paid the supreme price for you. I have built the bridge between the father and this world so that sin wouldn't stand in the way.

So approach me boldly. All I desire from you is an open heart and the willingness to let me change you. So come to me, innocent like a little child and boldly just like Zacchaeus did.

He knew he had done wrong and he knew he was not worthy. But he also knew that if he would come to me, I could help him and raise him up and give him all that he needed.

It is that simple faith, that simple conviction that I desire you to have in your heart. As you approach me like this, the way before you will open up and the many heavy burdens you have been carrying will fall off.

You do not have to work hard or do the right things. If my gospel were one of works, I really wouldn't have had to die. I love you dearly and I desire to raise you up and bless you beyond your wildest imaginations. Trust in me and open your heart to me now, says the Lord.

Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

I have not left you

I have not left you

When the storms come and the night starts to descend, suddenly things are not as clear as they once were. Landmarks that you easily understood before become shaded and you cannot make out what you knew to be there. After a while you start to doubt what you know and this is what the enemy is trying to do in your life.

Just because you cannot see me, does not mean I am not here my child. I have remained and you must hold onto what you know and not what you see. For if you look only at what you see, then the enemy can easily lead you astray. However, if you hold onto what you know in my Word and what you know in our personal relationship, you cannot go wrong.

For the night does not last forever and neither will this season in your life. Reach out your hand to me right now and you will find that I never left you but that I am right where I was before. Soon day will break and you will see that I am here ready to take your hand and lead you once again.

Senin, 11 Juli 2011

Feed on My Word

Feed on My Word

Even as Joshua of old stood on my word and trusted in me completely, so I am calling you to stand boldly on my promises, says the Lord. Joshua knew the word and he spoke it day and night.

He had such faith in my words, that He was able to go beyond the authority that I had given to man and commanded the sun to stop so that they could win the battle!

My child, you desire to see miracles, you desire to receive more! Then stand as Joshua stood and be grounded in my word. Get back to eating my word as if it were bread. Get back to receiving the living waters right from the promises I have given.

My child I have more for you and I want to increase your anointing. I want to increase my power in you. So step out boldly. Seek me and come to me in faith. As you do so, a new land will open up before you like never before.

As you do so, you will decrease and I will increase so that when people see you, they will no longer see you but will see me in you indeed, says the Lord.

Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

Abide in My Love

Abide in My Love

I love you so much my child. I love you so much that I gave my only son and sent Him to die on the cross to pave the way ahead of you. I loved you so much that even if you were the only person in this universe that needed to be saved, I would have died for you!

Be reminded this day of my never ending love for you. reminded that in me you have everything you ever need. You can go out there and work hard for me. You can go out there and complete each task I give to you, but if you are not motivated by my love, you may as well count it a loss!

My love and passion for you surpass all understanding. It cannot be grasped with the logic of your mind. It is something that will break through the hardest walls and it is a force that the enemy doesn't understand. If you stand in my love, he wants to take flight.

Come to me anew today and be refreshed and refilled with my love. Let me show you the goal ahead clearly again and let me empower you to take on the next part of your journey, says the Lord.

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

A Time To Pour Out

A Time To Pour Out

Do not be afraid my child to step forward and to do what I have called you to do, for it is not in your own strength that you will step out, but in mine. For I have called you and I have separated you.

I have put my hand over you and I have protected you. And so as you have received through the years and you have learned, so is it time to give out those things that I have put inside of you.

For each thing you received of me is like a seed inside of you. It has remained dormant for so long, but I will begin to breathe on it now and bring it to life. For you look at your problems and your daily concerns and you are overwhelmed with these needs. However, it is time to put these things aside and to pour out to others now.

For as long as you look at your own cares and needs, you will continue to be discouraged. However, as you look at others and begin to pour out, something miraculous will happen. You will start to feel life again.

You will start to feel something bubble up from inside of you. Then as you look to the needs of others and pour out in any way that you can, you will turn to see that your own needs are also met.

For this is indeed the hidden secret that you have my child. This is where the true power is of my grace. It is not only in my love that you feel, but the true power lies in pouring out that love to others.

So today put your own needs aside and look at those around you. See how many have such heavy burdens on them. See those that need a word of encouragement or blessing.

Then reach out and as you do, I will give you the anointing and the power you need to bless them. Then feel as your own needs and cares wash away, says the Lord.

Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

In Me you Have victory ALWAYS!

In Me you Have victory ALWAYS!

Do not be afraid of the mountains and the giants that you see coming your way, says the Lord. For did I not say in my word that if you would speak to this mountain be removed and be cast into the sea, I would move it for you?

Put your faith in me and stand in the authority that I have bestowed upon you in my name and nothing will by any means harm you. Be bold and face each mountain with my power.

Go forward in my love and stand in who you are in me and nothing will keep you from moving on to victory. No matter what ploys the enemy might have planned against you, know that in my name you have the victory.

As you look at things through my eyes, you will know that no matter what the enemy is trying to do, he will not succeed. You are in me and I am in you. If your words abide in me, you will ask whatever you wish from me and I will indeed make it come to pass, says the Lord.

So no longer look at yourself as a victim. Do not look at yourself as a little worm. But rise up as the mighty warrior you are in my name. As you pick up your armor and your sword and put my word on your lips, you will rise up high and fly through the sky instead of crawl on the ground.

I love you dearly and I have called you to be a victor and a conqueror in my name, says the Lord. Go forth now and step into my promises!

Jumat, 01 Juli 2011


Kuduslah kamu sebab AKU kudus (1 Petrus 1:16)
Siang itu saya hendak menjemput putra saya dari sekolah. Saat saya berjalan melewati jalan raya menuju sekolah saya melihat ada sesuatu yang berbeda dari biasanya. Jalan itu tampak sangat bersih, steril dari sampah. Ada juga hal yang ganjil, sebab pedagang kaki lima dan tukang becak pun tak tampak. Lebih mengherankan lagi jalan itu sepi dari kendaraan lain, saya pandang sekeliling, yang tampak hanya kendaraan polisi dan tentara bahkan di atas hotel tampak pula sniper (penembak tepat). Setelah tiba di sekolah saya bertanya pada satpam,”Ada apa Pak?” Dia pun menjawab,”OH..itu Bapak Presiden mau lewat jalan ini.” Betul dugaan saya ada pejabat tinggi yang akan melalui jalan ini.
Tiba-tiba saya diingatkan Roh Kudus bahwa Tuhan ada di dalam diri kita. IA yang ada dalam diri kita jauh lebih tinggi kedudukannya daripada pejabat mana pun di muka bumi ini. Tetapi mengapa sering kali kita mengabaikan DIA? Sering kali kita tidak mengindahkan firmanNya yang padahal lebih tinggi dari UU mana pun. Kita pun jarang mengoreksi diri, sudah hidup sesuai kebenaran atau belum. Kita berpikir dengan rajin pergi ke gereja, memberi persembahan sekedarnya, berdoa tiap mau makan dan baca firman Tuhan satu ayat sehari sudah cukup untuk menjadi orang Kristen yang baik. Padahal cara hidup kita sungguh bertentangan dengan DIA yang ada dalam kita. Tuhan mencari anak-anakNya yang mau menjadikan DIA sebagai TUHAN dan RAJA atas hidup mereka. Tuhan mencari mereka yang mengasihiNya dengan segenap hati, pikiran dan kekuatannya.
Mulai hari ini mari kita sungguh-sungguh memberi diri kita sebagai korban yang hidup dengan hidup taat sesuai firman Tuhan.
DOA: Tuhan ampunilah kami yang seringkali mengabaikan Engkau dalam kehidupan kami. Amien.
Firman Tuhan: 1 Petrus 1:13-23