Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

Beauty Not Ashes

Beauty Not Ashes

Look around you and see all of the beautiful things I have created. There is not a single thing that I made that is not perfect my child. In the same way, I desire beauty for you and not ashes. I desire the good things that will bring joy to your heart. For as you look at the flowers in the fields and the complexity of the creation around you, you see my nature there.

There is nothing that I forgot. Each detail has been perfected right to the smallest molecule. Even before you understood any of this, I still created it, for you. I did not create the garden of Eden simply for the sake of creating. I created it for a purpose. I created it for Adam. My child, I created it for you. I did not give restriction, other than to obey me. I did not hold anything back.

Today my message is the same. I do not withhold anything from you my child, but I give all that I have to you. I do not withhold my blessings or my perfection in your life. I do not withhold the beauty or the good things.

My hand is outstretched and all that you need to do is take it from me. For I am moved by faith and if you would only reach out and take hold of my hand, you would find the abundance that you are looking for in it.

So take hold of my hand and know that I am a good God. I desire good things for you and I desire beauty for you and not ashes. Then your heart will rejoice and you will revel in the good things that I have.

Then you will see that even though you could not see or did not know, that I was working in the silence. You will see that while you slept, that I was creating something wonderful. Have faith in me once again my child and take my hand, for I have many good things in store for you, says the Lord. Amen.

Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Cool of the Day

Cool of the Day

When a mist descends on the earth you cannot see far ahead of you. Yet in the garden of Eden, it was during this time that I watered the land. It was during this time that I came, in the cool of the day, to visit with Adam and Eve.

So do not be discouraged then child if suddenly things grow quiet for a season. For this season is of me. How else would I be able to draw you into my presence?

So often there are noises and things around you that cause you to look here and there. They make you run in many directions and often they even drown out the silence of my voice. So do not despair child if there is a mist around you.

Rather realize that it is in this very mist that I have chosen to reveal myself to you. It is in the cool of this day, that you will begin to sense my presence and hear my voice. It is in this time that you will understand me and experience me in a way that you never have before.

So do not be afraid child to take this time to rest in me. Enjoy the cool of this day. Enjoy the soaking mist that will sink deep into your heart and refresh you. For there have been times in your life when I have watered you with a mighty waterfall.

However these moments were fleeting. Instead I desire to water you with a mist. I desire to feed you and to let my presence soak deep into your heart. This takes time and it takes coming to me in the cool of the day.

So rest in me. Let me water you. Let my presence soak into your heart, mind and soul. Then just as quickly as the mist came it will leave and this small season will be over. Then it will be time for you to take everything you received from me during this time and to pour it out to others, says the Lord.

Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

A Changing Season

A Changing Season

Smell the freshness of the air my child. For just as the rain washes away the dirt and grime, so also has this season that has past washed away those things from you that have held you back.

For the rain is not always pleasant. It can be cold and at times it can cause discomfort. Yet when the sun breaks through and the water sinks deep into the soil, you begin to realize that a good season has come.

In the same way, no matter how difficult the season is that you have been through, it has been used to cause you to grow. The lessons are like the water that sink deep into the soil and cause the seeds to grow.

So do not look at the past and regret the things you did not do. Do not regret the difficult or the challenging times, for each of these have brought you to the place that you are now in me.

Instead stand and enjoy the freshness of this new day. Look forward to a new season, knowing that the one that has past had its purpose. For you are in the palm of my hand and I can cause even the bad things to be turned around for my good.

So hand to me all the negative things and uncomfortable things. Then watch as I turn a seemingly difficult season into a good thing. For I am God and I can do what you cannot.

Stand now in my presence and enjoy this moment. For this is a changing moment. This is a moment where you will step into the new season that I have for you, says the Lord. Amen.