Jumat, 14 Februari 2014


The Wind Beneath Your Wings

Consider the sparrow my child that is so small, if you compare it to the mighty eagle. Yet it has the same potential to travel many miles with its tiny wings. The ability the sparrow has to travel so far does not lie in its wingspan, but in its ability to catch the wind.

For when it catches the current, it can soar to great heights and fly high above the earth. In the same way my child it does not matter how great your faith and love is. It matters that you surrender to me so that I can be the wind beneath your wings. Give to me your small portion of faith and love and I will breath on it and make it grow.

Did I not say that all you needed was a mustard seed of faith to move mountains? It is not the seed that would move the mountains, but surrendering the seed to me that will increase it! It is when you surrender to me the little bit you have that I can increase it. Only then will you see that you can do great things in my name. It is not your portion of faith that will carry you, but surrendering that portion of faith to me that will make the difference.

So come to me as that little sparrow and give me what you have. You might not feel as strong as an eagle and you might not feel that you can fly very high right now, but give me what you have child. I will take it and breath on it and cause the currents to carry you far into the sky so that you can see everything from above. I will cause your faith to soar and your love to be increased. Then you will know that I am God and that it is in me to lift you up or to humble you. You will see that it is in me to increase my love in your life and to increase your faith.

Trust me child. Surrender to my wind and then you shall surely begin to soar, says the Lord. Amen.

Jumat, 31 Januari 2014

What Makes You Unique


What Makes You Unique

My child just like every body part has its place, so also have I put you in a specific place in my Body. I have not left you out and I have not forgotten about you. Instead I created you and made you into something beautiful. I have given you a clear purpose.
So do not become frustrated because you do not fit in like others. Do not become frustrated because you do not have the same function that others have. For the function that I have given to you is unique, and I have given you a clear shape and place in my body. A Body in the natural does not have three hands, and so in the spirit, I have created each person with a clear picture in mind. Each part looks different and acts differently, however together they are made to flow in perfect harmony.
So do not struggle any longer with what makes you different. Rather see how you can add the uniqueness that I have given you to those around you. Instead of trying to conform, rather see how your strengths can benefit others and cause them to become stronger. For just as the neck supports the head, so also can you support and lift up others. You can use the abilities that I have given to you to minister and reach out. You can stand in your uniqueness and then use it to benefit and advance my Body in this earth.
So stand tall and proud in the strengths and the uniqueness that I have given to you and when you do this, the way before you will suddenly be clear and you will clearly identify the place that I have given to you my child. Amen

The Silence is Sweet

The Silence is Sweet

In a modern world it is hard to find a place where you cannot hear any kind of noise. It is like living next to a busy road. After a while you drown out the sound of the road, but just because you have drowned it out, does not mean that it stopped! In the same way there are many voices and a lot of noise that has made it hard for you to hear my voice.

There are voices all around you telling you what to do, judging your actions and causing you to run in many directions. Over time you get so used to these voices that you start to drown them out and forget that they are there. It is only in the pure silence of my presence that you will realize how much has been coming at you.

For what you do not realize is that all this noise has caused your spiritual ears to become hard of hearing. It makes it more difficult to get into my presence and to receive direction from me. My child, I have not stopped speaking to you. Instead all the other noise around you had drowned out my voice.

So find a moment to come to me today and to sit in the silence for a little while. I do not need you to perform or even to say anything. I do not need you to try to put on a show or prove your worthiness to me. Instead I only desire for you to run to the safe harbor of my presence and to quiet all the other voices. Then in the silence, you will begin to sense my spirit afresh. You will begin to hear my voice clearly again and receive hope for your future. For it is only in the silence of my presence that you will receive the peace and hope you need. So come to peace now. Taste the sweetness of my silence and know that I am here to fill you once again with my peace says the Lord. Amen

Rest in My Presence

Rest in My Presence

Come into my arms, child and rest on my lap. Let me take the cares of life away from you for a while and let me give you rest.

In my presence, there is joy, there is peace and every fruit of the spirit. So let go of your worries, let go of all the things you must do for a moment and catch your breath with me. For when you have taken time in my presence, your strength will indeed be renewed. I desire to take the weights off your shoulders so that you do not just push through in life, but that you run with joy. I want to fill you up with good things and shower you with my love. With my Words, I will wash you clean.

Come away with me then, and let me love you. Let me take away your fears and everything else that weighs you down. For in my presence all of these things will indeed fall away. So take a moment today and come to me, says the Lord. Amen.

Rabu, 27 November 2013

Let me Clean You

Let me Clean You

Have you ever noticed how quickly windows get dirty? They always provide you with a view to the outside if you are inside a house but they get dirty so quickly because they are constantly exposed to what is going on outside.

It is the same with you and your vision, says the Lord. You are exposed to so many things in your daily life. There is so much that is going on around you that your window and your clarity gets a bit dirty.

This is why it is so important that you soak in my presence and feed on my Word daily. As you allow the pictures of my Word to replace your vision with what is around you, it is like cleaning that window with detergent.

Then as you soak in my presence and allow me to reach deep within, it is as if you are taking a nice cloth and rub that detergent into the window. As a result you can see clearly again and all the dirt and grime disappears, says the Lord.

So take the time each day to come to me and find refuge in me. Take time to let my Word speak to you and allow my presence to wash over you!

Time to Leave Dock

Time to Leave Dock

For indeed I have called you, says the Lord. I have chosen you while you were still in your mother's womb and I have held you in the palm of my hand all this time. Now is the time for you to grab hold of what I have given to you and to move forward in your calling, says the Lord.

I have great plans for and with you and it is time now to get moving forward my child. For even as a ship is at dock for a season of reloading and preparation, so have you sat in dock. I have prepared you and I have given you all that you need for the journey ahead but now is indeed time for you to get going. It is time to pull out the anchor and to embark on this trip that I have set before you, says the Lord.

You don't have to be afraid my child, but place your trust in me completely. As you step out in faith, hope and love, my wind will be there to propel you forward and my hand will be around you to protect you from the storms. I am your father and I am with you every step of the way. Come to me now and let me lead you on the way you should go, says the Lord.

Empowered by my Wind

Empowered by my Wind

Even as a windmill only functions when the wind is blowing so do you only function and produce the power you need when you are with me. My spirit is like the wind that turns the windmill. So if you are lacking power today my child, it is because you are not standing in my wind. If you lack direction and you do not know what to do next, it is because you are not in my presence.

I am calling you to come to me even now, says the Lord. I am calling you to come and receive from me so that I may refresh you and fill you up. I want to get you ready to go out there and be a blessing.

I have so much I want you to accomplish but you can only accomplish these things when you stand in me and receive from me, says the Lord. So come now and allow me to give you what you are lacking this day.