Kamis, 20 November 2014

The Truth will set you Free

The Truth will set you Free

You hear my voice and you know me my child. I have been with you all along and speaking into your ears. I have not changed my mind about you, child.
But when you do not hear my voice, when you have not felt a touch from me, it will feel as if I have left you all alone. The truth is though, that I will never leave you nor forsake you. You simply need to come to me and to feel my presence once again.
Circumstances and the pressures of life will wear you down and bit by bit you will lose the spiritual edge you once had. Don't you see though, that it only takes one decision and one moment in my presence to be refreshed? Come and let me tell you the truth about you – the truth about where you are headed and who you are.
When you hear the truth, it will indeed set you free. Then you can shake off the weariness and the lies of the enemy. You will see where you have accepted defeat or where the wool was pulled over your eyes. You will know that I have been with you all along – and when you know this, no wind or shaking will be able to move you from your place. Come to me then, and let me tell you of the plans I have for you, for they are greater than you have imagined.

Rabu, 19 November 2014

Rest Under My Wings

Rest Under My Wings

Do not fret or fear my child, but rest under the shadow of my wings. Look at the birds of the air. The baby birds in the nest simply rest under the covering of their mother. They do not fend for themselves, nor do they seek to fight for themselves. The mother bird protects them and watches over them. She feeds them and protects them from prey.
In the same way, my child, you have come to me and so you are no longer on your own. For every soul that is given me, I will protect them with my own hands. It is not up to you to make every good thing happen in your life, my child. You do not have to war and fight, as the world does. You can come and rest under the shadow of my wings. You can find refuge there and trust that when times are tough, you have somebody who will make a way for you.
Let go of the striving child, let go of the fears that things will not work out, but rest in me and trust in me to feed you and to fight for you. Amen. 

Selasa, 18 November 2014

I am Your Strong Tower

I am Your Strong Tower

My child, look at the forest and the trees therein. They grow strong and sturdy and they can take deep roots in the ground. They grow to become like giants of the land and tower over the city. Yet, with a fire, it can all be destroyed in a moment. It can be burned down and made to nothing.
So it is with all the works of your hands. You must learn to lean on me and let me be your security. Allow me to be your strength and do not depend on your own hands alone. For what you build can be demolished, but I am a strong tower in your life that will never change. Do not put your trust in riches and in your works, but put your trust in me.
Then you will always dwell in peace and your soul shall prosper. Then, whether you are prosperous and have strong trees all around you or whether in drought, you will not fret, you will have peace.

Senin, 17 November 2014

You are Ready

You are Ready
My child, when you are learning new things, it can be challenging, difficult and a lot of times frustrating. You reach out to Me for help, and wonder why you do not hear an answer. The reason is not because I don’t want to help you, or that I don’t care about your struggle, but it is because I know that you already have everything in you to overcome the obstacle. Before I let you face a difficult situation, I already have prepared you in ways you may not recognize.

I have strengthened your muscles and given every tool that you need to overcome in every circumstance and to learn new things for your next season. It is not for Me to show you, but for you to make that discovery in the heat of battle. In the discovery process, you will see the road ahead more clearly, and that I have not missed one single detail in your preparation.

I have seen the road that you will travel and I have made every provision for you, my child. Rest in the knowledge that in every moment I am with you and am watching you with great joy and expectation of your success!

A Work of Art

A Work of Art
When a painter prepares a canvas for painting, there are steps that need to happen before the artist can actually paint. This is so with you my child. There are the plans that I have for you and I wait in anticipation for the moment that I can put paintbrush to canvas so that the world can see the manifestation of my heart on the canvas.

But if the canvas is not properly prepared, the paint may crack, the colors may not be true, or previous images from other painting may taint the beauty of the painting that I desire to create now. So be patient my child. There is a process of preparation that I am lovingly doing to make sure the image that I paint is one that will bless everyone that will see the painting.

Do not worry if you do not see the results at the moment. It is not about the final painting, but it is also about the process of preparation and I take joy in every single step. So be excited for what is to come, because the time will come when everyone will witness the masterpiece that is you!



"Love is kindled in a flame, and ardency is its life. Flame is the air
which true Christian experience breathes. It feeds on fire... True
prayer MUST be aflame."
-- E. M. Bounds

"The Gospel is not an old, old story, freshly told. It is a fire in
the Spirit, fed by the flame of Immortal Love; and woe unto us, if,
through our negligence to stir up the Gift of God which is within us,
that fire burns low."
-- Dr. R. Moffat Gautrey

"Could a mariner sit idle if he heard the drowning cry?
Could a doctor sit in comfort and just let his patients die?
Could a fireman sit idle, let men burn and give no hand?
Can you sit at ease in Zion with the world around you DAMNED?"
-- Leonard Ravenhill

"Their iniquity -- pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness."
-- Ezekiel 16:49

"Brethren, it is just so much humbug to be waiting for this, night
after night, month after month, if we ourselves are not right with
God. I must ask myself -- 'Is my heart pure? Are my hands clean?'"
-- Comment from the Hebrides Revival

Your Burdens Are as Little Balloons

Your Burdens Are as Little Balloons
The problems you are faced with and the cares you carry right now my child, seem so big to you. However, to me, they look like little balloons. They are nothing big or heavy for me.

So just approach my Throne afresh today and come into my presence. Stop running around trying to handle all these problems and cares. I tell you over and over in my Word that you can run to me and lay down your burdens. I show you that I have green pastures and still waters for you,

My child, if what you are experiencing in your heart and spirit is not green pastures or still waters, then know that you are carrying too many cares. I am the one who takes care of those things.

Sure, take responsibility for the things that are going on. But what you don’t realize that in coming to me with everything and handing me all the problems and burdens, you are indeed taking responsibility. As you lay them down at my feet, I can give you wisdom and guidance as to what to do.

However, you always try to find a solution on your own. Run to me for the solution and the wisdom. I love to pour that out to you if that is what you lack. So come and lay down your burdens and your care. I love you my child.